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320 New Graduate Students starting summer/fall 2013

current as of August 30, 2013

Coming to San Diego

From 13 Countries and 26 States Ages Ranging From


29 years average


21 years

58 years •

44% Students of Color

8.8% Online Students $6,624 Average Merit Scholarship Amount 213 (34%) Students with Scholarship Awards in SOLES from USD or SOLES including merit, diversity and donor-funded scholarships*

37% Increase over summer/fall 2012 incoming class

*does not include university-sponsored need-based grants or loans for graduate students

A message from DEAN CORDEIRO This year we opened doors to many firsts for SOLES, including new programs, partnerships and possibilities.

The School of Leadership and Education Sciences houses academic departments, centers and institutes within Mother Rosalie Hill Hall on the campus of the University of San Diego. The nationallyaccredited, innovative and vibrant programs offered within SOLES are led by an administrative team, faculty and participatory advisory boards for the school and the centers.

We have harnessed the strengths of our faculty from two long-term programs within our school to create our new Department of School, Family and Mental Health Professions. In just one year this department has made great strides in using the synergies that exist among programs to deepen the educational experience for students.

Demonstrating our commitment to accessibility, we offered our first online master’s degree. The first cohort in the online MEd consists of students from across the U.S., and with our international partnerships, we expect future cohorts to draw students from across the globe. In downtown San Diego, the first charter high school in a public library opened this fall, a project that the Center for Education Policy and Law (CEPAL) has been working on for more than four years. This was a major milestone for both CEPAL and San Diego. Thanks to generous donors Irwin and Joan Jacobs, the Mobile Technology Learning Center was able to expand, opening a new suite of offices in SOLES, and to begin the search for a founding director. There is no other center across the U.S. at a university that combines research, program evaluation and professional development around mobile technology in K-12 education. The need for such a center has been obvious in the number of districts that have already enlisted MTLC’s expertise. All of these ‘firsts’ offer opportunities for our students to engage on a deeper level, and for us to increase our impact. As the new programs grow and existing programs continue to expand, we look forward to many more firsts that build on our ever-expanding school. Paula A. Cordeiro, EdD Professor and Dean, School of Leadership and Education Sciences University of San Diego

First High School Embedded Within a Public Library in the U.S. This fall, more than 260 students started class at e3 Civic High School, the first charter high school in the U.S. located within a public library. The SOLES Center for Education Policy and Law (CEPAL) began working with the San Diego Public Library Foundation four years ago to conduct a feasibility study for the school. Once the need was determined and the project was given approval to move forward, CEPAL facilitated a unique collaboration between the City of San Diego, San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego Public Library Foundation to work toward the shared goals of building a new public library for the community of San Diego and creating a school for downtown San Diego students. CEPAL was then hired to write the petition for the charter school, design the learning delivery systems,

Photo courtesy of Matt Spathas. Renderings courtesy of LPA Architects.

provide guidance on legal issues, and establish board governance. Using leadership and expertise from partnerships with the downtown community, businesses and library, the program was designed to leverage the students’ and the school’s urban location. Working with LPA Architects, the newly appointed e3 Civic Board, the City of San Diego and San Diego Unified School District, the learning delivery system was translated into a design for the physical space. All of the spaces within e3 Civic are flexible and adaptive, built for collaborative learning and technology integration. This spring, months before the school opened for students, the project received a Leroy F. Greene Design and Planning Award of Honor from the Coalition for Adequate School Housing and the American Institute of

Architects. CEPAL will continue working with e3 Civic, researching the effectiveness of the design and the effects on the students of the learning system and space, ensuring there is alignment between the pedagogy and the environment.

“E3 Civic High School is in existence thanks to CEPAL. Julie Cramer and CEPAL were instrumental in facilitating focus groups with stakeholders on what the community wanted from a new downtown school.” – Mel Katz, Chairman of the Board, e3 Civic High School

Mobile Technology Learning Center: First University-Based Research Center of its Kind Using an innovative approach that aligns research, practice and professional development, the SOLES Mobile Technology Learning Center (MTLC) is the first U.S. university-based research center to focus on mobile technology implementation in K-12 classrooms. Established in 2011 by a generous grant from Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs and Joan Jacobs, MTLC provides the research, training, and services needed to support school districts in their efforts to significantly change the way learning is delivered through the use of mobile technology. The center has been offering a fully-online certificate program and services to school districts across the country for more than two years, and this fall will open a new suite of offices and collaborative learning research center within SOLES. Modeled on a flexible, collaborative learning environment, the center will feature five adaptable zones and embedded technology. The center will house SOLES researchers and research assistants as they continue the projects underway and expand into new districts.

Quiet Research Zone and Director’s Workstation

Researchers’ Workspace


Project Room

non- movable

Movable furniture: depicted in white, the majority of furniture in the space is on wheels so each space can be arranged to fit the use. Very little is unmovable­; shown in blue. technology Technology and connectivity throughout: installed technology is shown in gray, and wireless access is available throughout. huddleboards

Collaboration Lounge

Center staff with Dean Cordeiro, donor Irwin Jacobs, and President Mary Lyons. Pictured left to right: Jodi Tudor, Julie Cramer, Roxanne Ruzic, Rich Thome, Kai Thomas, Scott Himelstein, Paula Cordeiro, Irwin Jacobs, Mary Lyons, Andria Shook, Polly Traylor, John Franey

Huddleboards, shown in purple, can be used throughout the space or mounted to the wall. Learning Lab

SOLES Launches First Online Master’s Program This fall, SOLES launched its first fully online master’s degree in education. The program is designed to broaden our outreach to K-12 educators who seek a high quality, relevant and flexible learning expereince. We are currently enrolling educators from 16 areas of California and six states across the country. By taking the program online, degree-seekers are able to continue their teaching full time while working toward a degree. This means that their learning has an immediate impact in the K-12 classroom. Professor Sandy Buczynski comments that students enrolled in the program, “are already making meaningful connections between course content and their own teaching practice.” The online program responds to both SOLES core values and current trends in K-12 education. All students take core courses in equity and social justice, learning and cognition, and classroom

research. Additionally, degree seekers can select from specializations such as 21st century literacies and STEAM. Recognizing that learning is strengthened within collaborative professional communities, online assignments are intentionally designed to invite students to work together. Google docs, video chats, voice thread, blogs and discussion boards foster student-to-student communication and collaboration. Early reports indicate that online MEd students are enthusiastic about the online platform and eager to apply their learning experience to their own teaching. Seventh grade math and technology teacher Claire Dumlao states,”I plan to use what I learn in order to update my teaching style and fully bring my classroom into the 21st century.”

“My students are my driving force, they are the reason I enrolled in this program. They are all excited for me and cannot wait to see and hear about my progress.” – Melissa Diaz, 6th grade teacher

Interview with First Department Chair for our Newest Academic Department After a national search, Professor and Department Chair Ann F. Garland, PhD, joined SOLES from the University of California, San Diego in 2012 and became the inaugural chair for the Department of School, Family and Mental Health Professions. Her immediate task was to integrate the three separate academic programs and specializations of Marital and Family Therapy, School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling into a coordinated academic unit promoting excellence in teaching, scholarly research, and community engagement.

What are the department’s goals for upcoming year?

completely focused on becoming the best counselors and therapists possible.

The main goal for this year is to continue building on the synergies discovered in our first year. We will further develop departmental projects and events that capitalize on our complementary expertise, adding new professional development workshops for current students, alums and community partners.

Has anything surprised you?

What were the major accomplishments of the first year?

Stepping back into the classroom in the second semester. After a first semester primarily focused on administration, it was refreshing to connect with the students and be reminded of our purpose for being here. The energy and enthusiasm of the students is so refreshing and grounding because they are

Recognizing the synergies and shared priorities across the programs around how we educate our students and prepare them for their future careers was the most foundational accomplishment for our department. Our faculty are very diverse in terms of background and experience. Recognizing shared goals and taking advantage of complementary areas of expertise makes us stronger as a department as we work to impact complex societal problems such as mental illness, child and family trauma, school bullying and violence, and academic under-achievement, which require all the knowledge that can be gained from all the disciplines and expertise available. Photo: Counseling students in Madrid, Spain

In addition, we’ll expand the special interest groups created for students across our programs addressing important topics such as services for military families and cross-cultural counseling. We also intend to submit new proposals for innovative training and research focusing on global mental health, school counseling innovations and multi-cultural training for counselors and therapists.

Do you have a favorite moment from your first year?

Actually, no, just the opposite; the reality has really matched the rhetoric. USD’s mission, values and priorities are clearly laid out, and my experiences this year have reinforced that clarity of purpose. For example, social justice and community engagement are two stated priorities for the university, and they drive decision making and resources across the university. The top priority is the quality of the experience for the student. This is especially relevant when working with the faculty. They are so committed to getting to know the students and what they need, tailoring the education experience so it is as high quality and meaningful as possible for each individual student. Throughout this process they have shown so much patience, good humor, and flexibility in working together for the first time, coming together in this time of transition, and welcoming me into the department while maintaining focus on the university’s priorities.




2013 COMMUNITY AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Including Editorial Boards For Journals

Faculty Service Typically national ranked schools highlight the high quality of research and teaching by the faculty. We, too, provide evidence of scholarship and teaching in this report; however, this year we also wanted to illustrate our commitment to serving the community. SOLES faculty serve on the boards of local, national and international nonprofit organizations/NGOs as well various journals and other scholarly publication boards.

Jerome Ammer • Council for Learning Disabilities, Research and Ethical Practices, Advisory Board and Board of Directors • Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Member-at-Large • Council for Exceptional Children, Technology, Member-At-Large • Reading and Writing Quarterly: Overcoming Learning Disabilities, Associate Editor Viviana Alexandrowicz • Teaching Education (Australia), Special Issue, Co-Editor Sandy Buczynski • Nativity Prep Academy, Board of Trustees • Ocean Discovery Institute, Advisory Board • National Science Teachers Association’s Journal Science Scope, Advisory Board Erika Nash Cameron • American Counseling Association International, Committee • Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, Awards Committee • Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, President Elect-Elect • Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation, Editorial Board

Paula Cordeiro • The James Irvine Foundation, Board of Directors (San Francisco) • Community Training and Assistance Center, Board of Directors • EDIFY, Board of Directors • San Diego Grantmakers, Board Member • Nativity Prep Academy, Advisory Board • Stuart Foundation, Education Committee Advisory Board (San Francisco) • United Way of San Diego County, Education Committee Advisory Board • Journal of Law and Education, Editorial Board • Journal of Teacher Education & Educators (Turkey), Editorial Board Robert Donmoyer • Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC), Treasurer, Executive Committee, and Board Representative • University Council for Education Administration (UCEA), Plenum Representative • UCEA’s Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, Editorial Board • Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Editorial Board Todd Edwards • Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education, Commissioner • Families, Systems, & Health, Associate Editor

Ana Estrada • Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Editorial Board Ann Garland • San Diego Center for Children, Board of Directors • Ethiopian School Readiness Initiative, Board of Directors • Administration and Policy in Mental Health, Associate Editor and Editorial Board • Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, Editorial Board

Zachary Green • Public Conversations West, Advisory Board • Group Relations International, Founding Board Bobbi Hansen • San Diego Global Vision Academy, Board Member • The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities, Editorial Board

Fred Galloway • National Childhood Obesity Foundation, Advisory Board Chairperson

Scott Himelstein • California Community Colleges Board of Governors, President • San Diego Union-Tribune, Education Panel • William D. Lynch Foundation for Children, President

Steven Gelb • National Conflict Resolution Center, Community Mediation Panel • Public Conversations West, Advisory Board

Lea Hubbard • AVID African American Male Initiative, Advisory Board • Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, Editorial Board

Cheryl Getz • International Leadership Association (ILA), Board of Directors • Public Conversations West, Advisory Board

Ronn Johnson • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Membership Committee 2013-2014 • UC San Diego Office of the Chancellor, Community Advisory Board • Psychological Injury and Law, Editorial Board

Heather Lattimer • AjA Project, Board of Directors • High Tech High Graduate School of Education for Teacher Leadership, Advisory Board • Kearny High Educational Complex, The School of Digital Media and Design, Advisory Board • Inquiry in Education, Editorial Board • Unboxed: A Journal of Adult Learning in School, Editorial Board Pat Libby • Standards for Excellence Institute, National Ethics Standards Committee Ian Martin • Evidence-based School Counseling Conference, Advisory Board • Madison Elementary School for Innovation, Advisory Board Mary McDonald • Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, Special Edition, Co-Editor Sarina Chugani Molina • Teaching Education (Australia), Special Issue, Co-Editor Terri Monroe • A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems (AKRI), Elections Committee and Mentoring and Training Committee

Christopher Newman • Western Region Careers in Student Affairs Day (WRCSAD), Planning Committee • InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies, Advisory Board • Journal of African American Males in Education (JAAME), Editorial Board JoEllen Patterson • Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Advisory Editor • Families, Systems, & Health, Advisory Editor George Reed • International Society for Military Ethics, Secretary, Board of Directors • Patton Foundation, Advisory Board • Parameters, Editorial Board Joi Spencer • EDIFY, Advisory Board Lee Williams • Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy, Editorial Board Susan Zgliczynski • California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (CALPCC), Treasurer


Donor Recognition


Lifetime Giving Benefactors Circle Raffaella (Perretta) ‘77 and John Belanich Caster Family Trust Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Joan and Irwin Jacobs Donald and Darlene Marcos Shiley Warren Family Foundation

Leadership Circle Diane and Rodney F. Dammeyer Alice Bourke Hayes Elizabeth A. Parkman The Fletcher Jones Foundation Orca Fund at The San Diego Foundation Westreich Foundation

Executives Circle Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation Barnhart, Inc. Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerece CAC Advisory Services, LLC Muriel H. Campbell Sandra M. ‘61 Cassell Farrell and Jerald F. Farrell Joseph F. Cloonan and Paul I. Cloonan Patricia and Bert ‘61 Degheri Brindle Erion Trust George Pardee Charitable Trust John Guido, M.D. Mari and Todd Gutschow William H. Hannon Foundation Patricia M. Howe Katherine Pardee Charitable Remainder Trust Angelina K. (Kraemer) ‘59 and Fredrick Kleinbub K.P. Jois Foundation LASH Foundation William D. Lynch Foundation For Children Douglas F. Manchester Virginia and Paul G. ‘78 Marshall, Jr. Mary F. (Fiorino) ‘61 and Michel J. Orradre PW Construction, Inc. Willa ‘66 ‘70 and David L. Ramsay The California Endowment The James Irvine Foundation

The Parker Foundation Eleanore R. White*

Directors Circle Bravo Foundation Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation Coca-Cola Bottling Company The Fieldstone Foundation Marilyn and Kim Fletcher Girard Foundation Homebuilding Community Foundation Christina and Joseph E. ‘82 Matranga Rokenbok Fund at the San Diego Foundation W. Scott McIntyre Fund at the San Diego Foundation Weingart-Price Fund at the San Diego Foundation Mary A. (Woods) Scherr and Marvin Sippel School Futures Research Foundation U.S. Bank United Way of San Diego County The Viterbi Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation Mary J. (Hall) and James Wiesler

Scholars Circle AKT, LLP Alliance Healthcare Foundation Linnea and Frank V. Arrington* Sherrill and Bob Baker Bank of America Charles & Ruth Billingsley Foundation Elizabeth F. Bradley Helmick ‘61 and Walter E. Helmick, Jr. California Supported Living Network Capital One Eugenie C. and Jeffrey A. ‘04 Carlstead CBIZ, Inc. Kathryn A. Chapin* Chevron Corporation J. Dallas Clark Fund at the San Diego Foundation Paula A. Cordeiro and David O’Brien Gloria G. ‘76 and Stoney L. De Ment Patricia M. and Daniel W. Derbes Jacqueline D.* and Edward F. DeRoche Dr. Joseph C. Rost* Trust

Isabella and Peter H. Dunn Edify, Inc. Anita V. Figueredo Ford Motor Company Gen-Probe, Inc. Lisa Braun and Jeffrey W. Glazer ‘94 Hampton Inn San Diego The Harmon Family Foundation Lu Harmon* Valerie Jacobs Hapke and Norm Hapke Mary Ann Hester ‘72 Virginia ‘81 ‘85 and Robert Infantino Sr. Jewish Community Foundation The Johnson Family Foundation Maureen P. (Pecht) ‘64 and Charles G. ‘62 King Las Patronas Carol and George W. Lattimer Leichtag Family Foundation Elizabeth K. Mahan* Janie Marie and Jon L. Mangus Melinda and John Martin Laureen and C. Edward ‘69 Miller, Jr. Mission Federal Credit Union Moss Adams, LLP Nierman Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Meili and Michael Pinto Price Family Fund of the The San Diego Foundation Robert & Howard Endowment Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation Patricia A. (Friel) ‘57 and John M. Seiber Shinnyo-En Foundation Erin J. and Anthony F. ‘87 Smith Pamela M. Snyder Sonnenberg & Company, CPAs Maria “Gaby” G. and Richard Sulpizio Robert and Sheila Swanson Emilia S. Switgall* The Legler Benbough Foundation Union Bank of California Foundation USD Auxiliary Carol Vassiliadis Vista Mesa LLC Weingart Foundation Ruth and Stanley Westreich Therese Whitcomb ‘53 *deceased

DONOR RECOGNITION We recognize, with gratitude and appreciation, the generosity of the many individuals, corporations and foundations listed on these pages. Their support of our vision for the School of Leadership and Education Sciences enables our students, faculty and alumni to continue to make an impact on communities.

Annual Giving Patrons Thomas Ackerman Foundation Charles & Ruth Billingsley Foundation Dammeyer Charitable Gift Fund Edify Fred J. Hansen Foundation Valerie Jacobs Hapke and Norm Hapke Jewish Community Foundation K.P. Jois Foundation USA Foundation, Inc. Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Carol A. and George W. Lattimer The Price Family Charitable Fund Rokenbok Educational Fund at the San Diego Foundation Orca Fund at the San Diego Foundation The W. Scott McIntyre Memorial Fund at the San Diego Foundation Mary A. (Woods) Scherr and Marvin Sippel The Fieldstone Foundation The James Irvine Foundation U.S. Bank Union Bank Of California William D. Lynch Foundation For Children Weingart Foundation Westreich Foundation

Partners Alethea Capital Management, LLC Virginia ‘81 ‘85 and Robert Infantino, Sr. San Diego Gas & Electric Company The Black Family Charitable Fund Tony Hawk Foundation United Way of San Diego County

Associates Aetna Foundation, Inc. Bank of America Vicky R. ‘90 and Alfred G. ‘02 Bowden Natalie C. Breen The Burnham Foundation Casa De Amistad Sandra C. ‘68 Chew Phillips and Paul G. Phillips

Paula A. Cordeiro and David O’Brien Cox Communications, Inc. Peixin and Charles H. Dallara Jacqueline* and Edward F. DeRoche Stephanie and Robert Gleason Christine-Clayre F. Hafner ‘13 Kirsten Hanson ‘07 Heller Foundation of San Diego Lea Hubbard Kathleen Kim and Zachary Rattner Pat Libby and Michael Eichler Jane D. and James T. McCarthy Mary McDonald Jean H. ‘59 and Kenneth E. Miller Pepperdine University Meili and Michael Pinto Qualcomm Lucy E. and George E. Reed M. Constance Salerno Dillon ‘55 ‘61 Erin J. and Anthony F. ‘87 Smith Target Catherine A. ‘79 and John J. ‘78 Velotta Pamela L. (Leighton) ‘73 and Raymond J. ‘82 Volker Patricia H. and Robert J. Whalen Christina P. Wilson ‘12

Dean’s Circle Dana and J. Brandon Black Michelle L. ‘07 and Sean P. ‘06 Ahearne Anklesaria Family Foundation Karen J. ‘97 and John A. Berger Grace A. ‘12 and Hector Chaidez Mary Olive ‘63 Chambers Lien and Thomas J. Lien Cheryl A. ‘98 Getz and Henry W. Pugh Debbie L. ‘83 and Robert J. Gough Mary Ann Hester ‘72 Robin Ann and John R. Hughes Karen L. Johnson ‘87 Elaine M. Lewis ‘04 Moravian College Deborah G. Horwitz and Paul Nierman San Diego Grantmakers Anna M. Plaster ‘10 Alexis Rodriguez ‘13 Liz Shear and David Jewell Laura K. Stoia ‘09

The Tyler and Susan Cramer Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Sally Ann D. ‘76 ‘90 and James G. ‘78 ‘90 Zoll

Friends ABC-Clio Linda J. Acosta ‘08 Cheance Adair Viviana F. Alexandrowicz Laura L. ‘92 Alger and Joseph H. Rosen Jeanne L. ‘87 and Lawrence L. Atherton Victoria (McIntyre) ‘94 and Moises Baron Allison E. ‘11 Bechill and Daniel Fallon Bette Ann Libby and David Begelfer Raquel Benguiat Perez ‘09 Tina S. Bennefield ‘93 Sally J. Bennett-Schmidt ‘84 ‘97 Rachel A. ‘09 Borgatti and Mr. Steven P. Smriga Carol L. Bos ‘13 Brenda S. Bothel ‘11 Jeana G. ‘97 and Robert J. Buchanan Christine M. ‘97 and William Raymond Butler Muriel H. Campbell Diane L. ‘67 and David Canedo Heather Carpenter ‘11 Elizabeth A. Castillo ‘85 ‘10 Thomas J. Cesarini ‘07 Karen J. ‘01 Child and Brandon Ogden Linda D. and William F. ‘01 Conroy III Tinesia M. Conwright Kathleen and Ben ‘12 Coughlan Diana M. Craft ‘72 Brian ‘08 Daugherty Paul W. Davis ‘86 ‘08 Elaine B. Dawson ‘65 Ann DeBaets Gilbride ‘78 Laura J. Deitrick ‘04 ‘10 Gina M. Delapa ‘03 Linda and Sylvester Dews Kathleen M. Dennish ‘88 Destinhaus LLC Anne Farrell Carole A. Fish ‘81 Nina Garrett and Carlos Flores Rita J. Flynn ‘62

Charles J. Friedrichs ‘01 Fred J. Galloway Beth ‘05 and Kevin Garofalo Ruth E. and Gregory M. Gazda William P. Geddes Margaret and Steven A. Gelb Jennifer G. Gilmore and Jeffrey Seminoff Alan Gin Nancy J. and Charles R. ‘01 Girvin Karen Gould ‘13 Maureen ‘10 and Robert Guarcello Suzanne M. (Whitaker) Hagan ‘81 ‘94 Jessica L. Hanson York ‘13 Lynne and Larry Henkin Leslie A. ‘78 Hennessy and Randy Kunkel Kim M. Herbstritt ‘13 Jason R. Jarvinen ‘11 Jewish Family Service of San Diego Kern Community Foundation Kerry J. Kilber-Rebman ‘09 Alexander Kim ‘13 Elisabeth N. Landa ‘13 Francis D. Lang ‘11 Leaf & Cole, LLP Sheryl A. ‘81 ‘84 Lorey-McAtee and E. Tracy McAtee Roseanne and Gene R. Luth Anjanette A. Maraya-Ramey ‘12 Christine M. McAuliffe ‘06 ‘10 Allison McClintick ‘11 Jeffrey M. McDonald ‘08 Susan E. Mitchell Denise R. Montgomery and David Michael Urso Irene and Charles B. ‘80 Mount Kathryn N. Myers ‘12 Marlene A. and James E. Newman Casey M. Nguyen ‘13 Vi Nguyen ‘13 Kendra J. French and Howard J. Noack Wainani A. Oesterle ‘08 Dorothy L. O’Hagan ‘11 Vanessa P. Oshiro Michael A. Osoff ‘10 Lina L. ‘11 Park and Dae Lee Summer R. Polacek-Alarcon ‘13 Meredith A. Praniewicz Melissa M. Pregill

Aristeo L. Puente ‘94 Susan M. ‘12 and David F. Pyke Karen Rado Joe V. Raffa ‘97 David Ramirez RCH Consulting, Inc. Allison Remple Mary J. ‘84 and Lyle V. Rich Patricia A. Riley ‘95 Sandra L. and Bradley W. ‘94 Roberson Sharon E. Robison ‘79 Daisy Rodriguez ‘13 Olivia A. ‘76 ‘77 and Richard L. ‘78 Romero Eunsook Hong and Lonnie Rowell Miles T. Sakaguchi ‘75 Emily M. Schell ‘85 ‘03 Drew Schlosberg Hallie ‘13 Shere and Mitchell Johnson Betty Singer Carolynn K. ‘75 and Myron A. Skubinna Dorothy L. Smith Suzanne M. and Steven L. ‘06 Smith Rita and Darryl O. Solberg Rondi J. ‘94 ‘06 Stein and Roger Barrantes Gregory G. Stump ‘03 Susan M. Sullivan ‘77 ‘83 Sarah A. Thompson ‘13 Maria T. Todaro ‘11 Maria E. Torres ‘09 Kyra M. ‘04 and Paul M. ‘13 Tyson Shelly M. Valdez ‘03 Sharon F. Van Bruggen Virginia M. and Vicente A. ‘08 Vargas Marguerite A. and Richard J. ‘83 Vorst M. Howard Wayne ‘72 Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program Melinda B. Wilkes ‘11 Jana L. Zawadzki ‘13 Kristen B. Zucht ‘13 Linda and John Zygowicz

university of san diego Located on 180 acres overlooking the city of San Diego, Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean, the University of San Diego’s vision is to become a nationally preeminent Catholic university known for educating students who are globally competent, ethical leaders working and serving in a complex and changing world.

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SOLES Dean's Report 2013  
SOLES Dean's Report 2013  

University of San Diego, School of Leadership and Education Sciences