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C Comprehensive h i Exam E Counseling Program - School Counseling Cou se g Spec Specialization a a o 2009

What is it? • The Comp Exam marks the end point of your formal study for the master’s master s degree in counseling • Intention: Final assessment of candidate candidate’s s ability to apply formal knowledge of counseling theory and practice and to engage in critical thinking – Guiding gq question: Based on current p professional standards, is this candidate suitable for entry level work as a professional counselor?

Change in Comp Exam 2009 Old Elements

New Elements

Case # 1 Knowledge of clinical practice C Case #2 knowledge of specialization i li ti Reflective Essay

Completed in COUN 541 N change No h

No change

Th 2009 C The Comp P Packet k t •Specialization Case •Professional Identity Reflection Essay

Specialization case- school counseling g • Not a clinical case – Do not refer to “clients” or “patients”

• A professional practice scenario is given – An analysis of the scenario is required – Candidate writes “as if” in the scenario • What do you think about the situation? • What would your intentions be in regards to the problems presented? • What would you do to address the opportunities and challenges evident in the situation?

Specialization case elements to consider • Schools as systems • The Th culture lt off education d ti • Current perspectives on counseling and guidance id iin schools h l • Group dynamics • Career development of the candidate • Ethics and professional standards • Multicultural dimensions of counseling Evidence-based based practice • Evidence

Technical requirements Specialization p scenario • 5 pages • Carefully proofed - no more than 2 minor errors in grammar and/or spelling • APA - error free

Professional Identity Reflection Essayy • Third element in the Comp Exam • Address qquestions regarding g g what it means to you y to be entering the field of professional counseling, your strengths y g and weaknesses as you y exit the program and prepare for entry into the pprofessional workforce,, and your y personal p and professional goals and aspirations as the bearer of a master’s degree g in counselingg

Rubric - Reflection Essay y

Technical requirements Reflection essay y • Essay narrative (text and references plus any figures, tables, diagrams) limited to the equivalent q of 5 pages p g – Carefully proofed for grammar and spelling – References properly cited in the text and listed at the end of the essay using current APA format. format

Assessment Rubric Specialization p Scenario

Spec. p Scenario Rubric,, cont.

Scoring g • The specialization scenario will be scored based on the following: ______0-1_____________________2-3_______________________4-5______

Not Passable



• A minimum score of 2 is required to pass the specialization case

Scoring, g, cont. • The Professional Identity Reflection Essay will be scored with a Pass/No Pass designation g • Graduation candidates will be notified of their final score on the Comprehensive Comprehensi e Exam based on one of the following designations: a) Pass b) Pass Pending Remediation c)) No Pass

Key y dates • Clinical Case distributed in COUN 541 the l t weekk off March last M h and dd due 4/3/09 • Comps packet picked up in person from Sergio on 4/22/09 (time to be determined) – Will not be emailed or surface mailed – Signature sheet required

• Specialization p Case and Reflection Essay y due to Sergio by 5 pm, 4/29/09