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Leadership Intemship Fall 2009 EDLD 387p/EDLD 388/389 Instructor: E-mail: Office Hours: Phone: Fax:

Teresa VanHom, M.A.E. By appointment 619-260-4760 619-849-8175

Address: MRH Room 275G University of San Diego 5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110

Goals of an Intemship The intemship program is designed to give you the opportunity to use your leadership knowledge and skills in an actual work situation. It also allows you to investigate career opportunities, and learn about your own interests and abilities. An important part of the process is to reflect critically on your experience. Requirements of the Course Site supervisor You must have a supervisor in the organization that will be responsible for your activities, monitor your progress, and complete the midterm and final evaluation forms. Within the first two weeks of the semester, you must provide the following to your instructor: your site supervisor's business card; or the supervisor's name; organization address and phone number; and your resume. You may not count hours until packet has been turned in to your instructor. Due September 16, 2009 by 5pm. Intemship meetings Students will meet four times during the fall semester. The meetings will be held on Wednesday Sept. 2rd, Oct. 7st, Nov. 4th. The first three class meetings will be held from 12:20-1:15pm. The fourth and final meeting will be during finals week on Wed. Dec. 16th at 2pm. A site visit is also required and arranged by the student. Site visits will be held with the instructor, student, and site supervisor taking place between Oct. 19th and Nov. 20th. Students will complete 120 hours at their work site in addition to class meetings. Evaluation Forms

Students will complete a self-evaluation form due at the beginning of class Nov. 4th. Supervisors are required to complete a mid-term evaluation that is due at the beginning of class Nov. 4th. Students are required to turn in a Site Supervisor Evaluation form, hour log, and final evaluation form that is due at 2pm on Dec. 16th. Critical Incident Outline As part of your intemship, you are required to type a one page formal outline about a critical incident and discuss it during one class meeting with a small group due at the beginning of class Nov. 4h. Reflective Summary As part of your intemship, you are required to turn in a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 10 pages typed reflective summary of your experience due at 2pm on Dec. 16th.

Final Meeting A final meeting is required between the supervisor and the students. The Final Evaluation form will be discussed at this time and both parties are required to sign that the meeting occurred. due by 2pm on Dec. 16th. Midterm evaluation 25% Final evaluation 25% Reflective Summary 25% Critical Incident Case Study 10% Meeting participation/ Class assignments 2.5% Student Evaluation 5% Site Visit 2.5% Assignments turned in after the first 15 minutes of class are considered late. Grades are docked one letter grade per day assignment is late.

DATES TO REMEMBER Sept. 2, 2009 Class Meeting Sept. 16, 2009 No Class Internship application due Resume due Job description due Internship Agreement due Goal planning worksheet due Due Dates For Internship Reports Form due Syllabus receipt form due Oct. 7, 2009 Class Meeting Career Services Presentation Oct. 19 - Nov. 20, 2009 Student arranges and participates in one site visit with instructor, student and site supervisor. Nov. 4, 2009 Class Meeting Critical Incident Outline due Midterm Evaluation form due Student Evaluation form due

Dec. 16, 2009 *2pm-4pm Class Meeting Reflective Summary due Activity/Hour Log due Site/Supervisor Evaluation due Final Evaluation/Meeting form due