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Mary B. Mc Donald Ph.D. Department of Leadership Studies Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, 275D University of San Diego 5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110

marymc@sandiego 619-260-2747

Current Professional Experience Leadership Studies (2008) School of Leadership and Education Sciences University of San Diego

Assistant Professor

Caster Center for Nonprofit Research (2008) University of San Diego

Affiliate Faculty

Previous Professional Experience Community Research Institute (2003-2008) Johnson Center for Philanthropy Grand Valley State University


Family Coordinating Council (1996-2003) Community Foundation Muskegon, MI


Teaching EDLD 511 EDLD 609 EDLD 501

Strategic Planning and Positioning Evaluation and Theory Nonprofit Management Fundamentals

Spring, 2009 Fall, 2008 Fall, 2008


Advisory support to the Nonprofit Master’s Program (2008 cohort of 28) which includes scheduled “Early Bird” and “After Hours” drop in conversations and scheduled appointments

Scholarship McDonald, M., Gajeski, M. Rooney, P., Frederick, H., & Yoshioka, C. (2008). A Comparison of Informal Giving Patterns in Three States. A paper presented at the ARNOVA conference, Philadelphia, PA. (November). McDonald, M. & Gajeski, M. (2008). Creating Sustainable Social Change through Standardized Research. A paper presented to the International Society for Third Sector Research, Barcelona, Spain. Rooney, P., Frederick, H., McDonald, M. & Yoshioka, C. (2007). A Comparison of Giving Patterns and Determinants in Three States using Identical Survey 1

Protocols. A paper presented at the ARNOVA conference, Atlanta, Georgia (November). Submitted and under journal review. Lowen, A., Ottenwess, K., Gajeski, M., McDonald, M, & Morales-Barias, S. (2007). Hispanic Volunteering and Giving Behaviors. A paper presented at the ARNOVA conference, Atlanta, Georgia (November). Submitted and under journal review. Service Kaleidoscope Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Governance (2008) Selection Committee Chair Peace Education Committee (SOLES) Current Projects Stepping Stones Inc. (currently) Strategic “Plan to Plan� environmental assessment/feasibility Boys Clubs/Girls Clubs of San Diego (currently) Strategic Planning Initiative Jewish Family Services (currently) Workforce Development Feasibility Study Spotlight on San Diego Nonprofits Presentations Rancho Santa Fe Community Foundation (2008). Evaluation strategies. Presentation with Dr. Robert Donmoyer to foundation grantees. Rancho Santa Fe, CA. (October). Gajeski, M & McDonald, M. (2007).Giving and Volunteering patterns in Kent County, Michigan and in Three States. National Philanthropy Day, Grand Rapids, MI (November). McDonald, M. Rapp, M. & Sieger, D. (2007). Baring it all: Foundation accountability and transparency. Council of Foundations annual Community Foundation conference, San Francisco, CA (September). McDonald, M. & Pyne, J. (2007). Evaluation through community mapping. Presentation to a workshop sponsored by the Evaluation Capacity Development Group, Kalamazoo, Michigan (September). McDonald, M. (2007). Using Data to make Community Decisions. Presented at the Michigan Nonprofit SuperConference, Lansing, MI (May). McDonald, M. (2007). The function and work of the Foundation Liaison. Presented to the Liaison Advisory retreat, Lansing, MI (April).


McDonald, M. (2006). How can a community information system help faculty advance a research agenda? Presented at New Faculty Orientation, Allendale, MI (August). Rapp, M. Sieger, D. & McDonald, M. (2005). Joint application with the Grand Rapids Community Foundation for a business patent to the United States patent office, Grand Rapids, MI (December). Teaching Experience/Institutional Contributions: GVSU Student supervision and coaching-graduate students from the School of Public and Nonprofit Administration and Social Work including 6-8 graduate assistants at any one time Teaching SW 660 PA 643

Grant Writing and Resource Development Strategic Management and Planning

Team teaching the following classes: • Research Methods (Graduate) - Participant observation and focus groups as a research method/survey • Boards, Trustees and Governance (Graduate) Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on foundations and nonprofits • Nonprofit Management Practices (Graduate) Integrating community data into strategic decisions College Service • College of Public and Community Service Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee • College of Public and Community Service International Studies Committee • School of Public and Nonprofit Administration and the Johnson Center Committee for the development of a Master’s degree program in Nonprofit and Philanthropic studies Academic Credentials PhD. Michigan State University Family and Child Ecology Dissertation: “Social Capital in a Community Collaborative Network” M.S. Western Michigan University Education: Counseling and Personnel B.S. Eastern Michigan University Secondary Education: Certification