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November 2013

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As a graduate student you have many amazing opportunities at your fingertips. The University of San Diego is a little more than 30 miles from what could be an eye-opening experience. The Mexican border is extremely close to us, yet very few students have taken the time out of their busy lives to take a trip to visit across the border. USD offers a unique opportunity to experience Mexico with University Ministry’s monthly, Ground Breaking Tijuana Day Trips. Below are a few reflections from graduate students who have recently attended the trip. If you are interested in signing up for upcoming trips or learning more about the experience please email Mark Peters; Upcoming trips: 11/9, 12/7, 2/15,4/5, 5/10 “I love to travel. People often think that traveling involves getting on a plane and flying great distances. While I would love to do that too, I am now in graduate school, constantly trying to get caught up. I also don't have the means to do that right now. The day trips to Mexico through the University Ministry give me the opportunity to still do what I love without spending much (if any) money or time traveling. When I am in Mexico, I feel like I am back in the Dominican Republic, or in the Republic of Moldova. Some places even reminded me of Vietnam or the Philippines. There is a common hospitality in which these people show toward their guests. Although I would like to be able to communicate more with those I meet at the Casa de las Memorias, I feel that our gestures, our laughter, our eyes -- they say it all for us. Every time I come back from visiting Mexico, I am grateful for all that I have: for my family, my health, my education. I am reminded of why I am in graduate school, why I strive to do well. I want to someday serve, directly or indirectly, those less fortunate.” Terri Phan: MEPN; Nursing program "Witnessing the contrast between the living conditions in San Diego and Tijuana, only a few miles away, was eye-opening. It served as a reminder to thank God for all that I've been blessed with, but most importantly, to give all that I can to those who have not been as fortunate." Amy Blythe: Higher Education Leadership “It is truly hard to pick one specific moment, but something that stuck out to me was the people of La Moritas’ commitment to their community. Even though the people had very little in terms of material wealth, their spiritual health was quite rich. They took the time to celebrate their culture, support the community and serve God. They spent their weekends building a new church to devote their time to the most important aspect of life, Faith.” Jenna Engler: School Counseling

theology on tap

graduate and law student ministry

Theology(on(Tap(is(a(fun(and(informal(way(for(graduate( students(to(take(a(break(from(studying(and(gather(together( for(free(food(&(drinks(and(fellowship.(These(monthly( gatherings(are(a(wonderful(opportunity(for(you(to(interact( with(your(peers(and(share(your(faith(in(a(relaxed(seFng.(

Michael(Love,e-Colyer( Assistant(Vice(President, University(Ministry

Come(join(Dr.$Michael$Love/e0Colyer( and(other(graduate(students(for(good( conversaHon(centered(around(the( theme(of(The$Power$of$ Living$Gratefully$in$Graduate$School and$Beyond. All(are(welcome,(


November(21,(2013 7-8:30(p.m SLP(401( (Grad(Student(Commons) For(more(informaHon,(please(contact(Mark(Peters( at(


Outdoor Adventures

Join the Office of Sustainability for the 2013 Fight For Air Walk

Graduate Writing Center Outreach Hello USD Graduate Students! I’m Jen Lagedrost, Graduate Outreach Coordinator at USD’s Writing Center. I would like to introduce myself along with the Writing Center’s graduate student resources and initiatives available to you. One of my goals this semester and onward is to make the Writing Center and its services more visible and accessible to you, our graduate student population at USD. Two kinds of graduate student writers exist across university campuses: those who desire help with writing but cannot find time or space to seek out support, and those who do not believe they need it. For the former, we want to make the Writing Center more accessible to you. As a recent graduate student myself, I felt more like the latter, especially as a master’s student of writing itself. That said, had there been a Graduate Writing Center available to me— a resource where I could have had a responsive peer reader, the chance for a generative brainstorm on possible approaches to a writing assignment, or simply a discussion of writing tricks or editing strategies with another scholar—I would have benefitted immensely from the chance. The Writing Center offers the opportunity to have a focused conversation about your writing in whatever stage of its composure. Currently the Writing Center offers the following services free to all graduate students: • 1:1 writing consultations with a trained writing tutor • In-house workshops and seminars at the Writing Center Upcoming: Writing Center Salons Series #4: Self-editing Strategies Tuesday, 11/12 • 5:30-7:00pm • FH-190B • On-site, program-specific writing workshops, orientations, and writing assessments in your program’s own meeting spaces and classrooms Programs already utilizing this service include: Peace & Justice, SOLES, MBA, MSSCM, and MSRE. We welcome all requests and encourage graduate students to submit requests too. Looking ahead as the Graduate Outreach program develops, the following initiatives are underway: • On-site writing workshops and consultations for graduate students in The Graduate Commons • More program-specific writing workshops tailored to particular graduate writing assignments • Opportunities for graduate students who have an interest in writing consultation in a Graduate Writing Center I would like to close by opening a venue for your requests and commentary. Drop me a line ( with your writing questions, concerns, requests for resources or workshop topics, or your interest in a Graduate Writing Center here at USD. Let us engage in a dialogue that will help the university and the Writing Center’s efforts to better support your writing needs in your diverse and prestigious programs. Jen Lagedrost, MFA, Graduate Outreach Coordinator USD Writing Center FH-190B x4581

Your idea can be next to come to fruition! The Social Innovation Challenge (SIC) promotes, guides, and supports student-driven ideas to launch or to contribute to existing social enterprises by for-profit, hybrid and nonprofit organizations, locally and abroad. The SIC has awarded $42,000 in cash prizes to students since its inception in 2010. The Center for Peace and Commerce, in partnership with the Changemaker Hub, invites all student social innovators at the undergraduate and graduate levels at University of San Diego to propose ideas for achieving the 4 Ps—People, Planet, Peace and Profit. Application deadline for the 2013 Social Innovation Challenge is February 18, 2012. All USD students are eligible to apply to win an award of up to $50,000 to put their social innovation idea into action. Find out more at or contact Nadia Auch at Graduate and Law Student Commons & the Changemaker HUB present‌

TACO Tuesday ChangeMIXER! !


Tuesday, November 12th 4:30 to 6pm SLP 3rd Floor Courtyard !

RSVP no later than Nov. 11th to !

Not on My Watch our community can prevent suicide KNOW THE SIGNS Learn to recognize the warning signs of suicide

talk about it Learn how to have a conversation about depression and suicide prevention

Seek Help

If you or someone you care about needs support or is in crisis, know the resources and reach out for help

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention presents

International Survivors of Suicide Day SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 9:00am - 1:00pm KIPJ


Every November, survivors of suicide loss in our community, across the United States, and around the world come together for healing conferences in their communities and online for support and guidance. You’ll hear from other survivors about how they cope and from experts sharing the most current information on suicide and grief.

1. Learn to recognize the warning signs of suicide For more information on how to register please visit: 2. learn how to have a conversation 3. learn the resources and reach out for help

One of the University of San Diego’s best expressions of inclusion and diversity happens on Friday, Nov. 8th, when the United Front Multicultural Center (UFMC) hosts its annual entertainment extravaganza, Multicultural Night. The festivities kick off at 5:30 p.m. in the Hahn University Center forums. Following food and refreshments, an array of entertaining dances, songs, poetry/spoken word and more by USD students will showcase respect for different cultures. As they perform, it’s an opportunity for attendees to deepen their personal knowledge about their classmates and the campus community at-large.

November Community Lunch is Thursday, November 14th. 12:30-1:30 p.m. SLP 418

Please join us in this wonderful night of celebration! The Safe Space Allies Network enhances the ability of students, staff, administrators and faculty to demonstrate proactively and personally the University's core values of community, inclusion, and respect for all - regardless of sexual orientation or other identity. Grounded in Catholic Social Thought, the University's mission affirms that all human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. By displaying a SAFE SPACE ALLY emblem in their working and/or living areas, members of the university community provide visible markers of validation, support and respect for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community as well as other potentially marginalized populations. The sign serves as an indicator of people with whom LGBT and questioning people can speak openly and seek the support they need to succeed at the University of San Diego.

USD Torero  Store  ~      BOGO  SALE:  Buy  One  Sweatshirt  Get  a  Free  Pair   of  Sweatpants  –  choose  from  select  merchandise,   while  supplies  last Thursday,  November  14      BLUE  TUESDAY  SALE:  Tech  Department  Savings   and  more!  Tuesday,  November  19   USD  Dining  ~ ANNUAL  THANKSGIVING  DINNER    -­‐  A  USD  Tradition           La  Gran  Terraza  ~ THANKSGIVING  LUNCH  BUFFET         Thursday,  November  21  ~  11:30  am  –  1:30  pm           $14.25  per  person   BEAUJOLAIS  NOUVEAU  WINE  DINNER–  LGT       Friday,  November  22  ~  6  pm           $50  per  person Happy  Thanksgiving  From  Auxiliary  Services! Thanksgiving  Break  Hours  of  Operation  for  all  Auxiliary  Locations  are   available  on  our  Hours  page  via  

Peace and Justice Graduate Association (PJGA) invites you to join… November 15th Meet at 4 pm for a beach clean-up followed by a s'mores bonfire social (PJGA will be providing the trash bags for the clean up and the s'mores) All are welcome! La Jolla Shores Parking at Camino del Oro and Calle Frescota

College of Arts & Sciences presents: Much Ado  About   Nothing   November  9  –  17     Sheryl  and  Harvey   White  Theatre,  Conrad   Prebys  Theatre  at  The   Old  Globe  Details  

College of  Arts  and   Sciences  Alumni  Happy   Hour   November  13,  5:30  p.m.   O'Toole's  Lounge   Details  and  RSVP  

Salons are designed to improve skills for approaching and managing writing projects. The Series is open to all graduate and undergraduate students. All events are hosted in the Lindsay J. Cropper Writing Center Founders Hall, Room 190 B Reservations not required.

"Trafficking, Prostitution  and   Inequality"   Knapp  Chair/  30th  Nathaniel   Nathanson  Memorial  Lecture   with  Catharine  MacKinnon   November  19,  5:30  p.m.   KIPJ  Theatre   Details  and  RSVP  

Fall 2012 - Remaining Events Self - Editing Strategies Tuesday, November 12 5:30 - 7 p.m.

Friday, 11/8 UMFC Multicultural Night

Saturday, 11/9

Sunday, 11/10

Tuesday, 11/12

GSC Sustainable Brewery Tour

Fight For Air Walk

Taco Tuesday “ChangeMixer”

Mission Brewery 12-4 p.m. RSVP: /brewerytour

5:30-8 p.m. UC Forums

Tuesday, 11/12

Wednesday, 11/13

Writing Center Salon Series

Graduate and Law Commons BAGEL BREAKFAST

5:30-7 p.m. Founders 190B

Thursday, 11/14 UFMC Community Lunch 12:30-1:30 p.m. SLP 418

See ad above for additional info

Wednesday, 11/13

Thursday, 11/14

Graduate Student Council Meeting

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

All are welcome!

SLP Pavilion Dining 4:30-9 p.m.

SLP RM401 9 a.m.

7-8:30 p.m. Hahn Nursing Rm 106

Friday, 11/15

Thursday, 11/21

PJGA Beach Clean up La Jolla 4 p.m.

SLP Courtyard 4:30-6 p.m. See ad above for additional info

Theology on Tap SLP RM401 7-8:30 p.m.

Saturday, 11/23 Not On My Watch International Survivors of Suicide Day KIPJ 9-1 p.m.

Partnership with University Ministry Theology on Tap: (7- 8:30p.m. SLP RM401) 11/21, 2/27, 3/27, 4/24 Tijuana Service Trips: 11/9, 12/7, 2/15, 4/5, 5/10 Contact info for Graduate Student Ministry Mark Peters at For more information about the events and programs please visit

Want to contribute to the Graduate and Law Student News & Views? Do you have suggestions on something you would like to see in the Graduate and Law Student News & Views? A graduate or law student event that you’d like to advertise? Perfect! We want to hear from you. Have you done something to benefit the community? USD, San Diego, California, or the globe? We’d love to do a human-interest story on you! Contact Karen Friedlander at

Graduate and Law News & Views  

November 2013

Graduate and Law News & Views  

November 2013