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December 2013

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Greetings to all Graduate and Law Students!

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You are just a few weeks away from the end of the fall semester. Make sure to give yourself a break from all the studying and attend some of the remaining campus events. Most students are gearing up for winter break as the semester comes to a close, but keep in mind there are also students who are looking forward to graduation. The end of the semester is a great time for celebration and reflection.

17 Months With USD As the end of the semester approaches, we are all wrapping up our final coursework and getting ready for winter break, there is the realization amongst some of us that we will not be returning to school next semester. We will be graduating in less than a month. An important chapter in our lives is coming to an end and the spectacle of a new beginning has come in sight. Before moving on, I would like to take a few moments and look back at the journey that I embarked on, beginning July of 2012. I vividly remember the first time I saw the USD campus; it was Sunday, July 29, 2012, and I was standing in the balcony of my hotel room, looking at the city that was going to be my new home for the next 17 months. Two days before, I had flown 7661 miles across the world from my hometown, Tehran, Iran, to begin my life as a graduate student at the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies. My mind was in a haze from the jet lag and doubt was creeping into my heart rapidly, “Have I made the right decision to come all the way here? Do I really belong here?” I kept asking myself silently. However, that Sunday evening, as my friend and I drove up the Marian Way and I laid eyes on the tall, dignified buildings and the colorful landscape of the USD campus, my fears and doubts cleared away instantly. I knew right then, that I had made the right decision by choosing to come to USD. I have come a long way since that very first moment. I have met wonderful people and made lifelong friends, pursued my passion for learning, rediscovered myself, and the true potential that lies within me. My close involvement with the USD community through the Graduate Student Council, the International Students’ Office, and the Changemaker Hub has greatly enriched my experience as an international graduate student and has made USD my home away from home and my community. As I prepare to say goodbye to my USD family by the end of this month, I feel grateful that I can take away 523 days of laughter, friendship, learning, hard work, and happiness with me. I have become a better, stronger, and more compassionate person as a result of my growth and transformation here at USD. Although I am prepared to begin a new chapter in my journey, USD will always have a special significance because it is where a new me was born. Afarin Dadkhah MA Peace and Justice Studies

Wednesday, 12/4

Thursday, 12/5

Thursday, 12/5


UFMC Community Lunch

Bali info session

Come relax with some healthy snacks!

And/or 12/10

4-5:30 p.m. MRH 129

12:30-1:30 p.m. SLP 418  

11-2 p.m. SLP 401

And/or 12/8 2 p.m.

Sunday, 12/8 Yoga Workshop

Tijuana Day Trip!

Lessons and Carols

See ad above to register

For details email:

7:30 p.m. Founders Chapel

4-5 p.m. O’Toole’s

Student Recital

Gamelan Concert

“i-Portfolio” ASIA 10 a.m. Location TBD

12:15 p.m.

Friday, 12/13 Rescue Dogs! Come play!

Mariachi Concert 7:30 p.m. Shiley Theater, Camino Hall


7:30 p.m.

Both at Shiley Theater, Camino Hall

12-2 p.m. Front of UC

December 2 - December 6

Partnership with University Ministry

Last day of classes

Theology on Tap: (7- 8:30p.m. SLP RM401) 2/27, 3/27, 4/24 Tijuana Service Trips: 12/7, 2/15, 4/5, 5/10

December 13


December 16 – December 20

Monday, 12/09

Tuesday, 12/10

Office of Sustainability “Green Gathering”

7:30 p.m. Founders Chapel

5-6:15 p.m. SC 109

Thursday, 12/12 Tuesday, 12/10

Chamber Music

Saturday, 12/07

Friday, 12/6

Thursday, 12/5

Contact info for Graduate Student Ministry Mark Peters at

For more information about the events and programs please visit

A Journey Through Bali: Leadership, Moral Imagination & The Arts (LEAD 579) New Summer 2014 Global Course Offering! Through lecture, class discussion, small group activities, site visits, community interaction, and art making focused on exploring Balinese cultural worldview, this course examines the process by which leaders engage in creative and complex ethical decision-making. • See famous temples, museums, elaborate performances, and ceremonial rituals. • Interact with the local community through meals with families at homestays; meeting people in the streets, markets, and temples; and collaborative learning with Balinese university students and other education, mental health, and business professionals. • Explore self- and cultural understandings by participating in Balinese arts such as gamelan music, traditional dance, shadow puppetry, and storytelling. • Reflect on professional practice through journaling, artmaking, and engaging class activities.

June 21 thru July 2, 2014 Program Costs: Tuition & Fees




Activity & On-Ground Costs





Rose Martinez

Application Info

Kedir Assefa Tessemak

Therapy dogs to the rescue! Research indicates that petting a dog lowers stress levels. So, back by popular demand, certified therapy dogs will be on campus Friday, December 13, 2014 from 12-2p.m. in front of the University Center. Take some time at the end of the semester to play with our furry friends, courtesy of Student Wellness. Asian Students In Action had a vision to journey to Bali. We lovingly called this "Project Bali and the Journey" (PB & J) movement. If you are interested in going to Bali, please see the attached flyer. Bali is calling. Visit our website: You may also look at the courses offered by the SOLES Global Center:

Your idea  can  be  next  to  come  to  fruition!      

The Social  Innovation  Challenge  (SIC)  promotes,  guides,  and  supports  student-­‐ driven  ideas  to  launch  or  to  contribute  to  existing  social  enterprises  by  for-­‐profit,   hybrid  and  nonprofit  organizations,  locally  and  abroad.    The  SIC  has  awarded  $42,000   in  cash  prizes  to  students  since  its  inception  in  2010.   The  Center  for  Peace  and  Commerce,  in  partnership  with  the  Changemaker  Hub,   invites  all  student  social  innovators  at  the  undergraduate  and  graduate  levels  at   University  of  San  Diego  to  propose  ideas  for  achieving  the  4  Ps—People,  Planet,  Peace   and  Profit.   Application  deadline  for  the  2013  Social  Innovation  Challenge  is  February  18,  2012.   All  USD  students  are  eligible  to  apply  to  win  an  award  of  up  to  $50,000  to  put  their   social  innovation  idea  into  action.  Find  out  more  at  or   contact  Nadia  Auch  at  

Lessons and  Carols   Friday,  December  6  at  7:30  p.m.   Sunday,  December  8  at  2  p.m.   Founders  Chapel,  Founders  Hall    

Every year,  the  Frances  G.  Harpst  Center  for  Catholic  Thought   and  Culture  invites  the  campus  community  and  the  public  at   large  to  gather  in  Founder  Chapel  to  enjoy  Lessons  and   Carols,  a  Christmas  celebration  that  dates  back  well  over  100   years  and  is  followed  around  the  world  in  a  multitude  of   different  places.  Through  poignant  readings  from  the  Old  and   New  Testaments,  accompanied  by  beautiful  choral  music   provided  by  the  USD  Concert  Choir  and  Choral  Scholars  under   the  direction  of  Edwin  Basilio,  the  congregation  is  invited  to   reflect  on  the  birth  of  Jesus  in  the  context  of  its  significance  in   salvation  history.  Free  Admission.      

For more  information,  please  call  (619)  260-­‐7936  or   visit  

Gamelan Concert   Tuesday,  December  10  at  7:30  p.m.   Shiley  Theatre,  Camino  Hall  

Chamber Music  Ensembles   Thursday,  December  5  at  7:30  p.m.   French  Parlor,  Founders  Hall   This  program  is  the  Chamber  Music   Ensemble’s  end-­‐of-­‐semester  concert.    

Please  e-­‐mail  Director  Angela  Yeung,   PhD,  at  for   program  updates.  

Student Recital   Thursday,  December  12  at  12:15  p.m.   Shiley  Theatre,  Camino  Hall     Students  in  the  USD  Music  Department   present  selections  from  their  semester   repertoire.  Free  admission.  

Listen to  the  music  of  Bali,  Indonesia   at  this  concert  performed  by  USD’s   Gamelan  Ensemble,  directed  by   David  Harnish,  PhD.  The  gamelan  is   an  ensemble  of  metallophones,   gong-­‐chimes,  cymbals  and  drums,   and  features  dynamic  and   interlocking  musical  parts.  The   music  is  both  scintillating  and   ritualistic.  Concerts  frequently   feature  dance  as  well.  

Mariachi Concert   Thursday,  December  12  at  7:30  p.m.   Shiley  Theatre,  Camino  Hall  

Experience  a  night  of  Mariachi  music  performed   by  USD’s  Mariachi  Ensemble.     Directed  by  Serafin  Paredes  

What Moves  You  USD?   Campus  Recreation  invites  you  to  revitalize   with  exercise  right  here  on  campus!  Group   exercise  classes  are  a  great  way  to  de-­‐ stress,  meet  other  community  members,   and  keep  the  body  moving  and  in  shape   all  semester  long.  Campus  Recreation   offers  nearly  70  different  recreation   classes  that  can  be  taken  as  non-­‐credit   by  all  graduate  students  including  a   variety  classes  in  dance,  fitness,   aquatic,  martial  arts,  and  recreation.  Try  a  class  or  two  in   yoga,  boot  camp,  swimming,  tennis,  Zumba,  ballet,  or  even  SCUBA   certification!  We  also  offer  many  other  programs  including  the  ever-­‐so-­‐popular  Group  Ex   program,  intramurals,  sport  clubs,  personal  training,  and  informal  fitness  &  recreation  at   any  one  of  our  three  on-­‐campus  facilities.       Take  a  look  at  our   website  and  our  non-­‐ credit  class  schedule   as  you  are  sure  to  find   something  that  moves   you!                     • Recreation  Class   Schedule: chedule.php     • Non-­‐Credit  Registration  (available  starting   1/2/14):     • More  information  on  all  of  our  recreation   programs:,  619-­‐260-­‐4533,      

Yoga Inversion Workshop Flip your perspective and Give yourself the time to


,& !

December 8th 5-6:15 pm SC 109 $8 per person *Must Register by December 6th

To Register & for more info., visit:

What’s Your Vision for a Sustainable USD? Join the Office of Sustainability for the second annual Green Gathering. This is a chance for the USD community to gather and discuss sustainability issues on campus.! Together we can all move forward as sustainable Toreros!!

Tuesday December 10, 2013 Register to

4:00pm-5:00pm O’Toole’s Snacks Provided! !

A Message from Asian Students In Action: Watch our video, “Not On Mime Watch” and stay tuned for our holiday channel. http://

Hi. I am the producer of the short film, “Not On Mime Watch” for Asian Students In Action. I am passionate about suicide awareness and intervention. I would like to reach out to those who have survived the suicide of a friend or loved one. I want you to know, you are not alone. This is a kind reminder for you to be mindful of self-care. During the holidays, there is something in you that the world needs. Remember, You are a light of hope.

Yazmin Saadatzadeh

A S I A Asian Students In Action (ASIA) of the University of San Diego

iPortfolio Learn how to create a Career Portfolio to market yourself in a competitive market.

Monday, Dec. 9th at 10:00 AM Location To Be Announced: Please RSVP For Location

Presentation by Ruthie Inacay of Inacay Communications and Staff Writer for The Millionaire Girls' Movement RSVP BY EMAILING RUTHIE AT: or call at 619-715-6667 Visit our website at:

USD Torero  Store  ~ Loma  Hall  (619)  260-­‐4551   ANNUAL  CHRISTMAS  SALE Thursday,  December  12,  Store  closed  until  sale  begins  at  11  a.m. Save  up  to  25%  Storewide!*  Enjoy  holiday  refreshments  while  shopping.     *Items  exempt  from  discounts:  Computer  Hardware,  Software,  Ink  Supplies,  Magazines,  Course   Materials  and  Diploma  Frames   Holiday  Break  Hours  of  Operation:     The  Holiday  Schedule,  starting  on  December  21,  for  all  Auxiliary  Locations  is  available  on  our  Hours   page:   USD  Dining  ~   ANNUAL  CHRISTMAS  DINNER       A  USD  Tradition,  Pavilion  Dining,  SLP             Thursday,  December  12,  4:30  –  9  pm           $13.65 La  Gran  Terraza  ~ Hahn  University  Center  (619)  849-­‐8205   CHAMPAGNE  TASTINGS           Fridays,  December  6  &  20,  5  -­‐  7  pm,  O'Toole's           Featuring  Chateau  Ste.  Michelle  Winery.  Tastes  start  at  $15.95. HOLIDAY  HIGH  TEA   Sunday,  December  8,  12  pm,  $22.50,  with  Live  Pianist   BRUNCH  WITH  SANTA             Sunday,  December  15           Seatings  at:  10  am  or  12:30  pm             Complimentary  glass  of  champagne  for  adults,  free  photo  with  Santa  and  cookie  decorating   for  the  kids.  $38.50  adults,  $18.50  per  child  6-­‐12,  (5  &  under  are  complimentary  with  paid   adult). CHRISTMAS  LUNCH  BUFFET  with  Victorian  Carolers          

Tuesday, December  17,  11:30  am  –  1:30  pm,  $14.25  per  person PRIME  RIB  BUFFET  DINNERS  with  Victorian  Carolers           Wednesdays,    5  -­‐  9  pm,  $26.95  per  person     December  4,  Pacific  Northwest       December  11,  Southern     December  18,  New  England  

3rd Annual  El  Salvador  Solidarity  Supper  and  Silent  Auction   Sponsored  by  University  Ministry’s  Romero  Immersion  Program       When:  Wednesday,  December  4,  7  –  8:30  pm   Where:  UC  Forum  C   Cost:  $5  (Campus  Cash  Accepted)   Menu:  This  is  a  simple  supper  in  solidarity  with  Salvadorans.    Therefore,  we  will  be  sharing  tortillas,   rice,  and  beans.    There  will  be  plenty  of  food,  and  no  one  will  leave  hungry.    W e  invite  you  to  enter  into   this  experience  to  be  in  community  with  us  and  with  those  we  will  meet  in  El  Salvador.   Event:  In  addition  to  the  supper,  there  will  be  a  presentation  from  past  student  participants  about  the  El   Salvador  Romero  Immersion  Program,  as  well  as  a  silent  auction,  art  show,  and  a  raffle.  

100%  of  the  proceeds  from  this  event  will  support  the   El  Salvador  Romero  Immersion       The  El  Salvador  Solidarity  Supper  and  Silent  Auction  has  three  aims.         First,  it  is  a  fundraiser  for  the  9  participants  of  the  El  Salvador  Romero  Immersion  Program,  a  12-­‐day   immersion  for  both  graduates  and  undergraduates  over  January  Intersession.    Students  will  explore   issues  of  faith,  justice,  and  solidarity,  while  living  among  and  learning  from  the  people  of  El  Salvador.     The  cost  per  student  is  $1800  –  however,  University  Ministry  does  not  want  this  cost  to  be  prohibitive.     This  event  allows  students  to  fundraise  and  make  the  trip  possible.       Second,  University  Ministry,  through  the  student-­‐led  El  Salvador  Supper,  seeks  to  educate  the  campus   community  about  the  political,  cultural,  economic,  and  religious  realities  of  Salvadorans  today.    This  will   happen  through  the  stories  and  shared  experiences  of  students,  as  well  as  through  the  embodied  act  of   eating  in  solidarity  with  the  poor  of  El  Salvador.    We  seek  to  create  an  empowered  and  educated   community  wider  than  only  the  2014  participants.    We  invite  former  participants,  interested  students,   faculty,  and  staff  to  become  part  of  the  dialogue.         Finally,  this  event  is  designed  with  Salvadorans  at  its  heart.    Because  the  Romero  Immersion  Program  is   not  a  service  trip  in  a  traditional  sense,  it  challenges  participants  to  carry  the  lives  of  Salvadorans  with   them,  sharing  the  faces  and  voices  of  those  who  have  been  historically  marginalized  and  oppressed.     This  year,  we  will  include  Salvadoran  stories  through  original  art  by  Elaine  Denny.       How  you  can  help:     • Attend  this  event  and  bring  friends,  family,  and  colleagues  with  you.       • Donate  items  to  the  silent  auction.    No  donation  is  too  small  -­‐  every  donation  is  appreciated.       • Bid  on  silent  auction  items  and  buy  raffle  tickets  at  the  event.       • Make  a  tax-­‐deductible  donation  of  any  amount.    Use  the  electronic  donation  link  on  the  UM   homepage.    Your  generosity  is  appreciated  –  this  immersion  would  not  happen  without  you!      

Fundraising Goal:  Because  the  total  cost  of  this  trip  is  almost  $20,000  (around  $1800  per   person),  our  fundraising  goal  for  this  event  is  $4000.    If  our  goal  is  met,  each  student  would   receive  more  than  $400  to  help  support  their  fundraising  efforts  for  this  immersion.        

Graduate and Law Student News & Views  

December 2013

Graduate and Law Student News & Views  

December 2013