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* The Graduate Student Council invites you to join in the Fat Taco Tuesday Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life. Tuesday, March 4, 2014 from 5-7p.m. in Buddy Sala (main lobby of Mother Rosalie Hill Hall) Please RSVP: 6uHLgEbzs-ObCoswrH-GIq4_uSfMiJzA/viewform * The GSC will be holding elections for the 2014-2015 academic year next month. If you are interested or would like more information please email Karen Friedlander at * GSC meetings are open to the entire graduate community. The next meeting is Monday, March 17 2014 at 6 p.m. in room Hahn 106

Save the Date! Friday, April 11, 2014 Tickets will be available for purchase Monday, March 17, 2014 1 Student  Ticket  $30  

1 Student  &  1  Guest  Ticket  $70  

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Join the Graduate Student Council for the annual GSC Padres game.

Tuesday, 3/4

Wednesday, 3/5

Fat Taco Tuesday Fundraiser for Relay For Life

Ash Wednesday Mass

5-7 p.m. MRHH Buddy Sala

Thursday, 3/6

Friday, 3/7

March of the Toreros

Writing Center Retreat And 3/21

12:15-2 p.m. See AD below

12:15 p.m. or 9 p.m. Founders Chapel  

Friday, 3/21 Wednesday, 3/12

Thursday, 3/13


Networking Alumni Happy Hour

Conversations with Carmen

See more information below

Saturday, 3/22 3rd Annual Black Alumni Brunch See AD below to RSVP

6 p.m. (24 hours) Mission Field

1-2 p.m. SLP Dining

5:30 p.m. O’Toole’s

12:30-5 p.m. MRH 133

Monday, 3/24 “Prayer: Our Deepest Longing” 7 p.m. Shiley Theater Camino Hall

Tuesday, 3/25

Thursday, 3/27

Thursday, 3/27

Graduate Commons Lunch

“The Vatican Diaries”

Belly Dance Class 8-9 p.m. Mission Café Exercise Room

March is Women’s History Month! Have a safe and happy Spring Break!

12:30 p.m. SLP 401

7 p.m. Shiley Theater Camino Hall

Partnership with University Ministry Theology on Tap: (7- 8:30p.m. SLP RM401) 3/27, 4/24 Tijuana Service Trips: 4/5, 5/3 Contact info for Graduate Student Ministry Mark Peters at

March 10-14 For more information about the events and programs please visit

Graduate Student Highlight Leticia Corona is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, International Relations masters program. She has been working at the U.S.-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership supporting the development of the Border Philanthropy Partnership’s new data project, “The U.S.-Mexico Data Collaboration Project,” for almost 2 years. Currently, she is interning at the Trans-Border Institute working on issues related to Sustainable Economic Development in the San Diego-Baja California region. Below is an article Leticia wrote for JMP. ****

As violence against journalists continues in Mexico, Justice in Mexico Contributor Leticia Corona sat down with Adela Navarro, the general director of the Tijuana based Zeta newsmagazine, to discuss the ongoing issue that undermines her profession and endangers the livelihood of her and her colleagues. Navarro discussed her work as a female journalist in Mexico; how Zeta’s reporting has pressured the government to design and implement efficient strategies to combat organized crime and violence in Mexico; and her frustrations with former President Felipe Calderón’s (2006-2012) militarized public security strategy that continues under current President Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018).

Adela Navarro (left) meets with Justice in Mexico Contributor Leticia Corona (right) to discuss violence against journalists in Mexico. Photo: Justice in Mexico.

Navarro also spoke of the issue of press censorship in Mexico, caused by government and criminal organization pressures. She recognized the reality faced by her peers, and the “numerous media outlets that have published and said they are no longer going to cover or conduct investigations related to organized crime and drug trafficking.” Yet Zeta has defied censoring itself, even in the face of danger. Navarro explained, “In Zeta’s case, what we did to help protect our reporters after the death of Zeta’s co-founder Jesus Blancornelas in 2006 is we started signing our stories like “Investigation of Zeta.” In reality, it is a team who is working on the stories about organized crime and drug trafficking, and not one single person. That way we do not expose our reporters. This has not prevented threats or attacks… but fortunately, nothing [too serious] has happened… At times we have had personal bodyguards from the Mexican military or the federal police. We just try to convey more responsible journalism every time, and each time more committed to protecting ourselves.” Navarro began her work as a journalist with an interest in social justice, and a desire to serve the Mexican people. She has worked for 23 years at Zeta, and continues to be driven as a journalist to work for the greater good in bringing peace and justice to her country. She also acknowledges that Mexico’s challenges are a shared U.S.-Mexico responsibility, and therefore continues to work towards eliminating the impunity that plagues both countries. A prominent and well-recognized journalist, she has received the Committee to Protect Journalists’ International Press Freedom award (2007), and been named in Foreign Policy Magazine’s “Top 100 Global Thinkers” (2012) and Forbes Magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Mexico” (2012, 2013), among others. **** The Justice in Mexico Project (JMP) is the continuation of a collaborative research initiative entitled the Project on Reforming the Administration of Justice in Mexico and launched by Wayne Cornelius and David Shirk at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies of University of California, San Diego (2002-2005). In 2005, David Shirk relocated the project and its funding to the Trans-Border Institute of the University of San Diego, which became the host institution for this multi-year research project on the administration of justice and the rule of law in Mexico until 2013. Now a free standing program based at the University of San Diego, the Justice in Mexico Project continues to promote analysis, dialogue, and policy solutions to address a variety of urgent problems related to security and violence, transparency and accountability, and justice and human rights issues in Mexico and the U.S.-Mexican border region.

The 5th annual RELAY FOR LIFE of USD will be held on March 21st to the 22nd on the Valley Field starting at 6PM. The 24-hour fundraiser will raise money for cancer awareness, education, patient services, and research. This USD tradition is a powerful opportunity to bring together the whole community as we celebrate and remember those who have been affected by this disease. There will be a Survivor’s Ceremony, Luminaria Ceremony, food, activities, entertainment, and so much more! Last year we had an impressive showing of over 750 participants to raise over $40,000, but this year we will continue to fight harder against a disease that has taken too much. To find out more information or to sign up please visit our official RFL page at **If you are a survivor or know of one, please contact us at:

Looking for a team to join? The Graduate Student Council started a team that is open to all graduate and law students. Use the link below to join the team. All are welcome to join: students and partners, faculty and staff, as well as friends and family. You can attend the event for just a few minutes or stay for the entire 24 hours! Your involvement for as long as it may be will make a difference. If you are unable to make it to the event and would like to be a part of the fight and make a donation you can do so as well by following the link. We hope to see you there! Â

Scholarships Available  through  the  Alumni   Association!  Applications  are  due  March  10,  2014 aspx?sid=1374&gid=2&pgid=370   Join fellow School of Business Alumni at this special NETWORKING happy hour in O’Toole’s on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. All USD alumni are invited to attend. This evening spent together with fellow graduates will be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with our alma mater, meet with other local business leaders and those interested in networking, and learn about what's happening at USD and within the School of Business. Happy hour drink specials will be available between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Choose from wine and an array of local, craft beers featuring Stone Brewing Co. Light tapas and your first drink will be hosted by the School of Business Administration and the USD Alumni Association if you're pre-registered through this online system. We look forward to seeing you!

3rd Annual  Black  Alumni  Brunch Saturday,  March  22  |  Students  welcome! 144&crid=0&calpgid=544&calcid=1219   Connecting  with  Alumni  April  11  |  Save  the  date  for  Take  a  Torero  to  Lunch,  the   Alumni  Association’s  annual  student-­‐alumni  networking  luncheon. Contact  Sarah  Zakaria,  Associate  Director  of  Alumni  Relations,  at  for  information.  

Clear the  Clutter      

USD's E-­‐Waste  Collection  Center   Items  that  you  can  donate    

Visit the  USD  E-­‐Waste  Collection  Center  at  5330  Linda  Vista  Road  Monday   to  Saturday  from  9  a.m.  -­‐  4  p.m.  and  open  late  until  6  p.m.  on  Wednesdays!    

Don't have  any  used  electronics?  Alumni  can  learn  more  about  the  impact  of   any  gift  at    

Coed Grad/Law  IM  Softball  is  off  to  a  flying  start  in  February  with  18  teams  battling  for  the  coveted   USD  Championship  Trophy  and  t-­‐shirts.    Returning  champions,  "The  North  Koreans,"  are  undefeated   thus  far,  but  have  faced  stiff  competition  thus  far  including  a  brand  new  spring  team,  "The  Dirty   Briefs."    The  North  Koreans  needed  a  last  inning  walk-­‐off  hit  to  secure  the  victory  against  the  new   addition  to  league  in  week  one.    Last  season's  runners  up,  "Low  Expectations,"  have  crushed  their   opening  two  opponents,  "Sandlawt"  and  "Intentional  Battery"  en  route  to  the  league's  highest  run   differential  thus  far  of  +27.    This  spring  semester  marks  the  final  season  for  many  of  our  participants   as  they  plan  on  graduating  in  May.    We  have  already  seen  a  triple  play,  a  325-­‐foot  homerun  and  a  1-­‐ inch  single.    With  a  new  team  in  the  mix  and  the  late-­‐game  drama  at  historically  high  levels,  this   season  looks  to  be  one  of  the  most  unpredictable  yet.    Grad/Law  Softball  plays  Thursday  nights  from   7-­‐11pm  down  at  Manchester  Field,  come  check  out  the  excitement  for  your  self!  

Grad/Law Fitness  &  Wellness  Opportunities   Campus  Recreation  offers  more  than  just  Intramural  Softball.  Check  out  our  other  programs  such  as   Recreation  classes,  USDFIT  Group  Ex,  Personal  Training,  informal  fitness  in  one  of  our  three  centers,   and  so  much  more.    Check  out  the  Campus  Recreation  website  for  more  information:       Also,  don’t  forget  to  checkout  our  amazing  wellness  workshop  opportunities  (see  below).    Workshops   are  a  great  way  to  explore  your  inner-­‐self  and  focus  on  your  mind-­‐body-­‐spirit  connection.       1. Advanced  Yoga  Workshop     a. Balance  your  body  and  your  mind  in  this  special  workshop  series.  As  you  go  through  an   athletic  Vinyasa  flow,  the  instructor  will  also  guide  you  in  specific  balance  postures  and   inversions  to  dive  you  deeper  in  to  your  practice!  At  least  4  months  (one  semester)  of   yoga  experience  is  needed  to  participate.  Class  is  a  series  but  take  one  night  or  ALL   nights!  Your  choice!  $8  per  class   b. Sundays  6-­‐7:20pm  (remember,  you  can  register  for  just  one  night  or  take  as  many  as   you  like):    3/2,  3/9,  3/23,  3/30,  4/6  and  4/13   c. Must  register  online  for  your  desired  class  by  the  Friday  before  the  listed  class  date.     d. Flyer: g   2. Belly  Dancing  Workshop   a. Let  your  inner  spirit  shine  in  this  special  one-­‐night  workshop!  This  class  will  not  only  be   fun  and  a  great  workout,  but  it  will  also  teach  you  about  body  awareness  through   isolated  movement  and  help  improve  concentration  through  continuous  coordinated   rhythmic  motion.    No  previous  dance  experience  is  needed  to  take  this  class.     b. Tuesday  3/25  8-­‐9pm,  $8  per  person   c. Must  register  on-­‐line  by  3/24  (SPACE  IS  LIMITED  TO  FIRST  15)   d. Flyer: op.pdf     3. Poetry  of  Yoga  Workshop   a. Let  loose  your  inner  yogi  with  this  special  one-­‐night  spoken  word  workshop!   Participants  will  enjoy  a  Vinyasa  flow  series  mixed  in  with  spoken  word  poetry  about   the  mind,  body  and  breath  connection.  Open  to  all  yoga  levels  (no  prior  yoga  experience   necessary).       b. Tuesday  4/29,  8-­‐9:15pm,  $8  per  person   c. Must  register  online  by  4/28  (SPACE  IS  LIMITED  TO  FIRST  15)   d. Flyer: pfinal.pdf       How  to  Register  for  a  Workshop:   • • • •

Visit:     Select  your  workshop  under  section  #4  (special  events)   Compete  registration  page   Complete  payment  page  

Save the  Dates  for  this  Semester’s  La  Gran  Terraza’s  Offerings    

La Gran  Terraza  is  USD’s  own  California  bistro  located  on  the  upper  level  of  the  Hahn  University   Center.  Open  for  lunch  Monday-­‐Friday  11:30  am  –  1:30  pm  and  dinner  Tuesday  –  Friday  5  –  9  pm.   O’Toole’s  Lounge  is  also  open  for  lunch  and  dinner  Monday-­‐Friday.  O’Toole’s  is  21  and  over  in  the   evenings  and  features  a  nightly  happy  hour  from  5  –  6:30  pm.      

Sign up  for  the  Terraza  e–newsletter  and  make  a  reservation  via  our  website:,   and  follow  us  on  Facebook  &  Twitter!     WINE  DINNERS   Join  us  for  one  of  our  multi-­‐course  monthly  wine  dinners.  Dinners  are  Tuesday  nights  and  start  with   a  reception  at  6  pm.  $50  per  person.  Call  to  make  a  reservation.  Click  winery  name  below  to  visit   their  website.     March  25  -­‐  Marchesi  Antinori   WINE  TASTINGS   O'Toole's  Wine  Tastings  happen  once  a  month  on  Fridays  from  5  -­‐  7  pm.  $15.95  for  three  tastings,   $19.95  for  four  -­‐  includes  gourmet  cheese  board.     March  7  -­‐  Charles  Krug     PRIME  RIB  NIGHTS   Prime  Rib  Dinner  Buffets  -­‐  now  every  Wednesday  5  –  9  pm!     $21.95  per  person.     Sample  Menu:  Carved  Prime  Rib  with  side  of  Horseradish  Creme  &  Au  Ju,  Garlic  Mashed  Potatoes,   Seasonal  Vegetable,  Fresh  Fish  Entree,  Composed  and  Mixed  Green  Salad,  Soup  du  Jour,  Cheese   and  Fruit  Board,  Assorted  Breads,  House  Made  Desserts      

HOLIDAY LUNCH  BUFFETS   Our  daily  lunch  Buffet  is  $14.25  and  includes  a  beverage  and  dessert.  View  buffet  menus.  We  will   offer  the  following  themed  holiday  buffets  this  spring:       Fat  Tuesday  -­‐  Tues.  March  4     Ash  Wednesday  -­‐  Wed.  March  5     St.  Patrick's  Day  -­‐  Mon.  March  17     Cinco  de  Mayo  -­‐  Mon.  May  5      

SPRING BRUNCHES   Sunday  Special  Event  Brunches:  10  am  -­‐  1:30  pm,  prices  vary       April  20:  Easter  Brunch     May  11:  Mother's  Day     May  25:  USD  Commencement       June  23:  Father's  Day    


Torero Program Board invites you to University of Diversity Weeks' 6th Annual March of the Toreros. Come celebrate each others' uniqueness and march in solidarity against acts of intolerance as one USD community. We will be gathering outside of the Student Life Pavilion at Plaza Mayor starting at 12:15 p.m. and will march towards the Joan B. Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice. Join us for the week's closing ceremony with free food, entertainment and inspiring speeches by our community leaders. For more information please visit

! ! !

ASIA!Sponsors…! National!Day!of!Training:!

Educating!the! Next!Generation!of! Mental!Health!Professionals! about!Military!Mental!Health! ! ! !

! WHAT:!!Live/Stream!Conference! WHEN:!!April!7,!2014,!9am!–!5pm! !!!!!!!All/day!attendance!is!not!required!

WHERE:!!Mother!Rosalie!Hall!(SOLES)! !!!!Warren!Auditorium! TOPICS:!The!Power!of!Art!in!the!Healing!Process;!The!Use!of!Technology!to! Address!the!Issues!That!Affect!Those!Who!Serve!and!Their! Families;!Nontraditional!Approaches!to!Healing;!The!Impact!of! War!on!the!Children!of!Those!Who!Serve;!Engaging!Corporate! Partners!–!Their!Role!in!Addressing!the!Invisible!Wounds!of!War!

! ! !

! ! !

FOOD!and!DRINKS!will!be!provided! All!students!and!faculties!are!welcome!to!join!!

! Contact/RSVP:!!or!!

ASIA stands for Asian Students in Action. Our goal is to support and develop Asian and Asian American graduate students and their allies. We provide an opportunity to create spaces for continued leadership development for our members and for furthering dialog around Eastern cultural perspectives. Our purpose is to enhance educational excellence and compassionate service via a collaborative effort across disciplines in support of the USD community and local constituents.

The Writing Center is hosting two Graduate Writing Retreats for all USD graduate students on Friday, March 7th and Friday, March 21st from 12:30pm5:30pm in MRH 133. The Writing Retreats are designed as focused, quiet writing space for work on large writing projects due this spring semester. We will have tutoring staff present to help work through project questions and generate appropriate writing and editing strategies, and we encourage collaborative work in a focused atmosphere with colleagues in your program and others. Keep an eye out for flyers. Please email the Graduate Outreach Coordinator Jen Lagedrost at to RSVP or ask any questions.

Happy writing!

“The Vatican  Diaries”  Book  Discussion  and  Signing  with  author  John  Thavis   Thursday,  March  27  at  7  p.m.   Shiley  Theatre,  Camino  Hall  

The University  of  San  Diego's  College  of  Arts  and  Sciences  and   Warwick's  present  John  Thavis,  who  will  be  discussing  and  signing  his   book  The  Vatican  Diaries:  A  Behind-­‐the-­‐Scenes  Look  at  the  Power,   Personalities  and  Politics  at  the  Heart  of  the  Catholic  Church  on   Thursday,  March  27  at  7  p.m.  in  USD's  Shiley  Theatre.  Tickets  to  this   event  are  $20  each  and  include  admission  to  the  event,  as  well  as  a   complimentary  copy  of  The  Vatican  Diaries.     RSVP  –  

Cropper  Memorial  Lecture  –  Maxine  Hong  Kingston   Friday,  April  4  at  7  p.m.   KIPJ  Theatre       Maxine  Hong  Kingston  is  Senior  Lecturer  for  Creative  Writing  at  the  University  of  California,   Berkeley.  For  her  memoirs  and  fiction,  The  Fifth  Book  of  Peace,  The  Woman  Warrior,  China   Men,  Tripmaster  Monkey,  I  Love  a  Broad  Margin  to  My  Life  and  Hawai’i  One  Summer,  she   has  earned  numerous  awards,  among  them  the  National  Book  Award,  the  National  Book   Critics  Circle  Award  for  Nonfiction,  the  PEN  West  Award  for  Fiction,  an  American  Academy   of  Arts  and  Letters  Award  in  Literature,  and  a  National  Humanities  Medal  from  the  National   Endowment  for  the  Humanities,  as  well  as  the  title  of  “Living  Treasure  of  Hawai’i.”   RSVP  –     Priti  Gandhi  Concert   Saturday,  May  3  at  7:30  p.m.   Shiley  Theatre,  Camino  Hall     The  College  of  Arts  and  Sciences  and  Department  of  Music  are  proud  to  welcome  world-­‐ renowned  opera  singer  Priti  Ghandi  to  campus.  She  will  be  singing  a  mixed  repertoire  of   American  Songbook,  opera,  Indian  love  songs  and  folk  music.  A  native  of  Mumbai,  India,   Priti  Gandhi  has  been  praised  by  The  New  York  Times  for  her  “creamy  sound  and  agile   coloratura”  while  Opera  Pulse  recently  described  her  voice  as  a  “sparkling  soprano.”   Gandhi’s  career  includes  performances  with  the  Théâtre  du  Châtelet  in  Paris,  New  York  City   Opera,  the  Royal  Opera  House  at  Covent  Garden.   RSVP  –  

Thursday, March  13,  2014   Student  Life  Pavilion   From  1:00-­‐2:00  pm   "Conversations  with  Carmen"  is  a  chance  for  University  of  San  Diego  students  to  sit  down   and  chat  with  Carmen  M.  Vazquez,  vice  president  for  Student  Affairs.  Meet  outside  of  Tu   Mercado  in  the  Student  Life  Pavilion  for  what  is  sure  to  be  an  insightful  conversation.  

In support of the March of the Toreros, the UFMC Community Lunch will now be a part of the March of the Torero’s event.

Thursday, March 6, 2014 Front of IPJ 12:30 p. m.

The United Front Multicultural Center's Community Lunches focus on connecting, informing, and educating students about different cultures and social issues. Come meet the UFMC staff and mingle with new and old friends.

Daily Mass

Ash Wednesday Â

Ash Wednesday Services will be held in Founders Chapel at 12:15 p.m. and 9 p.m. Â

Monday - Friday, 12:15 p.m. Founders Chapel in Founders Hall. Held year-round. Sunday Mass 7:00 p.m. and 9 p.m. Held each Sunday while classes are in session. Mass for Peace Wednesday, 9:00 p.m. Founders Chapel in Founders Hall. Held each Wednesday while classes are in session.

INTRAMURAL SINGLES TENNIS LEAGUE !  Men’s&and&Women’s&leagues& !  Mon&or&Wed,&7211pm& !  Registra8on&deadline:&March&27th&& !  $20&fee&=&unlimited&IM&leagues&all& semester& For$more$informa+on$or$to$register:$,$,$619?260?4275$

Advanced Yoga Workshops This%amazing%workshop%series% guided%by%Sara%Shermis,%is%designed% for%yogis%who%already%have%a% founda:on%in%Power%Flow/Vinyasa% yoga.%This%class%will%guide%you% through%an%athle:c%flow%mixed%with% inversions%and%advanced%poses%to% dive%you%deeper%into%your%prac:ce.%%

•  Sundays:))

•  3/2,)3/9,)3/23,)3/30,) 4/6)&)4/13)

•  647:20pm,)SC)#109) •  $8)per)session) Sign up for one night or all nights!,%619I260I7751%


The Poetry of Yoga Workshop Let loose your inner yogi spirit with this one-night only spoken word yoga workshop. Participants will enjoy a series of yoga Vinyasa flow mixed in with spoken word poetry about the connection between the mind, body & breath.

! Tuesday, 4/29 ! $8 per person ! 8-9:15pm, MFC 108 ! Must register online by 4/28, 619-260-7751

Graduate and Law Student Newsletter  

March 2014

Graduate and Law Student Newsletter  

March 2014