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USDF Awards Programs

USDF Education Programs USDF Awards Programs

opportunities to help GMOs, and their chapters, get their education programs started. Event and grant applications are due to the USDF office at least 60 days prior to the start of the event, with regional/ geographical representation considered for grants.

USDF/USEF YOUNG RIDER GRADUATE PROGRAM This biennial program is a two-day educational seminar that focuses on crucial topics that young adults, ages 20-28, need to know to prepare for a professional career in the equine industry. Topics include goal setting, sponsorship, international competition, and business subjects such as contracts, insurance, and tax practices. These subjects are taught by top professionals in the country to foster strong role models for the future.


This Virtual Education Series hosts education sessions with industry professionals over a variety of dressage and equine education topics for all current members. The Virtual Education Series is USDF University accredited. Virtual sessions are hosted quarterly, with information available on the USDF website. Have you ever wondered, “How does my horse compare with others showing in dressage?” Every year, thousands of owners, and riders, with USDF registered horses, compete for USDF awards and the opportunity to find out where their horses rank against others competing at their level, nationwide.

As part of its mission, USDF offers a variety of award programs to recognize achievement in dressage and dressage sport horse breeding (DSHB). In the USDF awards system, there is a goal for nearly every type and level of riding, starting with the USDF Rider Performance Award for achievement at Training Level, up to the Adequan®/USDF Grand Prix Horse of the Year. Along the way are the popular USDF Rider Medals (gold, silver, and bronze), Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards, and many more. Most USDF awards are based on the quality of a horse’s performance, as demonstrated by scores earned during the competition year. USDF awards are designed to reward horses that consistently earn strong scores, regardless of where they place in a class. USDF promotes and encourages a high standard of accomplishment in dressage throughout the United States. To recognize this high standard, USDF has developed a comprehensive awards program to reward excellence within our sport. USDF encourages all members to strive for excellence, by offering award programs for everyone.


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USDF Awards Programs

To check your scores, visit www.USDFScores.com. Score correction deadline is October 15 at 5:00 pm ET.