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An Advertising Resource for Local Merchants “Bringing Local Merchants and Consumers Together�

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The Internet is the Most Powerful & Cost Effective Marketing Tool available! There are more than 272 million Internet users in North America – there are only 126 million households or about 2.2 identifiable users per household. In rural and small town Missouri more than 80% of households have Internet Service with more than 62% having access to High Speed Internet Service. However, most local businesses are not using the Internet effectively, if at all, to access this extensive marketplace!!

In the past businesses used the internet to reach a national audience, but that is now changing. Local Marketing with the Internet is a rapidly growing trend. How IP Geolocation Can Turn Your Local Marketing On Date: 9/28/2011 Presented by: American Marketing AssociationSpeakers: Miten Sampat, Vice President of Product Strategy, Quova Steven Cook, Chief Marketing Officer, Co-CEO, i.e. healthcare Alli Libb, Moderator, American Marketing Association It's a proven fact that located messages perform better overall but there is a discrepancy when it comes to online ads. Currently, online CPMs are far below their offline counterparts (TV, radio, direct mail) and this correlates to the fact that half of all advertising is bought at the local level but there is no scalable way to reach consumers locally online. For brands, targeting consumers locally is an essential and effective part of marketing as 80% of consumers' disposable income is spent on businesses within 10 miles of their homes. Advertising networks and online properties are boosting efforts to engage in increasingly local campaigns as clients are requesting geographically targeted ads. IP intelligence provides the ability for super-niche targeting, allowing brands to create/provide the most relevant and engaging ads as it provides unique information about web browsers. This increases marketers' ability to reach their customers by targeting both business type, and consumer location. IP intelligence provides geographic, demographic and business information so that brands can effectively reach customers online the way direct mail and billboard ads are used to work offline.

Sharp Shopper’s Club Bringing Local Merchants and Consumers Together

 Run more than 1095 Deal Ads per year-about $0.60 per ad per day.  React immediately to changing market and business conditions. Deals can be changed daily or as needed.  Easily integrated into both long and short term marketing plans.  Unlike sites like Groupon, Living Social and Google Offers – you keep all the money from your sales.  Reports make it easy to track results from your marketing efforts.  Deals are emailed to Consumer Members daily using Push Marketing.  Deals can be shared via Face Book, email and other social media websites.  Deal Ads can be edited and reused.  Photo Library for easy photo management.  FREE user and marketing support.  FREE flyers to promote your Deals on the Sharp Shoppers Club to your customers. 

The Corporation behind the Sharp Shoppers Club has more than 14 years experience successfully marketing businesses on the internet.