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Power of R showcases the value of the REALTOR® organization and the impact of REALTORS® in action.

Finding Independence Outside the Party Line Michelle Del Rosario wants to give people options—and we’re PHOTO: VINCENT DEL ROSARIO

not talking real estate. She’s giving them a choice at the ballot box. Growing increasingly disillusioned with Hawaii’s two-party political system, the principal broker of Maui & Co. Real Estate, Makawao, on the island of Maui, teamed up with former Maui Mayor Charmaine Tavares to form the Hawaii Independent Party. Though HIP is in its infancy (it became official in February), the party has big aspirations: Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann has announced that he will seek the governorship Michelle Del Rosario and former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, left.

in November on the HIP ticket. Del Rosario, the former vice chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, says that HIP “evolved organically” during discussions she had with Tavares. “We asked each other, ‘Do we vote the

political party. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re going to figure it out along the way.” Hannemann says he decided to run for governor as a HIP

party ticket when we go to the election box?’ No, not typically,”

candidate in response to “people’s frustration with the status

Del Rosario recalls. “Today, I could have a larger impact sup-

quo in Hawaii politics. HIP is about Hawaii and putting the inter-

porting a third party. ... Every state has a process to start a new

ests of our people first.”

Grateful for the Support Backing from the REALTORS® Political Action Committee has helped candidates across the country advance the REALTOR® cause. Randy Truitt

Jim Johnston

Gene McLaurin

Member of Indiana

City Councilman

North Carolina

House of Repre-

in Pocatello, Idaho,

State Senator

sentatives, and a

and a REALTOR®

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His big issue:

Reforming laws

His big issue: destigmatizing former

economic development. “REALTORS®

governing real estate restrictions. “I rep-

meth-lab homes. “I’ve appreciated how

should be reflecting the values of the

resent a rural part of North Carolina, and

involved REALTORS® are, especially in

community. They’re in tune with the pulse

the real estate industry is so crucial to our

the political process,” he says, “the way

of the population,” says Johnston, abr,

economic recovery,” he says. “The rural

they come down to testify and reach out

crs, “so when they give me suggestions

areas have not really recovered from the

to do calls for action. The depth at which

for our community, I listen. When those I

downturn. REALTORS® have done a great

REALTORS® are involved in the commu-

do business with every day are willing to

job of seeing the larger picture and not

nity is something that is very important.”

support me in public office, that’s huge.”

just advocating for resort-like areas.”

$8.1M Raised by RPAC in 2013


Number of state and local candidates supported by NAR independent expenditures in 2012–13


Number of REALTOR® candidates supported in the same period

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