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Your Consumer Advertising Campaign will make 4.2 billion consumer impressions in 2014. But those pale in comparison to the one you’ll make in person.

The Voice for Real Estate is speaking. Are you with us? Our “Don’t Hesitate” message is showing consumers that now is the time to make their move in real estate and to make sure they’re working with a REALTOR®. Take advantage of the heavy lifting your ad campaign is doing by leveraging the power of the REALTOR® brand.


It’s easy. All you have to do is identify yourself as a REALTOR® and remember to always wear your REALTOR® pin.

The “Sidelines” campaign will appear as 19,000 TV spots and 3,000 radio spots to make 4.2 billion consumer impressions.

Tell them. Show Them. Wear your REALTOR® pin with pride.

RealtorMag May/June  
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