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Individual Salespeople Sales volume and sides are 2013 figures.


Do What You Love

Hard Work Pays Off

Growing Business Efficiently

In a single day, five years ago, life changed for Ron Mangas Jr. Lying

Janice Overbeck has seen real estate from several vantage

It isn’t sexy, but Sarah Tadlock’s strategy for growing her business

Using a chauffeured Lincoln Town Car during showings might seem

For Ginger Vereen, 27, service comes first, whatever the circum-

face down on the forest floor, blood pouring over

points. Her first job out of college was leasing

has been wildly successful. Tadlock, 28,

like an over-the-top promotional stunt, but

stances. “Each person has specifics unique to

his eyes so that he could see only his mangled

apartments, where she learned what draws peo-

decided she needed to work smarter and faster,

for Rebecca Thomson, sfr, it’s smart business.

them,” says Vereen, who won this year’s 30U30

right arm, he began saying his good-byes. Nearly every bone in his

ple to a home. In 2008 she earned her M.B.A. and moved into a job

so she reviewed every procedure, process, and piece of technology she

Her market area is the city of Chicago, and that mode of transpor-

Web Choice Award by garnering the most online votes among the 50

body was broken. But miraculously, Man-

finding land investments for Morgan Stanley. She

used, then streamlined it all. Tadlock doubled her

tation makes it easier to get around. “It helps

finalists. Vereen is the consummate problem

gas, 29, survived that devastating small plane

did everything from hire civil engineers to

business in 2013. But she’s not slowing her

everyone relax and saves money on parking

solver. For example, one client recently found

crash in the northern Virginia woods. While recovering, he figured

organize developments. In 2009, she switched to selling homes, where her

pace. This year, she’s expanding her target market beyond her

tickets,” she says. More important, high-end touches like luxurious

himself in a legal quandary. His work visa was expiring, and he had to

out that life was about pursuing your passion.

work ethic and attention to detail helped her earn

traditional downtown stomping grounds into

rides and meals at chic restaurants close to her

return to Brazil. He listed his home with Vereen,

He had been successful in condo sales but

loyal clients. Last year, Overbeck, 29, ranked

suburban St. Louis. The shift seems as inevitable

showings help Thomson, 29, attract—and

but the situation was becoming dicey: He was

wanted more. Now he’s immersed in his niche: modern architecture

No. 1 among 275 agents in units sold at her company. It helps that she’s

as her real estate career. Tadlock grew up near a drive-in theater. When

keep—customers. “I want to earn a place in the market for years to

behind on his mortgage and facing foreclosure. She created a transition

and design. In listing videos, he interviews

in regular touch with her sphere. “I invite them

she was quite young, she discovered the roof of

come,” says Thomson, who’s active in philan-

plan. “With the help of an attorney and a lot of

architectural experts and points out the bene-

to parties, send a gift when a baby is born, and

her house had a terrific view of the screen. “Even

thropy and recently won an award for service to

perseverance, we were able to get short-sale

fits of thoughtful design. “If it’s what you love, you do it,” he says.

randomly bring people to lunch,” she says. “People remember me.”

then, I suppose, I knew location was everything,” she says.

her local association. “I want to be my clients’ REALTOR® for life.”

approval,” she says, and her grateful client was on his way home.

Ron Mangas Jr.

Janice Overbeck

Sarah Tadlock

Rebecca Thomson

Ginger Vereen

TTR Sotheby’s International Realty, Washington, D.C.

Atlanta Fine Homes, Sotheby’s International Realty, Atlanta

Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty, St. Louis

Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty, Chicago

Keller Williams Preferred Realty, Raleigh, N.C.

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$6.3 million individual volume

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$11.6 million individual volume

34 individual sides

$24.5 million individual volume

on 34 individual sides

on 43 individual sides

Service With Style

It’s All About Them

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