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Individual Salespeople Sales volume and sides are 2013 figures.


Numbers Guy Finds His Niche

Providing the Personal Touch

‘The 24/7 Agent’

Doing Right by Clients

His ‘Real’ Calling

Jordan Bennett, sfr, was burned out after

Last year, Krista Clark ate 294 Dairy Queen

Stefan Doerrfeld, 28, won’t hold an open

If Kathryn Early doesn’t have an answer

Before Ivan Estrada, 29, started in real

four years as a CPA at a Big Four accounting

Blizzards, rang the bell for the Salvation

house on the weekend. “Buyers have access

for her clients, she’ll do whatever it takes to find

estate, his career felt less than

firm. A friend talked to him about real estate sales, and he decided

Army at Christmas, and graduated with a double major in accounting and

to listing information 24/7,” says Doerrfeld. “Why would they wait

it. That, she says, goes a lot further with clients than any qualification

fulfilling. Working as an accountant, he considered himself a

to try it part-time. After his first open house

business administration. Oh, and she also sold

until Sunday to see a house?” Doerrfeld hosts

on her résumé. Early, 29, was raised with

“puppet in a well-oiled machine,” he says. “I

netted two transactions, he quit his job. Friends

$13.1 million in real estate. She shares both

virtual open houses; online, each listing has a

what she calls an “oldschool mentality”—a

never felt like I was making a difference

discouraged him from the move because the market in 2009 was

the silly and the serious accomplishments with clients as a way

detailed tour, produced by a professional videographer. And

work ethic grounded in self-motivation and respect for others. The

in my community. My skills were not being focused toward

extremely soft. Bennett, 29, was undeterred. “It’s

to personalize her business relationships.

he remains on call— always—for private

first in her family to attend college, she still

something meaningful.” He entered real estate

always either a buyer’s market or a seller’s

An investment property specialist, Clark tailors

showings. He launched his trademarked brand,

attends classes at the Northeast REALTORS®

in May 2010. One month later, when he closed

market, so there’s always opportunity,” he says. With his

information to individual clients, avoiding “onesize-fits-all” material.

“The 24/7 Agent,” in July 2013 and says it helped him achieve a

Association, where she’s also on the professional standards

his first deal, his career path became clear. “When I handed those

accounting background, he’s quick with numbers.

“What’s important to retail investors may

48 percent increase in sales last year

committee. Early strives to stay at the

keys to my first-time buyer, the first thing

He’s also fluent in Spanish, having studied

be a waste of time to multifamily investors,”

compared with 2012. Determined not to lose

forefront of the industry and give her clients the

I noticed were the tears that filled her

in Buenos Aires for a year during college. Both skills have been career

says Clark, 29. “I never want to get to a point where potential

a potential customer, day or night, he even invested in solar-

best information they can get. “New home owners really look for

eyes,” Estrada says. “At that instant, I was so overcome with

assets.“You never know which of your

clients disregard my correspondence

powered LED lighting for his yard signs to make

the gamut of advice,” says Early. “They look

emotion and completely humbled by the whole

experiences will come together to set you up

because they assume it’s not of interest to

sure the “Open 24/7” signage could be seen,

to you to do the right thing, so there’s a lot of

experience, and I knew that this was my

for success,” he says.


well, 24/7.



Jordan Bennett

Krista Clark

Stefan Doerrfeld

Kathryn Early

Ivan Estrada

Keller Williams,

Century 21 Signature,

Coldwell Banker Hedges Corridor,

Coco, Early & Associates,

Keller Williams Realty-Sunset,

Laguna Hills, Calif. [ ]

Newton, Iowa [ ]

Cedar Rapids, Iowa [ ]

Methuen, Mass. [ ]

Los Angeles [ ]

$24.5 million individual volume on 45 individual sides

$13.1 million individual volume on 31 individual sides

$11.2 million individual volume on 73 individual sides

$7.8 million individual volume on 47 individual sides

$7.1 million individual volume on 11.5 individual sides



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