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voices readers Keeping It Real

someone I was not and did not really find

Where is gri? gri is at the grassroots

Kudos to Leigh Brown for such a refresh-

true success until I was myself. I hear

level of promoting professionalism and

ing article (“Forget the Facade,” March/

so many agents saying “You don’t want

does not require an annual renewal fee.

April 2014, page 16). In our industry, it

to post anything political on Facebook

My hat is off to licensees who aspire to

seems like we spend most of our time

since it may cost you business.” My views

obtaining a gri as a basis for considering

catering to others’ needs. We are told to

(and my profession) are very front and

themselves a professional. Most brokers

emit a bland, professional exterior. Stay

center. I never shy away from a (respect-

don’t take the time to teach the basics

neutral. Don’t get personal. I say bull

ful) debate on religion or politics. Never

these licensees can learn in gri classes.

honky. My business is 100 percent refer-

have I lost business from it. People want

ral. My existing clients know exactly who

to know who you are, not who you are

they are referring, and my new clients

not. Leigh Brown nails it.

know exactly who is going to show up.

Scott R. Bader, crb, gri, Coldwell Banker,

Cami Pinsak, Realty ONE Group Summit,

The Real Estate Group Inc.

Ventura, Calif.

Fish Creek, Wisc.

Cindy Lynch, crs, gri, Prudential Lynch Realty, Ruidoso, N.M.

Editor’s Note: In an article whose main focus was NAR’s affiliated societies, institutes, and councils, unfortunately, we did not have space to discuss all of

You don’t have to hide yourself away. I

Shout-Out to GRI

NAR’s 11 designations and certifications.

loved Leigh Brown’s “Top of Mind” article

I read the article on affiliate organiza-

So thank you for this shout-out to GRI.

about forgetting the facade. When I

tions and designations (“Dig Deeper, Get

See the full list at

first started 29 years ago, I tried to be

Smarter,” March/April, 2014, page 38).


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Book Smart, Biz Smart

business reader who credits The One

For this 30 Under 30 issue, we sought

Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan as

input from a guest editor who can fully

the book that helped him break through

appreciate the aspirations of today’s

his own ceiling. Spain, 42, was never one

rising stars in real estate. Mark Spain

to follow the herd. During the housing

(seated) was an ambitious 28-year-old

downturn when competitors were cutting

RE/MAX sales associate near Atlanta

agents and marketing expenses, he

when he was selected as a member of

doubled his spending on local radio ads

the inaugural 30 Under 30 class in 2000.

and ultimately quadrupled his billboard

He was singled out then for growing his

exposure (from 9 to 36 today). He also

team’s annual sales volume

committed his team to becoming short-

from $40 million to $62 million

sales experts. When he visited our offices

in three years. Today he leads a

in April, Spain applauded the entrepre-

41-person Keller Williams team

neurial spirit of this year’s 30 Under 30

that notched an astounding

class. The ones who keep ascending, he

$264 million in sales in 2013,

says, are those who’ll reject limiting be-

making it KW’s top-producing

liefs. “You need a big vision,” he says. “The

team in the nation. “I’ve always

way to get ahead is not by chasing bright,

had a drive to win,” says Spain, an avid



shiny objects.”


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