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Take Pride in Your Power Pamela Geurds Kabati is publisher and senior vice president of communications.


lic policies favor home ownership and

media footprint—the amount of

real estate investment; maintain NAR’s

engagement it receives across social

leadership role in real estate data and

media channels—is 1.4 million people,

information; and demonstrate the value

up 75% from a year ago and stronger

REALTORS® bring to the real estate trans-

than that of any other real estate–

action and to their communities.

related organization.

The thousands of REALTORS® who

o you know how powerful you

NAR’s weekly radio show, Real Estate

are attending the REALTOR® Party

Today, is heard on more than 200 sta-

Association of REALTORS®, you

Convention and Trade Expo in Washing-

tions in all 50 states and has a monthly

stand shoulder to shoulder with more

ton, D.C., this May are an example of the

listenership of 7.5 million people.

than 1 million REALTORS® who help

Power of R in action. You can keep up

people achieve the American dream of

with all the latest happenings from the

If that’s not enough to get your

property ownership. You represent a 106-

REALTOR® Party Convention at live

REALTOR® pride going, I’d urge you to

year tradition of looking out for the best Learn more about the

take a look at the latest NAR Annual

interests of America’s property owners.

Power of R and show your pride by visit-

Report. Search for “2013 Annual Report”

You adhere to a strict code of ethics in

ing, and download

at There you can get an even

your business. In your community,

one of the customizable banners to use

broader sense of the Power of R.

your state, and your region, you are

on your Facebook page. Here are some things you may not

part of the chorus of NAR members who help make the REALTOR® organization

know about the Power of R:

The Voice for Real Estate®.


I hope you will be part of the Power of R and take pride in that power every day. Share your stories on Facebook and Twit-

NAR’s media communications efforts

ter using #PowerofR. Or reach out to

Are you feeling proud? I hope so. For

in 2013 garnered more than 93 billion

REALTOR® Magazine senior editor Gra-

nearly 25 years, I’ve had the privilege of

impressions in the mainstream media

ham Wood (, who’s

working with REALTORS® to help them

with a publicity value of approximately

writing incredible Power of R stories

amplify their role as The Voice for Real

$53 million. That’s what NAR would

for the magazine’s back page and the

Estate®. The latest effort on this front is

have had to spend to receive the same

website. Check out the latest stories at

our Power of R campaign.

level of media exposure through paid whenever you need


some inspiration or a reminder of how

The REALTOR® organization’s social

powerful you are.

What is the Power of R? It’s all of you working together to ensure that pub-


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