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Finding the Right Swimsuit Fit for Your Body Type No matter what body type you have, you can look good in a swimsuit; you just have to find the right swimsuit fit for your body type. Every woman has areas on her body that she doesn’t like, it could be she feel her hips are too wide, she doesn’t like her tummy, maybe she doesn’t like her bust line because she feels it’s too big or even too small, or she would just like to find a bathing suit that shows off the curves she has to her advantage. However, women tend to forget about the great things about their bodies, perhaps long legs or a tiny waist. If you take the time to accentuate the positive and detract attention from the negative you will find yourself in a swimsuit that will look great, make you feel great, and get you many compliments. Let’s look at a few examples and how the right bathing suit will make you look more proportioned and balanced for any body type. To show off a few curves, in an otherwise straight body with a smaller bust line, you want to look for swimsuits that will create waistline definition, such as shirring at the waist. To maximize the bust, look for things in the bust area like a cutout or embroidery to dress up that area. To minimize a bust line, look for bathing suits that de-emphasize the area by having accents away from the bust area. Things like color blocking above the bust and princess seams will draw the eyes away from the bust. Adding a small skirt to the suit can also de-emphasize the bust and offer proportionality to any figure. Shopping for DD cup swimsuits can be a nightmare unless you know these tricks to minimize the look in order to accentuate something else. If you have a shorter torso you may want to look at princess seams and vertical stripes that give the appearance of height. If you also want to whittle your waist you can look at swimsuits with shirring at the waist that will give a smaller appearance. The two things that every swimsuit shows off are your legs. To make your legs look as beautifully long as possible, look at bathing suits that have a higher cut to the legs giving the appearance of a longer leg line. If you are a little bottom heavy, bathing suits with dark colors on the bottom will make you appear smaller. An allover slimming swimsuit is the most popular for many women. A few things to watch for in order to make this work the best are shirring at the waist, a darker bottom than top, and details that accentuate the bust line rather than the tummy area or the back. Slimming swimsuits also come in the higher leg, which makes a longer leaner appearance suitable for all women who like the leggy look. Written by Andi Beark. Courtesy of