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Summer in coming, Summer is coming! Slip on your swimming suit and take a stroll through the sprinklers, winter is long gone and spring has given way to the golden sunny pleasures of Summer. Father's Day is just around the corner and baseball season is in full swing, time for fun! This month Welcome Home magazine brings you the 411 on pools. How many types are there? How in the world do you keep one clean? Find out in our pages! Want to have lots of water fun this summer but worried about keeping your kids and four legged friends safe? Got you covered! Discover the origins of Father's Day and delve into the nutritional mysteries of the Acai berry all while learning how to make a tasty snack perfect for any Dad. Please enjoy this issue of the magazine! Have a splendid June, and as always, Welcome Home!

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Welcome Home! Table of Contents 4

Recipe And Design A tasty recipe and a stylish home design how to.

5 The Importance of Pool Safety! How to keep your self and children safe. 6

Dog Water Safety Essentials Keep your canine friends cool and safe this summer.

Welcome Home is for entertainment purposes only. The advise contained therein is not in anyway intended to substitute for that of trained professionals. Please read responsibly.

In The Kitchen. Savory Goodness: Cheesy Gift’s for Dad


Health and Wellness. Acai Berries - The new super food on the block.


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Cleaning Your Pool

Tips to keep it in pristine condition.

Types Of Pools Find the pool that’s best for you!


Baseball Q&A Baseball facts you may not have known.


How Did Father’s Day Start Anyway? One woman’s love for her father sparked a new holiday.


Products To Love! Hot trends and technological wonders of tomorrow.


City Spotlight Anaheim, CA - Home of Disneyland, and so much more!


DIY Project - June

Pretty and Witty - Quote Clutch


Businesses That Make A Difference REI, instilling a love of nature in the next generation.

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Recipe and Design Honey Barbecue Chicken

Ingredients: Vegetable cooking spray 6 bone-in chicken breasts 8 chicken drumsticks Honey Barbecue Sauce Coat food grate with cooking spray; place on grill over medium-high heat (350° to 400°). Place chicken on grate, and grill, covered, 5 to 10 minutes on each side. Reduce heat to low (under 300°); grill, covered, 40 to 50 minutes for breasts and 30 to 40 minutes for drumsticks or until done. Brush with 1 cup Honey Barbecue Sauce during last 10 minutes of grilling. Serve with remaining 1 cup sauce. Honey BBQ Sauce: 1/4 cup butter or margarine $ 1 medium onion, diced (about 1 cup) $ 1 cup ketchup $ 1/3 cup water 1/4 cup honey 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce $ 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper Melt butter in small saucepan over medium heat; add onion, and sauté 4 to 5 minutes or until tender. Stir in ketchup and remaining ingredients; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer, uncovered, 5 minutes. Store leftover sauce in refrigerator up to 1 week. Southern Living, September 2004

6-in-1 Photo Cubes

These custom photo cubes have six images to share. It's easy to rearrange the cubes to show a new image, or rotate the cubes for a fun collage.

What You’ll Need: •

• • • • • •

Six photographs or laser prints, 16 x 20 inches each (Tip: To save money, use the tile function in photo-editing software and print the 4x4-inch images on a color laser printer.) Twenty 4-x-4-inch wood cubes (find online or at woodworking shops) Spray adhesive Spray sealer Straightedge Pencil Crafts knife

How to Make It: 1.



Use a straightedge and a pencil to mark 4-inch squares on the back of each image; use the crafts knife to cut out the squares. You'll use one square from each image on each cube. Spray the back of a square with spray adhesive and attach to a cube, smoothing out any air bubbles. Repeat with the remaining 4-x-4s of that image, one to a cube. Repeat with all photos. Seal the cubes with matte spray sealer (you also can brush on clear sealer or decoupage medium). Courtesy of Better Homes and

The Importance Of Pool Safety Pool safety is a large concern in America. Each year, thousands of children die from drowning.  Many drowning deaths occur in residential swimming pools.  That is why it is important that you not only understand the importance of pool safety, but you also understand how to implement it. Unfortunately, when it comes to pool safety, there are many adults who are misinformed. Many of these adults believe that as long as their pools are equipment with safety equipment and devices, there children are safe. You are advised not to believe this common misconception. Doing so may be the greatest mistake of your life.  Instead of relying solely on pool safety equipment and other accessories, you are advised to use your common sense. When combined together, you may be providing your child with the best available protection. If you are looking for pool accessories, that can help to assist you in pool safety, you may what to consider purchasing lifejackets, arm floaties, or baby floats. Most of these popular accessories can also be considered lifesaving devices. While lifejackets are most commonly used with boating, you can also purchase smaller lifejackets that are ideal for swimming pools.  For infants, a baby float is a great way to enjoy the water.  With leg holes and squared shapes, for stability, baby floats will help to keep any lightweight child above water. Arm floaties are ideal for children of all ages. Once inflated, they slip onto a child's arm. Like all other lifesaving devices, arm floaties help a child stay afloat. As nice as it is to practice safe swimming, pools were also designed with fun in mind. In most pool supply stores or traditional retail stores, including both on and offline retailers, you should be able to find a large selection of pool toys.  Pool toys can include items that are as cheap as a dollar, such as swim rings, beach balls, and other small toys.  However, swim toys can also include expensive purchases, such as basketball hoops and volleyball nets. If your children are playing a water game, it is advised that you keep a close eye on them. When it comes to sports, there are many children, teens, and adults who become competitive. This competitiveness may be dangerous or deadly in a swimming pool. In addition to traditional pool toys, there are pool toys that are also sometimes referred to as pool fixtures. These items may include pool slides or deep end diving boards.  While they do offer excitement, these items are usually securely fastened to the pool or the side of the pool; thus the reference to a fixture.  When it comes to pool slides and diving boards, if your pool has one, it is important that you pay extremely close attention to those that are using them. Many young children think that these items look fun.  If a young, non-swimmer tries to use your pool slide or deep end diving board, a tragic accident may occur. You may also want to make sure that divers are jumping a safe distance away from the pool's side. The above mentioned pool items are just a few of the many things that you should be concerned about.  Pool safety does not just involve keeping an eye on your young swimmers, but it also means making sure that their pool toys and accessories are in the proper working order.

Written by Anthony Vincent. Courtesy of

Dog Water Safety Essentials I've had many canine friends through the years and most of them regardless of breed or size enjoyed the water. Until my most recent dog, Oscar, I assumed all dogs could swim and would enjoy the water. Oscar is a wonderful dog. He's smart, energetic and loving. He enjoys running along beside me on my bike. He's up for a hike any day. When it comes to water sports though, Oscar's a land lover! He can't seem to swim a lick! I realized the first time I took him to the lake I'd need to review dog water safety quick! If you are going to be out on the water with your dog, I highly recommend getting a dog life jacket. These pet floatation devices come in sizes XXS to XXL and I every color imaginable. Oscar is an XXS dog topping out at 5 pounds on a good day after he's just had most of my steak! Finding a life vest that worked for him was harder than I expected. Many of the life vests that said they were XXS were meant to fit dogs up to ten or twelve pounds and were way too big for Oscar. You may have to do a little shopping around to get a good fitting life vest for your dog.  The design of all the dog floatation devices I've found so far will not keep your dogs head out of the water.  Even one I found that supported from underneath didn't keep Oscars head up. So just keep in mind that while these devices will keep your dog basically on top the water they won't keep him from drowning once he gets tired of holding his head up. They

do, however, give you more time to reach your dog, make him easier to see, and easier to get out of the water and back into the boat as most have handles on the back.You may also want to consider getting a dog ramp for your boat. Like a ladder, these devices allow your dog to get on and off the boat more easily. If you own a pool, teach your dog where the steps are so he can get out if he decides to jump in when you're not there. Also keep in mind the chlorine used in pools is irritating and you will need to rinse your dog off after he swims. The same is true of salt water. Keep fresh water available for your dog even though you're surrounded by water. Lake and river water is full of bacteria and other critters it would be best your dog not ingest. While he's not as likely as you to get sick from drinking lake water, it's best to have fresh water available for him. Also, rapidly running river water is just as dangerous for your dog as it would be for your child. Keep your dog on a leash when near rivers. Hypothermia can occur in dogs just as it can in humans. Signs of hypothermia can include shivering and rapid heart rate. Your dog's pupils may look dilated. In advanced stages hypothermia can cause coma and even death. Very young, very old, and very small dogs are more prone to hypothermia. Follow these basic tips on dog water safety and enjoy the water with your canine friend this summer! Written by Brenda Schmitt. Courtesy of

In The Kitchen

A Cheesy Gift For Dad Dress up a snack for Dad -- cheese and crackers in full Father's Day fashion.

What you'll need • • • • • •

Crackers (we used RyKrisp) American cheese slices Red or green bell pepper Pepperoni Scallions Yellow mustard

How to make it 1.

For each shirt, top a cracker with a rectangle of cheese.


Next, cut shirt details, such as a collar, pocket, tie, or button seam, out of cheese, peppers, or pepperoni.


Use thinly sliced scallions or dots of yellow mustard for buttons. For a fun presentation, wrap Dad's treat in a small jewelry box lined with waxed paper.

Courtesy of

Health & Wellness

Acai Berries Health and fitness circles around the planet have been humming with reports about Acai berry.So what's it, and why is everybody so thrilled about it? Acai berries are small round fruits that come from Acai palms local to South America.vThey've been comparatively unknown outside of countries like Brazil till rather recently. What are the benefits of acai berry? * An antioxidant that helps the immune system * Helps lower bad cholesterol * More fit digestion as its high in fibre the upward push of acai berry as a superfood has been observed all over the world. Almost all of the benefits of acai berry, are however a side product for most, as acai berry is quickly becoming the most well liked supplement to assist in weight loss. The results for those looking for such a supplement are huge. Acai berry can help you shed excess pounds. This happens because acai berries are full of antioxidants that act to get rid of waste and toxins from your bodies. Many of us carry a large quantity of poisons in our bodies, principally from processed foods, but also other factors that add pounds. Acai berry are superb because they've a unusually high quantity of antioxidants. Ten times that of grapes and twice that of blueberries, the typical sources of antioxidants. It does so by buttressing the immunity mechanism, and decreases cellular damage ( including the effects of aging ), and fights cancer. Their also loaded in plant proteins which unlike animal protein doesn't generate cholesterol. The amount of trans acids of Acai berry, really, resemble that of Olive oil, that has for some time been related to the low occurrence of heart illnesses in the Mediterranean regions. And finally, Acai berry is an excellent source of fiber and other minerals and vitamins, leading to healthier digestion and higher energy levels. All of that makes the Acai berry perfect for healthaware folks. And the good stories is - Acai berry, in contrast to the other health products, has a great flavor that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. Written by Acai Berry User. Courtesy of

Cleaning Your Pool

When it's hot outside, there's nothing better than jumping into a cool, blue pool. If you have your own personal pool, you can enjoy it whenever you like! Numerous men and women like to use the public pools because the cost, care and maintenance of a personal pool is too high.

However it doesn't have to be! Learning how to clean your personal pool is a wonderful method to save on your monthly bill and also help make sure you know what is going in to your water. Follow these actions and you can be on your way to a clean swimming pool in no time! 1. You'll require a couple of tools for the job. Get together a leaf skimmer, a swimming pool vacuum, a wall and floor brush, an algae cleaner plus a tile brush. These tools are need for ultimate protection. 2. Use a swimming pool vacuum for the walls and floor of the pool to clean the pool a minimum of one time each week, even if your pool has an automatic cleaning pump installed. This way you know for certain that just about every surface has been cleaned properly, as a lot of automatic-cleaning systems and vacuums can miss parts in the swimming pool. Invest additional time around the corners and stairs that may not get the same kind of circulation of water, thus not get cleaned out as much. Vacuum back and forth across the swimming pool, overlapping slightly on each and every stroke so that you are covering the whole pool with your vacuum. 3. Use the leaf skimmer to grab any floating objects (leaves, mostly) ahead of time. Do this so that they do not sink to the bottom in the swimming pool and make it harder to clean out. By keeping up with this on a regular basis, you assure that the pool's circulation system stays at maximum efficiency and also you cut down the need to put in dangerous chemicals like chlorine. 4. Clean out the strainer baskets and keep them fresh at all times by cleaning them out frequently. This is vital for the function in the circulation system to work properly. The automated circulation system is probably the pool's greatest tool for staying clean without maintenance. Do this at least once a week, particularly if your vacuum is connected to its personal skimmer. 5. Clean the pool walls at the very least after a week, so you may distinct them of calcium scale and algae buildup. Pick your cleaning method based on the type of pool you have. If you own a plaster-lined concrete pool, it is probably best to use a stiff clean. If you have a simple fiberglass or vinyl pool, you may need a softer cleaning method. The same is true of tiled pools. 6. You need to check the pH of your pool regularly to make sure that bacteria and algae don't flourish. Use a sanitizer to assist in fighting bacteria, and shock the pool on a regular basis to retain the drinking water as clear as probable. These are just some of the basics of keeping your pool clean, good luck! Written by Christopher Stigson. Courtesy of

Types of Pools

There are several different pool styles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages and uses. Above-ground pools -These are the cheapest construction option, as well as the easiest to build. Most above-ground pools are made from prefabricated kits, which even an amateur can put. First, the installers level off the ground to form a flat building surface. Then they assemble a perimeter track, which supports the outer wall made of metal, plastic or wood. Next, they spread sand in the pool area and lay the plumbing. Finally, they secure the vinyl liner over the pool walls, fill the pool with water, smooth the liner and fasten it into

place. As soon as they hook up the pump and filtering system, the pool is ready to go.  The main disadvantage of this sort of pool is that it's less durable than other designs, and generally less attractive. It's also less permanent, which can be a good thing, it's relatively easy to disassemble the pool and move it to a new location. In ground Pools- In ground pools are built into the ground and require construction work for installation. In ground pools can be built to allow for diving or not, depending on the depth. These are all samples of in ground pool materials. Fiberglass pools These are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, which has been molded into a basin shape. To install the pool, a construction crew digs an appropriately sized hole, lays the necessary plumbing, adds some sand filler and lowers the preformed pool structure into the hole. Then they level the pool, hook up all the plumbing and backfill in the area around the pool. Usually, the pool is surrounded by a concrete deck structure. While a fiberglass pool is typically the quickest to install, there are fewer choices for size, shape and depth compared to other pool types. Because the surface is nonporous, fiberglass pools are easy to care for and long lasting. Vinyl-lined PoolsCompared to other in ground pools, vinylliner pools are generally the most affordable, easy to maintain and are available in a standard set of designs. They are a lot like above-ground pools, structurally, but they look more like conventional in-ground designs. The construction crew digs a hole and assembles a metal, plastic or wood frame wall around the hole's perimeter. As in an above-ground pool, the crew lays sand along the bottom of the hole and secures the vinyl lining to the structural wall.  These types of pools are popular in coldweather states, since the panels have some degree of flex and hold up well under freeze/ thaw conditions. Vinyl-liners are available in many colors, patterns and designs and will

last an average of 8 to 10 years, after which time a new liner can be installed. Gunite pools Gunite or a variation called Shotcrete is a type of reinforced concrete; it is strong and adaptable to unusual shapes. There are also a variety of color / speckle finishes available. To build one of these pools, the construction crew digs a hole, puts the plumbing in place and assembles a framework grid with 3/8-inch steel reinforcing rods (rebar). The rebar rods are spaced about 10 inches apart, and secured together with wire. When the grid is in place, the crew sprays a heavy coating of gunite, a mixture of cement and sand, around the rebar. The sprayer unit combines dry gunite mix with water just before spraying -- this produces the wet concrete material. The crew trowels the gunite smooth and lets it sit for a week or so before applying a smooth finish to the rough surface. The most popular finish is called plaster but a lot of people finish their pools with special concrete paint. Â Gunite pools can also have tile, exposed aggregate or even fiberglass finishes. Gunite pools (and their cousins, shotcrete pools) are highly durable, and they can be built in any shape or size. Poured-concrete pools These are similar to gunite pools, but they're a lot harder to build. Instead of spraying concrete material around a rebar framework, concrete is actually poured into conventional wooden forms. With the rise of gunite methods, poured-concrete pool construction has mostly fallen by the wayside. In masonry block pools, the walls are constructed with concrete blocks. Pool styles Play pool A play pool typically is no deeper than five feet. Play pools generally are built for cooling off and relaxing in, playing volleyball, other water sports, as well as for swimming laps

Diving Pool Diving pools are generally about 8-1/2 feet deep with a diving board or platform. Diving pools can be a real safety hazard, and should only be built to NSPI and ANSI standards. Freeform Pool A freeform pool is a lagoon style pool or naturalistic pool. It usually has have rock features and is built to mimic an oasis. Geometric PoolGeometric pools usually have very straight lines or or a consistent radius and are typically more traditional looking. There seems to be a shift back to the geometric pool. A geometric pool can be more formal and upscale looking. Lap PoolLap pools pools are typically narrow and long, usually over 50’, to facilitate exercise and swimming for health and fitness. Negative Edge PoolNegative edge pools require an expert to build. They are also referred to as infinity swimming pools or infinity edge pools. These are designed to look like the pool extends all the way out to the horizon. The mechanics and engineering of infinity pools cannot be compromised. SpoolThe word spool is a combination of a spa and a pool. Spools are typically oversized spas somewhere around 12’ X 14’. Unfortunately, due to construction issues, spools are not necessarily less expensive than an average swimming pool. They might be easier to maintain due to the smaller size, and a spool certainly might be an option for someone with a very small yard. Perimeter Overflow PoolThis would be a pool where the water level in the pool is the same as the top of the decking. Around the pool perimeter is a channel or notch that the water drains into creating a visual masterpiece. It looks like a big mirror lying on the ground. Written by Sonu Shah. Courtesy of

Baseball  Q&A

★What is the difference between baseball and softball? Baseball is team sport where a player on one team attempts to throw a hard, fist- sized ball past a player on the other team, who attempts to hit the baseball with smooth, tapered, cylindrical stick called bat. A team scores only when batting, by advancing past a series of four markers called bases arranged at the corners. Softball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball on a smaller field. Despite its name, the ball used is not necessarily soft, but it is larger than a baseball and it may have a softer outer layer. The rules of this game vary somewhat from those of baseball. ★What are baseballs made of? Generally, the core of the ball is made of rubber, cork or a mixture of the two and sometimes, layered. Its constriction varies. Around these are various linear materials that include twin and yarn. Sometimes wool is also used. A leather cover is used put on in two pieces and is stitched together using 108 stitches of waxed red cotton thread. ★What are bats made of? Usually, baseball bats are made of wood. Most wooden bats are made from ash wood. Other woods used for making baseball bats are hickory, maple and bamboo. For professional baseball, only wooden bats are permitted. They are not allowed to be corked or bat that is filled with a light substance such as cork which reduces the weight without costing greatly in hitting power. For amateur baseball, both wood and metal alloy bats are permitted. ★What are the different kinds of baseball mitts? In the beginning of baseball, the players did not wear baseball mitts and gloves. They played baseball bare-handed. However, during the evolution of the game, mitts were used and in time, were very important safety equipment in baseball. Today, there are already different kinds of baseball mitts. These are the catcher’s mitt, baseman’s mitt and fielder’s mitt. The catcher’s mitt is big, round and padded. The baseman’s mitt is longer than the other kinds of mitts especially when compared to the fielder’s mitt. The fielder’s mitt has two types, the infielder’s mitt and the outfielder’s mitt. The infielder’s mitt is smaller than the outfielder’s mitt. ★How far apart are the bases? The baseball bases, along with the home plate, should form a perfect diamond. According to the rules, the distance between each base, starting from the home plate to the first base, from first base to the second base etc., should be less than eighty-nine feet. However, for little league, it should be fifty-nine feet. ★ How far is it from the pitcher’s mound to home plate? The distance of the pitcher’s mound from the home plate is fifty-nine feet, or eighteen meters, with eighteen feet in diameter. This is according to the regulation from the Major League baseball. The pitcher’s mound is the raised section in the of the baseball field or in the middle of the diamond, to be exact. It is where the pitcher stands when throwing the pitch. Written by Bob Hanneck. Courtesy of

How Did Father’s Day Start Anyway? It all began with Mrs. Dodd

Father's Day is a special day to recognize and celebrate the role fathers play in our life. Whether it is your Dad, step-dad, foster dad or just a special father figure who has helped you along the way, Father's Day is your chance to say ‘Thank You'. The history of Father's Day dates back to the early 1900's, and was partly inspired by the unofficial Mothers Day services which began in 1908. These Mother's Day services prompted many people to arrange similar services to recognize fathers. While many services were arranged in the next couple of years, the most widely noted was organized in Washington, by Mrs Sonora Dodd. Mrs Dodd wanted to pay tribute to her late father, William Smart, who became a single parent when her mother died in childbirth. William Smart raised 6 children on his own, which was an unusual feat at that time. Originally Mrs Dodd wanted to hold the memorial service on the anniversary of her father's death, June 5th 1910, however this did not leave organizers enough time to prepare a service. Instead the service was arranged to be held on the June 19th, and this has became known as the first Fathers Day. While services continued every year, it was not until 1924 that President Coolidge recommended Father's Day as a national holiday. It took 48 years from that recommendation, before Father's Day was officially recognized by President Nixon in 1972. When is Father's Day celebrated? Most countries follow the United States

tradition and celebrate Father's Day on the 3rd Sunday in June like here in Holland. Other cultures around the world coincide Father's Day with other celebrations in their community. In Germany it is celebrated on Ascension Day (40 days after Easter), in the Roman Catholic tradition it is St Josephs Day (March 19), and in Thailand it is the kings birthday (December 5). How is Father's Day celebrated? Father's Day around the world is a chance for sons and daughters to pay tribute to their Dads. While for most countries there are no set traditions, it often involves a nice meal, presents, and a chance for Dad to put their feet up. In Germany, Dads take part in a Father's Day hike. Groups of men hike into the forest dragging a wagon full of wine or beer, and local foods. On reaching their destination they have a Father's Day feast. Ideas and presents for Celebrating Fathers Day Father's Day is all about making Dad feel special, and letting him know how much you appreciate the role he plays in your life. Think of Dad's favorite things, and organize a special personal gift or outing surrounding that theme. Â Above all else, remember to tell Dad how much you love him, and how much you appreciate the things he does for you. Make him a nice breakfast, a cup of tea, pamper him, let him watch the football and news in peace. But above all, give him a special day in the spotlights and celebrate and enjoy Fathers day with the whole family. Father's Day is a time to remember just how special is your Dad.

Written by Nancy Buttra. Courtesy of

Products To Love In June

Bounce, bop, and bump with the Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball (BBOP)! Step inside this translucent blue ball and let the full-bodied fun begin! Kids have a blast with this play ball that gets them moving and laughing, bumping and bouncing. For longest-lasting fun, be sure not to overinflate. 36" diameter. Adult supervision recommended.Fits kids ages 6 and up. Please click here for more information.

Relax and indulge yourself in the Intex PureSpa Portable Hot Tub. With the touch of a button activate the 120 soothing bubble jets that surround the interior of the spa or adjust the temperature that best suits your comfort level. This Intex PureSpa Portable Hot Tub provides simple maintenance with two easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water. Made with durable Fiber-TechTM Construction including 48 Fiber-TechTM beams, the PureSpa is also strong enough to take a seat on the side when all you need is a dip of your feet. Please click here for more information.

Looking for something special for the baseball loving friend of yours? The Rawlings Official Major League Baseball is just the thing! Comes in it’s own clear case to keep it looking brand spankin’ new and makes it easily displayable as well. Please click here for more information.

Products To Love In June The Kurgo Surf n’ Turf Coat is both a dog coat and dog life vest in one. Intended to comfortably fit your active dog in the water, the flotation layer can easily be removed for a perfect-fitting waterproof shell and raincoat. Kurgo's Wander Dog Coat (sold separately) can be inserted into the shell for extra warmth during those colder seasons. Other features include two metal D-rings for leash connections; two transverse handles to help you easily control or extract your pup from the water; and high-contrast color with reflective trim. Please click here for more information.

Continuously changing colors create a centerpiece for your evening gatherings. This mesmerizing display of lights works on water pressure alone - no batteries required. Installs quickly onto pool's return fitting without any tools. Fountain lights continuously shift color in shades of red, yellow and blue. 20-feet. hose included. Economical - works on water pressure alone, no batteries required. 1-year warranty. Please click here for more information.

A dandy little tool set that's chock-full of fun, and jam-packed with an assortment of handy helpers! Car-shaped container features working wheels and a flashlight "headlight;" nestled inside are pliers, sockets, Allen wrenches and screwdrivers. Stash a kit in your car to handle on-the-road emergencies! Plastic case; metal and plastic tools. Uses four AA batteries (not included). 7 3/4" x 5 1/4" x 4" high. Please click here for more information.

City Spotlight

Anaheim, CA

Tourists come from far and wide to enjoy the many Anaheim attractions and experience Disneyland, the Flightdeck Air Combat Center, catch a MLB ball game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim or simply stay at one of the many world-class Anaheim hotels. Anaheim is a rapidly growing city of about 340,000 people, making it the largest city in Orange County, California. The most famous of Anaheim attractions, Disneyland Resorts and Theme Parks, sits just off of Interstate-5. I-5, the largest and most traveled west coast freeway, cuts the city diagonally from northwest to southeast (while mostly missing the outer east part of the city entirely) and can easily be taken to any Anaheim attraction. Disneyland, a staple of any Anaheim vacation, is surrounded by a large contingent of associated theme parks like California Adventure, and a dizzying choice of hotels in Anaheim. Weeks could be spent inside Disneyland and visitors wouldn't be bored one bit. Most visitors to Disneyland buy attraction tickets ahead of time and get a "Hopper Pass" that will allow visitors or visit either of the Disney owned theme parks during their stay in Anaheim. Anaheim is home to the largest convention center on the west coast of the United States and the Anaheim Angles of the MLB. The Anaheim Convention Center has a total of 1.14 million square feet of floor space and is located right next to the Disneyland complex adjacent to 1-5. The Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim have played professional baseball in Anaheim since 1966. To catch a game in Anaheim simply purchase tickets for any game during the season, which runs from Late March to late September/early October. Another one of the very popular Anaheim attractions is the Flightdeck Air Combat Center. People of all ages visit to be able to learn to fly 737's, fighter jets and other aircraft. A cool feature that the Flightdeck Air Combat Center has is the ability to engage in virtually simulated airborne dogfights against other visitors! Even with Disneyland located in Anaheim, this is consistently voted the number one attraction in the city and is not to be missed! No matter the time of year, attraction tickets can be purchased for any of these locations discussed because of the mild climate of Southern California that remains warm and temperate year round. That means while staying at any of the many Anaheim hotels vacationers can visit the outdoor pools year round! Anaheim is a truly amazing city that has many different world class attractions that would make any person happy to visit. So no matter the reason for an Anaheim vacation, there are plenty of attractions in the city to fill the time up with and have a memorable vacation in Orange County! Written by Visitbuena Park, Courtesy of

DIY Project - June Quote Clutch Instructions: Supplies Plasti-dip OR Acrylic Paint Canvas clutch  Embroidered Iron-on letters Rowenta Iron Painters tape Brush How To: 1. Mix your Plastic-Dip tints to create your desired color OR use acrylic paint (both have a similar result) 2. Tape off the bottom 2 inches of your bag, then paint Let dry, then peel off the painters tape 3. Next lay down the embroidered letters to spell out your saying 4. Then place a pillow case on top of the letters and iron, let cool 

Courtesy of

Businesses That Make A Difference

At REI, we love to get outside and play, and we know first-hand the importance of quality outdoor gear.

We stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we design our own line of award-winning REI brand gear and clothing. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, we gladly share our enthusiasm for our products—and the trails, slopes and waterways where we play. Each year, REI donates millions of dollars to support conservation efforts nationwide, and sends scores of volunteers to build trails, clean up

stores, phone us, or visit the REI website.

By staying true to our roots, we've beaches, and teach outdoor ethics to earned a place on FORTUNE kids. Through responsible business magazine's list of the "100 Best practices, we strive to reduce our Companies to Work For" every year environmental footprint. since the rankings began in 1998. We work hard to earn our reputation for What began as a group of 23 mountain quality and integrity every day. Our climbing buddies is now the nation's commitment remains the same as largest consumer cooperative with when we started out in 1938: to more than three million active inspire, educate and outfit for a members. But no matter how large we lifetime of outdoor adventure. grow, our roots remain firmly planted Check out to find out more. in the outdoors. Our passion for outdoor adventure is clear, whether you walk into one of our 100-plus

Ponds and lakes are very similar. Both are small bodies of water, either natural or man-made, that are completely surrounded by land. The primary difference between the two is their size. Simply put, lakes are larger and ponds are smaller. However, there is no standardization of lake sizes. Some sources claim lakes are bodies of water larger than 2 acres. In Montana, the minimum water surface area of a lake is 20 acres. But since the size of a body of water isn't a clear indicator, here are a few more factors to consider: -Generally, a lake is an area of open, relatively deep water that is large enough to produce a wave-swept "washed" shoreline, which can prevent vegetation from growing along the shore. -Another difference can be seen in the water's temperature. Lakes, because they are deeper, have a stratified temperature structure that depends on the season. During summer months three distinct layers develop: The top layer stays warm at around 65-75 degrees. The middle layer drops dramatically, usually to 45-65 degrees F. The bottom layer is the coldest, staying at around 39-45 degrees F. Ponds, on the other hand, have a more consistent temperature throughout. -A pond is a body of water shallow enough to support rooted plants. Many times plants grow all the way across a shallow pond. There is little wave action and the bottom is usually covered with mud. Plants can, and often do, grow along a pond's edge. -Even in cold climates, most lakes are large enough so that they don't freeze solid, unlike ponds. -Finally, if the lake is large enough, it can affect the surrounding climate, whereas ponds are usually affected by the surrounding climate.

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