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too, as long as they choose one that's large and sturdy enough to carry them. Some snow discs come with steering mechanisms and brakes. Airhead's Dual Action Snow Disc has both steering abilities and brakes for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Snow Tubes Snow tubes come in many shapes; traditional sled shapes, round discs, and others. Some such as the Sportstuff brand of snow tubes are made with crack-resistant PVS and specially sealed seams for longevity. When shopping for snow tubes of all shapes, look for a few features to make your sledding time more fun.  Handles big enough for mitten-covered hands to slide under and grab hold ensure a safe rider, while a safety valve makes it easy to inflate the snow tube or deflate it as needed.  Be sure to read the weight capacity for all snow tubes and choose one appropriately sized for its passengers.

Which Sled Is Best? There are pros and cons to each type of sled, and which one is best depends solely on the typical snow conditions in your area and the taste of the person choosing the snow toys. Sleds, discs or toboggans with runners on the bottom tend to be the fastest, but the speed picks up only with repeated runs through the snow.  As the sled glides over the snow, the friction melts a tiny bit of snow, while the cold air freezes it again, creating a narrow track of ice. Runner sleds then glide more swiftly through the frozen tracks with subsequent runs. Another thing to keep in mind is that the shape of the sled may limit your sledding options. If you love flopping, or getting a good fast run and flopping down on your belly on the sled and flying face-first down the hillside, look for rectangular plastic or foam sleds and toboggans or inflatable snow tubes that are long and narrow rather than disc-shaped. No matter which type of winter sled you choose, winter sleds and snow toys add hours of outdoor fun for children of all ages. Written by Holden Adams. Courtesy of


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