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City Spotlight

Aspen, CO Skiing is the ultimate winter vacation. If you wish to ski at a world class destination this year, then Aspen is the place to be. Discover the beauty of this resplendent town that charms people from all over the world. Long winters are a struggle in many parts of the world, but winter vacations can provide many exciting avenues for enjoyment. Skiing is for many, the ultimate winter vacation. Ski resorts are located in some of the most beautiful mountain locations in the world and offer many exciting activities for winter vacationers. Aspen has few peers in terms of its exceptional variety of skiing combined with a the great variety of other activities offered in the area. Aspen is a premier ski destination and is truly a haven for skiing enthusiasts. Aspen hosts winter tourists from all over the world. While the towering Rocky Mountains present a splendid view and incredibly picturesque location, there is more to this town than its beauty. Aspen is also known as a home and playground for some of the world's most famous and wealthy. This combination of beauty, glamour and glitz has propelled Aspen from its humble mining roots in the late 1800s to today's Aspen which has some of the most valuable real estate anywhere. Multi-million dollar vacation homes are common place and the downtown includes many of the most exclusive brands and shops and high-end restaurants. The Aspen area boasts four major mountains which are best known for skiing. Aspen Mountains offer a challenging skiing experience and experts in skiing love to slide on these thrilling slopes. Aspen Highlands are more

popular among local residents. Buttermilk is more moderate and is good for beginners. Snowmass offers many ski-in ski-out accommodations and is popular among families. Overall the exceptional variety can provide something for nearly everyone to enjoy skiing in the area. Though Aspen is a winter heaven and draws in the maximum number of tourists, the area is also a year round destination. Aspen is astonishingly beautiful in the spring, when a variety of flowers adorn the alpine meadows. Summers offer exciting recreational activities like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and rafting. Aspen groves make the fall more splendid with beautiful views of golden leaves of Aspen covering the entire mountain area.Because Aspen is such a popular year round destination, it offers a great variety of accommodation options. There are many vacation rentals, ranging from quite economical to incredible luxurious. Most of the vacation rentals are located at convenient locations throughout the town, area which offer easy access to the ski resorts. Spending your vacation in a vacation rental will maximize the enjoyment of your vacation by providing you with more space and privacy and a comfortable home like feeling. The incredible array of recreational activities, shopping and dining options available in Aspen coupled with some time away from the stresses of everyday life is all that it takes for a perfect mountain ski vacation. Visit Aspen on your next vacation and experience everything the area has to offer. Written by Andy Page, courtesy of