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Easter flowers have always brought beauty and spirituality to the special holiday. There are a variety of elegant and vibrant flowers that enhance the meaning of Easter. These flowers are used to decorate homes, churches, and are even given as gifts. They make for great table center

piece for family and friends to enjoy while eating their delicious Easter dinner. When selecting the perfect flowers for your holiday celebration, it is important to know the types of flowers that are typically used to renew this meaningful occasion. 1. Easter Lily - The Easter Lily is the most popular Easter flower. Although the traditional Easter lily is white with a bell-shaped flower, there are a number of different colors of lilies to choose from such as pink, white, yellow, and red orange. Originating in Japan, the Easter Lily symbolizes purity and renewal of Easter. Because of the shape of the Easter Lilies petals, Christians refer to them as the trumpet of God summoning Jesus to return. 2. Hydrangeas - Another popular flower for the Easter holiday, the Hydrangea, is a short growing shrub with stunning blooms. This beautiful flower will bloom in the spring making it a great choice for the Easter holiday. The flower head of the hydrangea is big, round and consists of a number of differ color hues such as white, blue, and pink. It is a popular decorative flower for such places as a church and it is also a popular Easter gift, especially for hosts of Easter dinners. 3. Daffodils - Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, are another popular Easter flower. This vibrant flower contains six petals which are yellow. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and eternal life which is relevant to the Christian meaning of Easter. Daffodils also bloom in the spring. According to Christian beliefs, the flower bloomed during Christ's resurrection. 4. Tulips - The tulip is a popular flower that adds beautiful decor to Easter celebrations. The elegant tulip symbolizes the rebirth of spring and true love. This striking flower blooms in the spring and the flower itself has a teacup shape. Tulips are available in a broad spectrum of colors. 5. Hyacinths - The Hyacinth is available in a variety of colors that include white, blue, purple, and pink. These gorgeous flowers are often used in Easter bouquets and as a table centerpiece. The flower petals are small and it blooms in the spring. 6. Azaleas - Many people give Azaleas as an Easter gift. They are available in a variety of beautiful colors such as orange, white, red, and pink. They bloom around Easter time which makes them a popular choice for the holiday. When you ask people what they think of when they reflect upon Easter, many will say colored eggs and colorful Easter baskets. These are widely known Easter symbols; however, beautiful colorful flowers have had a long Easter history. When planning your Easter celebrations, consider including eye-catching flowers such as the traditional Easter Lily. It will make your holiday much more meaningful and memorable.

Spring Cleaning For


Does the phrase "spring cleaning" strike fear and loathing into your heart? Does it seem like the Mt. Everest of housekeeping - something that only a few can ever claim they attempted and succeeded? Don't fear. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be so scary, but it is something we should all do. It's also not just about cleaning blinds and sweeping baseboards, though that is good too. Instead, you can use spring cleaning as a great way to remember to schedule maintenance and

service checks on your house that will prevent problems down the line. So, pull on a pair of your cutest rubber gloves and get to work. Sarah on "scheduling spring cleaning" "It is really easy to think of spring cleaning as an overwhelming task. My husband and I have been known to turn spring cleaning into summer cleaning because we conveniently "forget" to do it, or in other words, just put it off. This year, I picked a day in the calendar and called my in-laws to spend time with the kids so we can really focus on the tasks at hand. It's a win-win, since the kids get a day with the grandparents and we get a solid block of time to get it done." Alicia on "a perfect reason for a party"

"I am the first one to admit that I am better about cleaning my house when I know someone is coming over. Thus, to motivate myself to get moving on the spring cleaning, I have been holding a Welcome Spring party for the last few years. Because I want a sparkling environment for the party, my house gets the attention it deserves. I kill two birds with one stone: spring cleaning, and catching up with dear friends." Here are some tried-and-true tips for tackling this task: 1. Make the Big List. There really is nothing better than seeing a laundry list of everything that needs to get done and then being able to cross it off, one by one. Make a big list of all the seemingly small tasks and chores and as you're knocking them off, you'll get a little thrill each time you check something off.

2. Break it Down. Look at your house room by room. If you think of everything that has to get done in your entire house, you'll feel defeated before you even begin. Start with one room and map out the critical tasks for whipping it into shape. Doing so also makes it easier for you to figure out how accomplish step 3. 3. Divvy It Up. Don't be a martyr and try to tackle the project by yourself. If you live with others, they should pitch in as well. Make sure to sit down with your roommates or family and decide who should do what. You can let them pick which tasks they want, delegate based on age and ability, or give them the luck of the draw. If you choose the latter, write down each task to be accomplished on a scrap of paper. Put the pieces in a bowl and have each person pick a chore to do from the bowl. 4. Get Started. It sounds simple, yes, but it's true. Once you get the ball rolling, it's much easier to keep it rolling. If you're procrastinating, start with something small. For example, grab a bottle of glass cleaner and go to town on one mirror or window. You'll get some instant gratification, which will make you more likely to just keep on going. 5. Give Yourself a Break. Nobody said spring cleaning had to be perfect, or be done in one day. Start small. Consider devoting one hour a week for five weeks, rather than picking one "doomsday" day for spring cleaning. We know these tips will help you get your Spring Cleaning done in no time!

Easter Eggs: Traditions & Practices Worldwide

If you think about Easter the first thing that one thinks of is Easter eggs. Easter eggs used to be a symbol of fertility and new life as per the Orthodox and Catholic, Christians - however these days Easter eggs can also be made use of as being a gift giving idea. Chocolate Easter eggs make tasty gift ideas and are able to come in several different shapes and forms.

Although the Religious festival of Easter is far more typically referred to as a commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ, Easter was initially famous a long time before this by Pagans. For Christians the egg consequently represents new life, a practice which has held up into recent times where it's epitomized by using the chocolate Easter eggs we now see at Easter time. What are Easter eggs without the Easter bunny? The Easter rabbit can be tracked back to the Pagan days. Worldwide, the Easter bunny is a most important image of Easter much like how Santa Clause is the symbol of X-mas. The Easter rabbit is known to disguise Easter eggs and young children like the idea of having to go on an Easter egg hunt to try and find many of the stashed eggs. Designing hard-boiled Easter eggs at Easter time is an additional well-known tradition and one of which comes from the belief that the 1st eggs ever offered at Easter were birds eggs. Because of this, these eggs were painted in bright colors, which would give them further meaning as a gift item therefore, the tradition continues. The practice of coloring eggs in vibrant colorings, representing the rainbows, sun light and fresh colors of springtime, goes back to the Middle Ages and it's still an important custom for many Christian believers today. The fact is, in Germany it is traditional to paint eggs green and ingest them on Covenant Thursday - the Religious feast or sacred period falling on the Thursday just before Easter - which usually commemorates the very last Supper of Jesus Christ with his twelve Apostles. In addition, in Greek and

Slavic countries, eggs are colored red that displays a symbol of the blood of Christ. Egg rolling is known as a well-liked Easter activity in the UK which is commonly undertaken on Easter Monday - where families nationally will spin their adorned Easter eggs down a hill. According to where within the continent that you are, the champion may be dependent on the egg that rolls the furthest, endures the most rolls, or is thrown between two pegs. A little well-known truth is that the date of Easter Sunday shifts from year upon year simply because it is according to the lunar calendar. It is celebrated on the very first Sunday right after the full moon, on or soon after March twenty-first. A worldwide practice, Easter is one of the most important times of the year for individuals everywhere across the planet. Easter really should be a period to spend with your family but furthermore an occasion to remember the resurrection of Jesus. The actual notion of supplying family chocolate Easter eggs is great to get anybody directly into the true Easter spirit.









Bring spring into the life of someone you love this Easter! Shower someone special with 75 fresh blooms, straight from your favorite garden. Soft hues of daisy poms mixed with mini carnations, asters and alstroemeria make the perfect bouquet.

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Random Facts

This month's random fact gives us the background on one of Easter's floral stars: The Easter Lily.

Zantedeschia aethiopica (common names Lily of the Nile, Calla lily, Easter lily, Arum lily, Varkoor, an Afrikaans name meaning pig's ear); is a species in the family Araceae, native to southern Africa in Lesotho, South Africa, and Swaziland. It is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant, evergreen where rainfall and temperatures are adequate, deciduous where there is a dry season. Its preferred habitat is in streams and ponds or on the banks. It grows to 0.6-1m (2-3ft) tall, with large clumps of broad, arrow shaped dark green leaves up to 45cm (18in) long. The Inflorescences are large, produced in spring, summer and autumn, with a pure white spathe up to 25cm (10in) and a yellow spadix up to 90mm (3 1/2 in) long.

A number of cultivars have been selected for use as ornamental plants. 'Crowborough' is a more cold tolerant cultivar growing to 90cm (36in) tall, suited to cool climates such as the British Isles and north-western United States. 'Green Goddess' has green stripes on the spathes. 'White Sail', growing to 90cm tall, has a very broad spathe. 'Red Desire' has a red instead of yellow spadix and appears to be rare. 'Pink Mist' has a pinkish base to the spathe. In order to introduce colors to the large white Calla Lilies just like the many color varieties available with the dwarf summer Calla Lilies, attempts to hybridise Zantedeschia aeithiopica x Zantedeschia elliotiana have resulted in albino progenies, which are non-viable.

It has been cultivated for the Easter floral trade since the early 20th century; hence the (ambiguous) name 'Easter lily', common in Britain and Ireland. It has become an important symbol of Irish Republicanism since the Easter uprising of 1916. It is the National Flower of St. Helena, where it grows widely.

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