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Summer is officially in full swing! Swimsuit season in here so it's time to heat up your workout. After you finish working up a sweat be sure to bust out the sunblock and beach towels, round up the kids and head out for some fun under the summer sun! Just don't forget to check out our essential summer guides first! This month in Welcome Home magazine win the fight to find that perfect swim suite! Confused about what types of summer camps are out there? Or just dread all the research? End the confusion and check out our guide, we tell you how! Love heading to the beach for the summer, but coming up short good ones? Check out our awesome beach guide! And last but not least, unlock the secret to looking and feeling great at the beach. Our guide to proper tanning will keep you softly bronzed with no lobster red in sight, this ultimate tanning guide has it all! Please enjoy this issue of the magazine! Have a bronzed and beautiful June, and as always, Welcome Home! If you have comments or suggestions please email us at , we love to hear from you! Also if there is a subject that you would like to see covered, let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Welcome Home! Table of Contents 4

Recipe And Design A tasty recipe and a stylish home design how to.

5 A

Hammock Of Your Own Choose the perfect fit for your ultimate relaxation.

The Best Beach Destinations Find the most popular place for fun in the sun! 6-7

Choosing The Right Surfboard

8 - 11

A hand guide to help you find your perfect wave catcher.

12 - 14 Time To Choose A Summer Camp! Pick the right camp for your pint-sized adventurer!


Finding The Right Swimsuit Fit For Your Body Type. How to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time.

16 - 17 A Guide To Safe Tanning How much sun is too much?

18 - 19

The Story Behind Father’s Day How the holiday dedicated to Dad’s got it’s start.

20 - 21 Products To Love! Hot trends, technological wonders of tomorrow and so much more!

22 City Spotlight Maui, HI. Tropical fun in the sun, what more could you want? 23 Businesses That Make A Difference Walmart, Making saving easy and a better life possible for everyone.

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Recipe and Design Watermelon Lemonade

Tangy and refreshing, just perfect for those hot summer days! Ingredients: • • • • • • •

10 large lemons 6 cups water 1 1/2 cups sugar 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt 4 cups chopped watermelon 1 cup water Ice

Custom Drink Bucket For Dad

Transform a plain drink bucket into an adorable Father's Day gift with just a few scrap booking supplies! What You Need: • • • • • •

Metal bucket of your choice of color Vinyl Letters (contrasting color) Scrap-booking Paper Scissors or die cutter Sodas Ice


Preparation: 1. 2.


Squeeze juice from lemons to equal 2 cups; reserve 4 squeezed lemons. Bring 6 cups water, sugar, and kosher salt to a boil, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat; add reserved lemons. Cool; strain into a large pitcher. Process watermelon and 1 cup water in a blender until smooth; strain into pitcher. Stir in juice. Serve with ice.

1. Cut It Out. Die-cut small shirts and ties from patterned

paper or cardstock, adding embellishments and drawn details to the shirts if desired. (You can always draw your own pattern and hand-cut the paper pieces, too.) 2. Stick It On. Attach the shirts and ties to a few bottles of

Dad's favorite drink with adhesive dots, or punch two small holes and string with ribbon to hang on the bottles. Add extra flair to the bucket by spelling out "dad" with letter stickers. 3. Add Ice And Serve. Serve the gift to Dad before the

Southern Living JUNE 2013

bottles get condensation, otherwise the shirt and tie cutouts will get wet and fall off. Courtesy of Better Homes and

A Hammock Of Your Own It's been a long day--work, kids, responsibilities. It's time to take a break.  Gather up something to read and a cool drink, kick off your shoes, and slip into a hammock.  Let yourself relax into a unique experience. Why unique?  Because a hammock is the perfect place for daydreaming.  Hammocks have been around so long in so many cultures, that they not only provide some of the most comfortable seating you'll find, but they'll also open up the world to your imagination.  You may be using a camping hammock in your backyard, but it could just as easily be strung between two trees in the outback of Australia, surrounded by herds of kangaroos.  Your matrimonial hammock, big enough for two people, might be out on the back deck, but in your dreams you're sharing it with your sweetie on a wild island beach, enjoying the sunset over the South Pacific along with your favorite drinks. Do you have a rope hammock set up on your front porch?  Then you can close your eyes and just picture yourself in the crew quarters of a tall ship on the high seas, stormtossed and ready to give chase to some pirates!  Or maybe you're relaxing on the back porch in a hand-made Mayan hammock from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, but in your dreams you're exploring the furthest reaches of the world, discovering the ruins of ancient civilizations. Bright striped hammocks in sun-resistant materials are great for imagining yourself in that perfect vacation home

right out of Sunset Magazine, even if yours is set up on a hammock stand in your living room surrounded by piles of the kids' favorite toys. Or maybe you'll imagine getting a family sized hammock big enough so that you and the kids can go on wild adventures of the imagination as you cuddle together for some great family time! Pure comfort can accompany you on your backyard adventures if you've got a quilted hammock.  Pillows and a throw or two will make you feel you're on a luxury cruise in the mid-Atlantic, although your hammock stand is firmly planted on the lawn!  (Add a water bottle holder for real convenience.) Chair hammocks are a world of their own.  They come in styles ranging from free form rope for lounging to firm support and arm rests for upright sitting--yet they still give you that wonderful feel of being safely and comfortably supported in mid-air.  Like all hammocks, they're perfect for reading, too.   You can even get magazine and book holder accessories for your hammocks, to keep your reading matter handily available while you relax and dream of great adventures. Come to think of it, why not take a portable hammock and set off on a real life adventure, if only to the nearest park or beach?  These come with convenient carrying cases to make getting to your destination simple and easy--but watch out for pirates! Written by Stanley Rogoff. Courtesy of

The Best Beach Destinations Everyone thinks about their dream vacation. For some, visiting Europe with all of its history and famous structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pizza, or the Roman Coliseum is the utmost of their dream holiday.  For others, active or extreme sports are their vacation choice.  They fantasize about climbing Mount Everest or skiing in Switzerland, or diving with the sharks in the Great Barrier Reef.  Then there are others who just want to relax and enjoy a restful vacation, a light rum punch with a little umbrella in their hand, their toes sunk into a white sand beach and the sun creating a toasty sheen to their pale skin.  Those are the people who want to find the best beach destinations. Although beach lovers may all seem to want the same things, not all agree that the best beach destinations are ones with pure white sands lapping against tranquil shores.  Beaches can be varied and different depending where you go in the world. In the Caribbean, you are more likely to find those powdery white sand beaches that most dream about.  There are several Caribbean islands that would fit into that category. Jamaica would be one with a variety of white sand beach locations to choose from, Grand Cayman is another with its seven mile beach.  You can also find fabulous sandy beaches inCuba or theTurks and Caicos Islands.  And the water in those places is pure, aqua and clean.  Some of the Caribbean islands, though, offer rocky beaches with a more pronounced wave system and a hillier landscape, the island of St. Lucia or instance.Other places in the world offer beaches formed from volcanic activity.  Take the island of Santorini,Greece for instance.  It has some wonderful swimming spots and offers fantastic weather and the most beautiful picturesque sights, but the beaches there are more pebbles than sand.  The black and red pebbles that form these beaches were created by the

island's past volcanic history. Greece has long been known though as being one of the best beach destinations in the world. Hawaii also offers a different style of beaches for beach lovers.  Some of the islands offer sand, while other parts offer the lava rock beaches formed by their own volcanic past.  Here the water is not as tranquil, but is great for surfers or boogie boarders, while still being clear enough to satisfy snorkelers and scuba divers. Other beach locations offer sporting activities beyond just soaking up the sun and sand on the beach.  If you are a sports enthusiast, you can go zip-lining in Costa Rica, another famous beach location, or you could para-sail from a Brazilian beach. There are also beaches that favor nature as part of their attraction.  Have you ever thought of penguin watching from a South African beach, whale watching from the Galapagos Islands or swimming with sharks in Australia? Costa Ricais another place famous for an eco-beach vacation. The best beach destinations do not have to be a simple sun and sand location, unless what you truly want to do is just relax and soak up the ‘rays'.  You can visit great beaches all over the world and gear your beach vacation to the activities you want to do, or combine your beach vacation with the history you want to experience first-hand.  Next time you are looking for one of those best beach destinations, explore the possibilities and find a new beach experience. Written by Denny Phillips. Courtesy of

Choosing The Right Surfboard

Ok, so you're committed, right? Ready to hit the surf? Now you just need to figure out one minor little detail‌.picking the right surfboard to learn how to surf! (ok, maybe not so minor) after all picking the right surfboard could make or break how you feel about surfing in general and possibly affect your enthusiasm to continue past the struggle of learning. If you're a beginner, you want a no

frills board that is extremely easy to stand on, trust me! Although, skipping along the sand holding a paper light and potato-chip thin board underneath your arm may feel ‘cooler' than lugging around that beat up old tanker of a board that seems more like a battleship than a sleek surfing vessel….who cares! You need a board that floats and that's about it…for now! So forget about picking out that stylish ‘fish' or brand new ‘thruster' (if you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry, a ‘surfing defined' section will come later). The best choice for a beginning surfer is to pick out an inexpensive used board, ideally a ‘longboard' that stands at least 3 ft taller than you. I.E. If you're six foot tall, pick out a 9'0" or longer. The bigger the better! The width is important as well. Try to find a board at least 20" wide or more. You're best bet for finding affordable used longboards for sale is online at craigslist. Or you can try your local surf shop. Just remember to start with something inexpensive to learn on. You can always upgrade once you get the hang of things. Here are four things to look out for when shopping for a used surfboard: 1) Check for Dings: the most obvious are cracks or open holes in the board, but be aware of yellow or otherwise discolored areas that may be absorbing water. If you spot any spider cracks, place your lips over the area and suck (if saltwater is present then you have found a ding that needs to be fixed). If you spot duct tape, find out what's underneath.

a banana you'd be pretty safe dropping into the steepest of waves. Rocker not only makes a board easier to ride but also provides more maneuverability. However, the drawback of having too much rocker is a reduction in speed. Usually, the less rocker the faster it goes (surfboard shapers are constantly trying to adjust their designs to find the perfect balance of rocker – more for maneuverability, less for speed). An easy way to compare a surfboard's rocker is to turn it on its side (rail facing up towards ceiling). Although the banana example is extreme, a surfboard should have a fair amount of curve from the nose to the tail. This will help make it easier to ride, albeit at probably unnoticeably slower speed. 4) They're called skegs, but we call them fins: It may seem obvious, but make sure the surfboard you are thinking about buying has skegs. These are the fin shaped parts on the bottom of the board. If you're a beginner than you most likely want a longboard with at least one large center skeg, although 3 skegs (a thruster) is ideal. The bigger the center skeg, the more stable the board will be. Note: If you're buying your first surfboard to learn to surf, don't worry so much about the looks. Just make sure the surfboard is water tight and will float you well. Its kind of like learning to drive… start with the station wagon, the Ferrari will come later. Don't let your surfboard get beat up at home or in the garage. Keep your surfboard protected and out of the way with a surfboard storage rack.

2) De-lamination: this occurs when the fiberglass separates from the foam core underneath. Once a board is delaminated, its basically one step away from being surfgod sacrifice material (in other words, its toast!). Run your fingers over the surface of the surfboard taking notice of any bubbles or areas that feel ‘soft'. For shorter boards, an easy way to spot de-lamination is to stand a board straight up and grab the nose (top). Using your forearms for leverage, press down towards the floor as if trying to bend the board in the middle. This will expose any potential de-lamination areas (usually where the feet are placed). 3) Rocker: If you're a beginning surfer you're going to want a surfboard with a fair amount of rocker to prevent you from pearling (nose diving). Rocker is defined as the amount of curve on the bottom of a surfboard. Picture a banana- if the contour of your surfboard matched that of Written by Michael Russel. Courtesy of

Time To Choose A Summer Camp! A Guide to Finding The Best Fit For Your Kids.

Many children attend summer camps during the long summer holidays. Every where in the world has summer camps and there are literally hundreds to choose from and they are very popular. In fact they are so popular many are fully booked even before the year starts, so it is best to do lots of research to find the camp you want to go to to make sure you book your place in time, so start now! Children of all ages can take part in summer camps as some are just day events whilst others can be a week or even a month or more. Each one offers different activities so you should be able to find one which caters to your interests. There are groups just for boys, or just for girls, but many are mixed. There are also camps for people with special needs, so no one has to miss out on the opportunity. You do have to pay for camps so you will need to do the research with your parents to make sure they can afford the ones you pick!

How to choose a summer camp Sit down with your parents and write a list of things that you want from the camp, be it fun stuff, learning skills, your hobbies etc. Your parents should also write a list of what they want you to get from the camp. This might be different to yours but you will probably find that the things you want and the things your parents want can be found at more than one camp. For example you might want to learn to skateboard and your parents want you to gain more self confidence. By selecting the right camp there is no reason why both these things cannot be achieved at the same time. Once you have decided what you and your parents want from the camp you will need to decide which type of camp you want to attend. Location: Although you might be restricted by the location, some camps do offer transportation, so look into this if distance could be a problem for you. Facilities: Your parents might be more concerned about facilities than you, but you need to know what things you expect at the camp. What is the security like, what medical facilities are there, what are the qualifications of the camp supervisors, what type of sleeping arrangements are there, can the camp cater to special needs if required. What type of accommodation is provided i.e. cabins, tents etc? Some camps are operated by religious bodies, so if this is important to you make sure you are able to practice your religion whilst at camp. Size: Camps vary in size from tens of people to over 500. Do you want to be part of a large camp or prefer a smaller camp environment? Even the largest camps tend to split children into smaller groups so you still get the individual support you would receive at a smaller camp. Cost: Of course cost can be a major issue especially if you want to attend several camps or you have brothers and sisters who also need to attend camp. This can mean that your parents are

Costs vary greatly from camp to camp from around $200 for a day camp to several thousand dollars for a month long camp. Fortunately there are lots to choose from so hopefully you will find one in your parents budget. Duration: Camps can last anything from a few hours to several weeks. You and your parents need to be sure that you are prepared to be away from home for the length of your trip. Some children love being away from home and enjoy the freedom, but others may get very homesick and want to go back home after a day or two. Check to see if there is an option available to cut the duration sort if you find you want to go home early. Is there a refund policy in this case? Activities: This is the most important decision as far as the children are concerned because it is what you will be doing whilst away at camp. Some camps specialize in certain areas such as horse riding, mountain climbing, sports, crafts etc, whilst others offer a wide variety of activities. Do you want to take part in team sports or more singular activities such as tennis? Do you want the whole camp to revolve around water sports or would you prefer something more sedate such as craft activities or performing arts? Do you need to learn a particular skill from scratch or are you more advanced? Check the skill levels of each camp to make sure it meets your skill needs. One for the parents - check it out first: Once you choose a camp make sure it is everything you expect it to be. • • • •

spending a lot of money so you need to be aware of this and not be too selfish in your needs, after all there will still be next year to try something different.

• • • • • •

You also need to be aware of what is included in the cost such as equipment, trips, transport as these items can add considerably to the overall cost if not included.

• • •

Can you get references from people who have used it before? How long has it been in operation? What are the goals of the camp? How many staff are on duty to how many children? What are the qualifications of the staff? What staff training is provided? What is the food like? What are the sleeping arrangements? What toilet and shower facilities are available? What facilities are available for contact with home (phone, letter etc)? What provisions are there for bad weather? What insurance coverage is there? What items can your child take with them?

• •

Can the camp meet special needs requirements i.e. diet, accessibility, supervision etc? What provisions do they have for medical emergencies?

• Camp Activities As we have mentioned there are many camps offering many different activities, these include the following examples, although there are many more. Team Sports: Hockey, basketball, baseball, martial arts, football, volleyball etc. Individual Sports: Golf, biking, skateboarding, archery, go-karts, track and field, horse riding etc. Water Sports: Canoeing, diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, water-skiing, rafting etc. Adventure: Rock climbing, orienteering, mountaineering, dog sledding, backpacking, bungee jumping, hiking, biking, driving range, wilderness camps etc. Performing Arts: Acting, writing, costuming, dance, music, circus arts, makeup etc Creative Arts: Drawing, crafts, painting, photography, cooking, stained glass, sculpture, woodwork, sewing, ceramics etc. Academics: reading, languages, journalism, computing, science etc. Other: This can include any number of activities such as gardening, archaeology, astronomy, farming, geology, marine biology etc. Basically if you can think of a subject, you will more than likely find a camp to fit. Overseas Camps Although most children choose to attend camps in in their area there are options to choose camps overseas or in North America. There may be age restrictions for this type of camp, but you might find yourself in China, Mexico, United States or any other location in the world. Obviously the cost of these camps are much higher than Canadian camps so this must be taken into consideration when choosing a foreign camp.

Special Needs Just because you have a special need doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun. There are lots of camps that can accommodate children with special needs and many more who specialize in such needs. It doesn't matter if you have a chronic illness, a disability or any other physical or mental limitation there will be a camp suitable for you. Some camps specialize in providing activities for the deaf, blind or wheelchair bound children. They still offer all the major activities such as canoeing, swimming, gymnastics, performing arts etc. They of course also offer specially trained staff and 24 hour medical facilities and specialist equipment.Other camps specialize in helping people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, so there really is no need to feel left out whatever your needs and requirements. Resources There are a number of ways to find out about summer camps including: Internet: Lots of websites are available these days giving lots of information about summer camps. Some are search sites in which you can find different camps in different provinces. Others are the websites of the actual camps giving you full details of their activities, costs etc. Camp Fairs: There are a number of camp fairs held all over. They are held in large halls and lots of different camp organizers attend so you can visit with your parents to see which might be the best one for you. You will be able to pick up lots of advice and information and can sign up there and then or take away leaflets, brochures and quite often gifts so you can decide later. Summary Summer camps are a great way to get away and experience exciting new activities or expand on the ones you already enjoy. They also give you a chance to do things without your parents being around (parents also get a break from you!)

Written by Jane Toombes. Courtesy of

Finding the Right Swimsuit Fit for Your Body Type No matter what body type you have, you can look good in a swimsuit; you just have to find the right swimsuit fit for your body type. Every woman has areas on her body that she doesn’t like, it could be she feel her hips are too wide, she doesn’t like her tummy, maybe she doesn’t like her bust line because she feels it’s too big or even too small, or she would just like to find a bathing suit that shows off the curves she has to her advantage. However, women tend to forget about the great things about their bodies, perhaps long legs or a tiny waist. If you take the time to accentuate the positive and detract attention from the negative you will find yourself in a swimsuit that will look great, make you feel great, and get you many compliments. Let’s look at a few examples and how the right bathing suit will make you look more proportioned and balanced for any body type. To show off a few curves, in an otherwise straight body with a smaller bust line, you want to look for swimsuits that will create waistline definition, such as shirring at the waist. To maximize the bust, look for things in the bust area like a cutout or embroidery to dress up that area. To minimize a bust line, look for bathing suits that de-emphasize the area by having accents away from the bust area. Things like color blocking above the bust and princess seams will draw the eyes away from the bust. Adding a small skirt to the suit can also de-emphasize the bust and offer proportionality to any figure. Shopping for DD cup swimsuits can be a nightmare unless you know these tricks to minimize the look in order to accentuate something else. If you have a shorter torso you may want to look at princess seams and vertical stripes that give the appearance of height. If you also want to whittle your waist you can look at swimsuits with shirring at the waist that will give a smaller appearance. The two things that every swimsuit shows off are your legs. To make your legs look as beautifully long as possible, look at bathing suits that have a higher cut to the legs giving the appearance of a longer leg line. If you are a little bottom heavy, bathing suits with dark colors on the bottom will make you appear smaller. An allover slimming swimsuit is the most popular for many women. A few things to watch for in order to make this work the best are shirring at the waist, a darker bottom than top, and details that accentuate the bust line rather than the tummy area or the back. Slimming swimsuits also come in the higher leg, which makes a longer leaner appearance suitable for all women who like the leggy look. Written by Andi Beark. Courtesy of

A Guide To Safe Tanning M

ost of us want to look our best in summer and part of that is having a beautifully bronzed and tanned body. But tanning does have its hazards. This article looks at things you should be aware of and how you can achieve the tan you want with least risk to your health. Summer time is just around the corner and you want to be ready with that beautiful bronze all-over tan look. Yes I thought so, and who doesn始t! But before heading over to your local tanning salon or taking those tanning pills, there are some essential facts about tanning that everyone ought to know. Tanning is fine but it should be done very carefully and you need to be aware of the risks and dangers associated with the various types of tanning options available to you. The major danger with sun tanning is the exposure to ultraviolet light. Extended exposure to ultraviolet radiation from whatever source ages the skin. It also has the potential to cause what始s known as solar radiation damage, and could also lead to cancer of the skin. So the implications of sun tanning are not something to be taken lightly. Exposure to ultraviolet light can also be responsible for rashes and sunburn. And it is not regularly known that ultraviolet light can also cause fungal skin infections and contact dermatitis. Indeed whether you are

tanning in natural sunlight or using a tanning bed, ultraviolet is present in both, so utmost care is required. You should always bear in mind that there is no such thing as totally safe ultraviolet radiation. Excessive tanning can result in skin conditions such as melisma, whose telltale sign is brown patches on the face, actinic keratosis (AK), and atypical nevus. And certain medications, including birth control pills, can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn. People with existing skin conditions must therefore take extra care when in the sun. The intention here isn't to put you off tanning altogether, but to simply put you on your guard to be very careful whilst tanning and to be aware constantly of the degree of risk you are taking. As the saying goes – forewarned is forearmed! Most people, typically women, begin their tanning habit as part of a beauty regime, frequently when quite young. So if you must tan, then letʟs take a look at the precautions you can take to protect your skin. The safest way to tan is to do it slowly and gradually over as long a period of time as possible. And always use sunscreen when out in the sun and protective goggles provided in tanning salons. These are two of the fundamental rules you should rigidly stick to. It is recommended that people with certain skin conditions should use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. But if you do have any pre-existing skin conditions, always consult with your doctor first.

Of course there are also alternatives to tanning in direct sunlight or using tanning beds. For example sunless tanning is becoming increasingly popular. In sunless tanning, you will enter a room and a machine will spray you with a product that darkens the skin. This spray contains the chemical DHA (an abbreviation for dihydroxyacetone), a substance that gives skin a tan color. This chemical has actually been approved in the United States as safe to use for over twenty-five years. Obviously sunless tanners are for external use only and when they are being applied, you should ensure that you adequately protect your eyes, nose and other sensitive parts of the body. You might also have come across tanning pills. These can be found on sale at some tanning salons. However, at least in the United States, they are not currently approved as safe and have been associated with certain types of eye disorders. Some tanning pills have also been linked to liver damage and to urticaria, a skin condition which produces severe itching. In conclusion, we all want a healthy skin and to look our best in the summer with a beautifully tanned body. Tanning is fine, but do it safely and be aware of how long you are exposed to the sun and harmful ultraviolet radiation. Keep in mind these guidelines and you will be less likely to encounter any serious problems when tanning.

Sunscreen should be applied all over any skin to be exposed at least a half hour before commencing tanning, whether in direct sunlight or in the salon. And if you engage in any outdoor activities for extended periods of time, sunscreen should be applied about every two hours. However, the news isnĘźt all bad. Indeed sun exposure in moderation can be good for the skin. Sufferers from eczema, pruritus, psoriasis and other skin conditions can actually see improvements with moderate exposure to the sun. But as with everything, tanning sensibly and in moderation is the key. Written by Dr Bianca Tavares. Article courtesy of

The Story Behind Father’s Day

The special men in our lives work so hard for us, so it's only fitting that they get a day of their very own. Every June, fathers around the world are spoiled and honored on Father’s Day. But how exactly did this tradition come about?

U Unlike Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day doesn't have deep religious ties. In fact, it began as a "spinoff" to Mothers' Day. Not wanting to leave Dads out, people began celebrating their fathers about a month after Mothers' Day. That's why Fathers' Day is always celebrated in June. So, how did the very first Fathers' Day celebration come to be? There are two stories that claim to be the starting point for Fathers' Day: 1. Back in July of 1908, a woman named Grace Golden Clayton wanted to honor the 210 fathers who lost their lives in the massive Monongah mining disaster the year before. The end result? Fathers' Day. 2. Back in June 1910, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd was reportedly listening to a Mothers' Day sermon, when she decided that fathers needed their own holiday. As a tribute to her own father, Dodd wanted to hold the celebration on June 5th - her father's birthday. However, the party wasn't quite ready by then, so Dodd had to settle for honoring dads on June 19th.

the idea of making Fathers' Day an official holiday several times! Finally, in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson decided to declare Fathers' Day a bonafide holiday. President Johnson proclaimed that Fathers' Day would be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of every June. Even still, his proclamation didn't become official until 1972! Since then, though, the rest - as they say - is history. Today, millions of people honor their dads on Fathers' Day. In keeping with tradition, it's celebrated much the same way that Mothers' Day is - with cards, phone calls, and gifts paving the way. Of course, the holiday has since gathered commercial appeal, just like Mothers' Day has. But as popular as Fathers' Day is, it still does not generate as many phone calls and spending as Mothers' Day does. However, to the people who fought so hard to make it a full-fledged holiday, it really is a "Happy Father’s Day!"

But for Dodd, celebrating once wasn't enough. She decided to spread the word and convince others to celebrate Fathers' Day - but the idea was slow to catch on. In fact, Fathers' Day didn't become popular until the 1920's. Until then, people didn't think of it as a holiday; they only celebrated Mothers' Day. In the meantime, there were some Fathers' Day supporters who tried to get the rest of the U.S. onboard - but Congress actually rejected

Written by by Brad Smith. Photograph, Zsuzsanna Kilian Written Tony Mase. Courtesy of

Products To Love In June Just like anyone else I get tired of my stomach looking sad and flabby, and I live in horror of the dreaded “muffin top” but with this super easy to follow dvd I no longer dread swimsuit season. Crunch - Pick Your Spot Pilates is fun, super easy to follow and yet still gives you a great workout. You can choose to do one of the three ten minute sections, belly, butt or thighs, or you can do them all together. There is also another ten minute workout that hits everything! You really feel the difference and within a couple of days you can actually see a change, itʼs fantastic! So get up off the couch and down on the floor or a great workout with this amazing DVD! Please click here for more information.






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The Byer of Maine® Aruba hammock is an entry-level hybrid hammock in a comfortable, standard single size. It's crafted with wood spreader bars and a special Elltex poly/cotton fiber blend that has a cotton feel and is UV and water resistant. Crafted EllTex, a hybrid polyester and cotton blend. Sized for 1 person; holds up to 250 lbs. Bed measures 6 ft. 9 in. L x 3 ft. 3 in. W Overall hammock length measures 10 ft. 2 in. Available in a variety of fun and bright colors. Please click here for more information.

No, no, NO!! Step away from that Speedo! Guys, please! There is nothing better than being able to show your self off at the beach, especially after all the hard work you put in to getting ready to play under the summer sun, but we have a better way! Let us introduce you to these bad boys, the Diesel Men's Hollow Long Board Boxer. Available in Black, Red and Orange these universally flattering alternatives are sure to make a splash, but in the right way! Please click here for more information.

Products To Love In June

Pools are nothing without cabanas! Strut your style with this ultra chic striped cabana, sure to add fun and flair to your summer. We totally love the majorly cute modern twist on a classic pool icon. Please visit for more information.

Make a splash with these Ocean Art Mini Jellies. These super cool pool floats light up to give just the right amount of ambiance to make your pool the jewel of the neighborhood. They are small enough for almost any size pool, yet eye catching enough to be intriguing to children and adults alike. Please visit for more information.

Love having that beautiful golden summer tan, but hate laying outside or having orange palms? We present the ONYX series from ProSun. Personally, we love lying in such comfy beds with their many amazing features. And the best part? When winter rolls around once again, you始ll have your own piece of summer to get you through, not to mention that glowing skin that turn everyone else green with envy! Please visit for more information.

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Maui, HI When in Maui you will truly experience the meaning of the words, "Maui no ka oi" which means Maui is the best. And rightly so, you will find Maui Hawaii the best holiday destination you have been to. It offers the great versatility of nature in the form of large beaches, majestic mountain ranges, lush rain forests, and its superior marine life which include the humpback whales in the waters. If I call it the best part of Hawaii the natives and the visitors both will agree with me beyond doubt. Lahaina a famous town in West Maui in Hawaiian language means the "cruel sun". When in this part of the world, always remember that you are quite close to the equator which makes the sun rays more powerful. So when going to take a sunbath always take proper precautions so that you won't get sunburns. After all who would like to get the sunburns on the start of holidays? Maui with all its natural treasures is a wonderful tourist destination. You can find this place changing colors with everyday of your stay. So much so that you will find time falling short to fully experience this place. You can start with relaxing on the warm beaches getting sunbath in the morning and then jumping into the waters to get a glimpse of its marine life. The very second day you can plan for trekking and camping in its lush green valleys. And when

you do all sort of activities in the day time Maui soothes you in the evening with the cool breeze and an interesting nightlife. Maui is full of events all the time. You will have to work overtime to keep up with the unlimited fun taking palace in Maui. Reaching Maui is not a problem as it is conveniently connected with the Kahului Airport which is the main airport for the islands of Maui. Getting around in Maui besides its lack of public transportation systems is never a problem as you can find car rentals everywhere. Another advantage in going in for car rentals is that you will find it cheaper than any other place in the US. Same is the case with the hotels as you can find a hotel for every budget. So if you are running on a tight budget be assured that you will find a budget hotel in Maui. The only important part for you is to make prior reservations as Maui is always packed with tourists. Some of the regular facilities offered by the hotels in Maui include air conditioned rooms, car rentals, airport pick and drop facilities, swimming pools, health clubs, spas, restaurants etc. The best part of Hawaii is always ready to embrace you into its valleys so if you yet not visited Maui just pack your bags and take off to this wonderful part of the world, Maui. Written by Dhriaj, courtesy of

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At REI, we love to get outside and play, and we know first-hand the importance of quality outdoor gear.

We stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we design our own line of award-winning REI brand gear and clothing. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, we gladly share our enthusiasm for our products—and the trails, slopes and waterways where we play. Each year, REI donates millions of dollars to support conservation efforts nationwide, and sends scores of volunteers to build trails, clean up

stores, phone us, or visit the REI website.

By staying true to our roots, we've beaches, and teach outdoor ethics to earned a place on FORTUNE kids. Through responsible business magazine's list of the "100 Best practices, we strive to reduce our Companies to Work For" every year environmental footprint. since the rankings began in 1998. We work hard to earn our reputation for What began as a group of 23 mountain quality and integrity every day. Our climbing buddies is now the nation's commitment remains the same as largest consumer cooperative with when we started out in 1938: to more than three million active inspire, educate and outfit for a members. But no matter how large we lifetime of outdoor adventure. grow, our roots remain firmly planted in the outdoors. Our passion for Check out to find out more. outdoor adventure is clear, whether you walk into one of our 100-plus

This month’s random fact is a real knot in the neck: The Necktie! There is a long history of neckwear worn by soldiers (Roman), whether as part of a uniform or as a symbol of belonging to a particular group. Some form of neckwear other than the outdoor scarf can be traced intermittently through many centuries. The modern necktie spread by Europe traces back to the time of the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648) when Croatian mercenaries from the Croatian Military Frontier in French service, wearing their traditional small, knotted neckerchiefs, aroused the interest of the Parisians. Due to the slight difference between the Croatian word for Croats, Hrvati, and the French word, Croates, the garment gained the name "cravat" ("cravate" in French). The boy-king Louis XIV began wearing a lace cravat about 1646, when he was seven, and set the fashion for French nobility. This new article of clothing started a fashion craze in Europe; both men and women wore pieces of fabric around their necks. From its introduction by the French king, men wore lace cravats that took a large amount of time and effort to arrange. These cravats were often tied in place by cravat strings, arranged neatly and tied in a bow. International Necktie Day is celebrated on October 18 in Croatia and in various cities around the world, e.g. in Dublin, Tübingen, Como, Tokyo, Sydney and other towns.

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