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the odor and the smoking problems seen in tallow. But there was so much labor involved in making this wax that the process did not become popular. Then during the 18th century another significant advancement was made in candle making. It was found that a wax could be made using whale oil that came from the whale's head. The wax was oily but with a hard consistency. There was no odor or taste to it. Candles could now be mad for the masses at prices they could afford. They burned

well with no odor to them. Whales starting being over used though, but by this time petroleum had been discovered for a source of lighting. During the 19th century the industrialization period came along which helped modernize many areas of life. Improvements were also made in candle making during this time. Paraffin wax was discovered and it was a great quality wax which machines could shape into candles. This made them extremely affordable for the public.

Then the candle making became not as important when the electric light bulb was invented in 1879. Then the history of candles enjoyed resurgence at the change of the centuries. Today the history of candles goes on with hobbyists enjoying the candle-making process. Also many different shapes sizes of candles can be purchased out of the stores. Candlelight is still used in homes but not so much out of necessity as the warmth of light they give off.

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