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Products To Love In October Oh, Halloween! Glorious season of disguise, mayhem, spooktacular scaring and candy! I wait with extreme anticipation for the halloween season every year for one reason. And no, it始s not the costumes! Toosie Roll Caramel Apple Pops are one of my seasonal favorite candies in the entire world. (coming in second only to Peeps). The soft creamy caramel that sticks to your teeth in the most delicious way and the sharp, tangy flavor of the apple pop deliver a sense of bliss that makes the Halloween season a magical place. Please click here for more information.






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Want to impress your Halloween guests with something special this year? Right out of the classic sci-fi of the 1950s, all gleaming steel and aluminum with rubber hoses, it is a special effects triumph, standing over 47 inches tall. Plug it in and watch the horror! Lights and a bubbler run on standard 110 volt house current. The spare brain floating inside is resilient gray latex. So realistic you can almost hear the moans of its lost owner. The Dr. Karlosi Atomic Brain uses plain water; the lamp imparts a red glowing tint. When the room lights are dimmed, the brain keeps on glowing as if alive! Please click here for more information.

Guys, have we got one for you! Be the smash hit of the party in this amazing outfit. Let your inner warrior shine through and impress all the ladies this Halloween. Defend your princess and slay all Gorgon's in this impressive Clash of the Titans Deluxe Adult Perseus costume. Includes tunic, molded chest armor , gauntlets and shin plates. Please click here for more information.