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Halloween Safety Tips to Help your Child and Family be Safe

Between the Harvest Festivals, Halloween parties and social gatherings, this Halloween season could be very busy for you and your family. This is why all parents should make safety the number one priority while having fun. It also never hurts to be reminded of the precautions all Halloweeners should take while gathering candy. Before leaving the house, every person going out to Trick-or-Treat should be dressed appropriately. Begin by making sure attire is weather appropriate. The cooler the temperature, the more layers needed to keep warm. These layers should be easily removed as not to interfere with the costume if it gets too warm. Any masks being worn should fit so that vision is not obscured in any way. Children can't be expected to be completely safe if surroundings can't be seen easily. Batman and Darth Vader costumes are popular this year, and their dark cloaks can make seeing trick-ortreaters almost impossible after the sun has set. Take the ultimate safety precaution by