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lots of colorful accessories to make an appearance as the shaggadelic man of Mystery. The Man of Steel is also back in business as one of the preferred costumes, with the recent return of the latest installment in the series. Sports – Another good costume idea is to go and dress up as your favorite athlete. Donʼt worry if you donʼt really know how to play the game; thatʼs not the point here. Whether itʼs baseball, football, basketball, or any other favorite sport, you can choose from lots of favorite sports icons to imitate. It would be a sure-fire hit, especially if some of the women arrive dressed up in one of those sexy tennis outfits or cheerleader uniforms. And donʼt forget wrestling. You can have fun dressed up as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, or any other well-known wrestler. It would be more fun if you can also imitate the way they talk and move. Construction Worker – believe it or not, a lot of women go for those muscular, sweaty men they walk by everyday in building sites, even if they wonʼt admit it. Wearing a tight pair of jeans, a white tank top or t-shirt, a construction hat and a tool belt will complete your get-up. There are lots more of great costume ideas for men. You can either go out and visit costume shops, or you can browse the Internet. The latter is particularly convenient and practical. Lots of great costume shops online have a wide selection of costumes and accessories at very affordable prices. Written by Azlan Idris. Courtesy of