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5 Fun Fall Activities The fall is my favorite time of year. It's still warm and pleasant most of the time yet the crowds and tourists are gone. It's also harvest season and the beginning of the holidays with Halloween and Thanksgiving nearby. Here are some great activities to do in the fall. 1) Get outside and do some of the things it was too hot to comfortable do in the summer! For example, I start hiking and running in the fall, two activities I do very little of in the summer. My parents resume their nightly walks. My brother in law sits on the back patio and has a beer most nights. Now that it's cooler but still comfortable, take advantage of the weather. This is one of my favorite parts of this season. 2) Have you ever been to a corn maze? They are becoming very popular and fall, after the corn is fully grown, is corn maze time. They are lots of fun for kids and adults and an excellent family activity. You can find corn mazes by asking around and looking on community Web sites and newspapers. I was surprised to find many of them within 20 minutes of my house. 3) Pretend it's still summer and engage in a summer activity, without the crowds. My favorite is going to the beach. They tend to be close to deserted, but still wonderful with water usually at least as warm as during the beginning of summer. What is your favorite summer activity? No reason to give it up yet! 4) Restart your exercise routine. Many of us let go in the summer. For example I stopped going to the gym. With holidays and feasts right around the corner, it's time to get back on your horse and working out! It is also easier now that the usually frantic summer pace has subsided. I know my gym is much busier in the fall than in the summer. It also feels good to start getting back into or staying in shape. 5) Throw a costume party. The summer is too hot for most costumes but fall is just right. It may or may not be for Halloween, but with many people getting costumes together for Halloween, it gives them a chance to use them more than once. My kids usually use their costumes several times each fall for various parties. Fall is a wonderful time of year. I always make the best of it and so should you! Written by Uzi Des. Courtesy of