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Dear Friends,

Can you hear it? That crisp crackle of the leaves? The smell of sweet, tangy apples permeates the air and the breeze is taking on a deliciously cool tint. That's right! Fall is finally here! This month in Welcome Home magazine discover the history behind apples. We guarantee that it is much more fascinating and complex than you realize! Want to start hiking so you can enjoy the lovely leaf colors? We have the perfect guide for you! Find something fun to do this fall and enjoy it instead of retreating indoors like usual. Last but not least, find your new favorite fall food. Your taste buds will thank you! This and much, much more awaits you in our pages, so get to reading and make your vacation month the best ever! Please enjoy this issue of the magazine! Have an superior September, and as always, Welcome Home!

If you have comments or suggestions please email us at , we love to hear from you! Also if there is a subject that you would like to see covered, let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

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