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Top Ten Autumn Foods Spice Up Your Fall!

The surroundings are getting wintry, and you can find paler, dry leaves covering up the roads and gardens - autumn has set in and with it the whole environment has turned a bit gloomy. However, autumn also offers a treat for your taste buds as a vast variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits fill up the stores. Furthermore, a little bit of food indulgence is just what you need to beat the autumn blues and pep up your mood. Treat yourself to the deep, dark colored vegetables and juicy fruits rich in nutrients and phytochemicals that will not only delight your senses but will also build your defense and prepare you for the cold season. Here's a list of a few of the best Autumn Comfort Foods * Apples - Apples contain flavonoids, which are one of the most amazing antioxidants available in food form. From reducing the risk of health conditions to preventing cancer, apples have many health benefits. There are two reasons why they're great choice, specially in the autumn season - first they have powerful anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic properties that will deal with the common infections and allergies that appear in the autumn season; and secondly, they're superb for your skin and can help your look and feel younger. Have them with your breakfast, or as a mid-day snack, and you can truly keep the doctor away!