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The homes that sell are those that “wow” buyers from the curb and woo them all the way through to the back yard. So how do you turn your hearth into a new buyerʼs heart throb? The same way that youʼd attract a new beau – freshen up, put on a little makeup and sport the most attractive outfit you can find. Five Steps to Wow Them at the Curb. Curb appeal is the real estate equivalent of sex appeal. That first view of your house may not break a sale – but it can definitely make it. 1. Get rid of clutter in the yard. Donʼt kid yourself that the bikes and Big Wheels tell buyers a home is wellloved and family-friendly. Stow the stuff – the kidsʼ toys, the gas grill, the rake leaning against the porch - and not in the garage. Youʼll want that to look nice and clean, too. 2.Make any cosmetic repairs that the house needs. Clogged gutters? Hanging drainpipe? Shutter off kilter? Spend a weekend doing all those little things youʼve been saying youʼll do for the last three years. 3. Freshen up your houseʼs face. If you can, give it a new coat of paint. If your house is sided, this is the time to rent a power washer and give it a good hose down. Donʼt forget to wash the windows and hang pretty window treatments inside, too. While youʼre at it, make sure that mini-blinds are all at the same level in the windows facing the street. Youʼd be surprised what a difference, symmetry makes. 4. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, get the tree guy out to lop off those overhanging branches. Fix cracks in the driveway, dig up the moss in between the paving stones. The keyword is manicure – everything should look very, very well taken care of. 5.Wrap it up with a bow. You canʼt exactly put a ribbon in your houseʼs hair, but you can do the next best thing. Flowers offer instant appeal. Hit your local garden shop for a few flats of colorful, in bloom annuals and put in a flower beds along the walkway, or encircle a palm with a bed of impatiens.