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Dear Friends,

Trees put on their Autumn best with vibrant displays of reds, golds and oranges. The succulent smells of roasting turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie fill the crisp air. Football insanity seizes most members of the male species and some of the female as well. Oh glorious November! The time of family and insanity! This month in Welcome Home magazine you will find answers for your most common Thanksgiving dilemmas! Want that perfectly roasted Turkey on the table like grandma used to have? Chewing you nails to the quick worrying about snagging that perfect deal on Black Friday? Terrified of making a mistake in front of the in-laws? Now there is no need to get all stressed out! So take a load off and enjoy having all the answers at the click of your mouse! Have an tasty November, and as always, Welcome Home!

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Michelle Vivero