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How To Have A Successful We’ve all been there…you wake up one bright, Saturday morning, brim full of confidence, determination and a little caffeine. You glance over to your pajama wearing kids, their legs slouched over the couch watching Phinneus and Ferb and you think to yourself…I’m putting those kids to work today.  We’re cleaning the garage!  (Or the attic, or the basement, or whatever orifice of the house that contains all the junk you simply had to have that now lies broken, discarded, misused or in need of organization).  The simple seeds of a yard sale have just been planted, and as you continue the drudge throughout the day of the complaining kids and sweaty brows, you realize you have enough junk to host the biggest sale the block has ever seen.  Your garage is clean!  Well, almost, because now you have all the things you don’t want piled up in one corner that will become the showcase of your family yard sale.  Time to start planning… What do you do first?  Well, seems simple enough, but set a date.  Plan a date where you feel most confident about the weather.  Consider a weekend day as you will garner more traffic, and most yard sales are held on the weekend anyway.  Think about where you want the sale to take place, the front yard, the driveway, the garage etc.  That could be dictated by the amount of stuff you have, but also consider if you are comfortable with people traipsing across your lawn, or perusing books in your garage.   Also consider inviting your neighbors to join in.  The more garage sales in one area, the better the presentation, and the more traffic you will draw. Now you have the date and the location set, time to advertise.  One great place to advertise is craigslist, where you can advertise for free.  Go to and select the city and state where you are

from. It’s easy to post, and lots of people, including myself, use this site as a starting point for great yard sales.   Other advertising ideas: • If your subdivision or HOA has a website, contact the website administrator and post an ad on the site. • Visit  This isn’t as widely used as Craigslist, but some people do use it and it’s free, so why not? • whose objective is to create a “nationwide forum” for garage sales.  That’s cool, but when I went to check the garage sales in my area and surrounding, there weren’t any listed at the time.  Still, it’s free, and can’t hurt. • If you have a lot of stuff, or some high-ticket items, you may want to spend a little money in putting an ad in the local paper.  The only perceived drawback to this, aside from spending money, is that you may have the early birds circling your house before the party begins. • Check your local stores or ice cream shops for community bulletin boards.  That’s a great place to post a free ad and gain a lot of visibility.  One place I like to go to is the local Cheshire market.  They have a community bulletin board, along with pizza and fish bait.  You can take care of all your business at once! Now that you have the advertising taken care, it’s time to organize your sale.  A couple of weeks before your sale, start going through your items.  If it’s broken and can be fixed relatively easy, (a little glue here, a little tack there), fix it.  It will improve the amount you can sell the item for.  Wipe off the dust and give your items a little sparkle.  Trust me, you don’t want to be doing that the day of the’s too stressful.  If your selling toys, make sure you have all the pieces to that toy.  If


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