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This month's random fact brings to you the art and history of one of the wonderful world of cleaning's international superstars: The Vacuum. Look in the broom closet of almost any house anywhere in the world and you will find one of these super suckers lurking there. They come in a mind boggling array of colors, sizes and shapes, with each one claiming to do something that no other vacuum is able to. There are canister, uprights, tanks, hand helds that match your decor, systems build right into your house and even robotic vacuums that will sweep and mop all by them selves. But who created these marvelous modern machines? What one man's genius was responsible? Actually there were twelve!

It all started with Daniel Hess of Iowa in 1860. From there Ives W. McGaffey, Mellville Bissell, John Thurman, Corrine Dufour, H. Ceil Booth, P.A. Nilfisk, Walter Griffiths, David T. Kenney, James Murray Spangler, W.H. Hoover and finally Alex Wenner-Gren were the founding fathers and inventors of what became the well known household appliance of today. Vacuums continued to improve over time but no major changed were made to the way they basically operated until James Dyson introduced cyclone technology in 1985. Then came the era of robotic and super efficient bag-less vacuums. At the touch of a button you can easily empty your vacuum and be ready to go in a snap. Or better yet push a button and off scoots a tiny robot that not only does the vacuuming, it cleans under the couch and in all those hard to reach places as well as the main floor and when it's done it sends its self back to its docking station until you need it again. Some of the newer models are programmable so you don't even have to think about pushing a button and they will mop the floor after they sweep it!

Programmable robotics are certainly a long way from the original clunky, bellows driven suction prototype that started it all, but at least the first inventors never had to worry about tripping over cords or trying to remember to buy new batteries. Whatever the future holds in the way of vacuuming innovations, I'm sure that the average person will just continue to be happy that they have a clean floor with using a broom or scrub brush!

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