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Tip #1 to Clear out the House: Clear out the Kitchen first – a house that has a clean kitchen will begin to function better immediately. Put all kitchen things that you haven’t used in a year into boxes or bins and put them in the garage, or in a storage room. If you live in a small place, stack the boxes in the corner of a room for the moment. The key to organizing anything is to clear out all the things that aren’t used on a weekly basis. You can add things back any time, so don’t be afraid to clear it out. Do this one day. Then, go back two days later and do it again. You’ll find more that you can part with. For pack rats, I advise having someone help you. They won’t be as attached to your clutter as you are. Have in mind that you’re clearing everything out that doesn’t belong in the kitchen. The office supplies, the phone book, the papers, these all must go. If you must have a phone in the kitchen, hang it on the wall. Get it off the counter! Tip #2 to Clear out the House: Tackle the Bedrooms Next – A cleared out bedroom can do wonders for giving you a boost. When our bedrooms are clean, we begin to get the idea that life can be nice and easy with a little bit of organization. My home de-cluttering expert promised me this and I found that she was right.

Start with closets, then under the bed. Clean out the chest of drawers, night stands, etc. If you have office equipment in the bed room, move it out. Find another place to put it. The bedroom is for sleeping, relaxing, and getting dressed. Anything that you’ve put in there because you don’t know what else to do with it must go. Once you’ve done this, putting away laundry will be a snap and you’ll get used to having a clean space. Tip #3 to Clear out the House: Clear out the Garage – This is a challenge because garages collect all of the things that we don’t really have a place. At this first stage, don’t worry about getting the garage spotless. Put things away in boxes or bins, label them, and stack them in the garage. Anything that is not in a box, try to get rid of. Also, you can get covers for lawn equipment and they can be stored outside. Hang up all the tools you can. Get things off of the floor. Put out empty bins somewhere for things that you’ll be taking to donate or to sell. If you’re a hopeless pack rat, consider donating items instead of having a garage sale. Pack rats usually keep their discards around for years for the garage sale that is never going to happen. Written by Dr. Isabella Santorini. Courtesy of


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