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The first thing to decide is who is going to do the cleaning, and I do not mean that you should try to guilt trip your friends/family/children into doing it for you! Option One: You do your own cleaning. Thatʼs right, you. It can be very difficult to get motivated and stay that way when you are facing mountains clutter, or even just a little. I would suggest enlisting a very good and very honest friend to help you. They will be better able to look at things objectively and help you decide how to organize in a fashion that makes sense. But do note I said “help” and not do the cleaning for you. This may seem like a great idea at the time, but later when the things start to pile up again because you have no idea where they are supposed to go, you will be kicking yourself for not being as involved in the process as possible. Just remember these couple of things and you will do fine. 1. If you have not worn it in more than two years, give it away, there is someone who needs it more than you. 2. If it is broken, you have multiples, you donʼt really like it what much or donʼt have a clue what it is, get rid of it! 3. Have three bags ready, one to throw away, one to sell and one to give away. After you have put something in a bag, leave it there! If it does not fit in a drawer, cupboard, closet etc. It probably needs to go live somewhere else. 4. As much as it seems to be painful to part with your belongings, I promise you that a clean, organized home is more than worth it, and you owe it to your self to have one. Now, to continue on to our other option. Option Two: You hire someone else to do it for you. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try we just can not do everything ourselves. Please realize that this is not giving up, it is being able to admit that you need help getting your house under control. A cleaning service or housekeeper will be able to breeze though cleaning job that normally take you days, why? Because they are trained professionals, this is what they do for a living! Most of them are more than willing to share cleaning and organizational information, so you can learn to breeze

through too. There are a few very important things to remember when hiring someone to clean for you. Remember, this person will have access to your home, and while most of them are fantastic people, it never hurts to be a little cautious. 1. Ask for references. Individuals or large services, it does not matter, get references and call them to confirm that the person is legitimate. Ask large services about policies on back ground checks and hiring convicted felons. Be polite, but very specify in your questions to anyone you are considering. 2. Get everything in writing. If they say that they will come clean twice a week on tuesday and thursday for four hours each day for X amount of dollars, have them write it down and sign it. Use the same procedure with services as well. This way everyone involved knows exactly what is expected of them and it will keep misunderstandings to a minimum. 3. Keep pets and children out of their way. It is hard to do a good job when Fido is nipping at your heels or Little Jimmy keeps smearing jelly on the counters. Also a super chatty cleaner is usually not going to give you the best job. Standing around and talking may be pleasant, but it does not get the house clean. 4. Ask about insurance. Most large services, and some smaller ones as well, have insurance in case things get broken or damaged. Professionals tend to be very careful when cleaning, however accidents do happen. If you have something that you are particularly nervous about it might be best to put it away when they come to clean or let them know that you would rather that they not touch it. 5. Remember you have a choice. If you find that you really donʼt like the way your house is getting cleaned, remember that there are plenty of other cleaning services out there. Donʼt feel obligated to keep someone employed if they are doing a bad job. You can still like them as a person, but really hate the way they clean. Wether you decide to tackle your cleaning yourself, hire a cleaning service or some combination of the two, just be proud of yourself that you were able to step up and say “I want a clean, organized, comfortable home. Best of luck in all your cleaning endeavors!

Article by Phly Jambor


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