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Trees put on their Autumn best with vibrant displays of reds, golds and oranges. The succulent smells of roasting turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie fill the crisp air. Football insanity seizes most members of the male species and some of the female as well. Oh glorious November! The time of family and insanity! This month in Welcome Home magazine you will find answers for your most common Thanksgiving dilemmas! Want that perfectly succulent Turkey on the table, but are terrified of the BOOM that can go with deep frying? Chewing you nails to the quick worrying that the encroaching frost will decimate your garden? Or can't keep your football facts straight and are terrified of making a mistake in front of the inlaws? No need to get all stressed out! So take a load off and enjoy having all the answers at the click of your mouse! Please enjoy this issue of the magazine! Have an terrifically tasty November, and as always, Welcome Home! If you have comments or suggestions please email us at , we love to hear from you! Also if there is a subject that you would like to see covered, let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Welcome Home! Table of Contents Recipe And Design


A tasty recipe and a stylish home design how to.


Timeless Football Wisdom


How To Deal With Frost

So what are quarterbacks and linebackers again?

Save your yard and garden from the kiss of winter.

In The Kitchen. Savor this classic taste of fall: Apple Cider.

Welcome Home is for entertainment purposes only. The advise contained therein is not in anyway intended to substitute for that of trained professionals. Please read responsibly.


Health and Wellness. Rock Climbing, the ultimate high. 9


Fall Bass Fishing


How To Deep Fry A Turkey

Enjoying the fall outdoors.

A guide to safely and properly frying your bird this year. 16

Why Is It Customary To Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving? Why this fine feathered bird in particular?


The History and Origin of Black Friday Where did the shopping madness start?

20 Products To Love! Hot trends and technological wonders of tomorrow. 22 City Spotlight Asheville, NC - Thanksgiving fun in a picture perfect setting. 24 DIY Project - November Check out this super cool DIY - DIY Sharpie Dinnerware! 25

Businesses That Make A Difference Hand in Hand, cleaning up the world.

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Ingredients • • • • • • • • • • •

1cup finely chopped roasted turkey 3/4 cup mashed potatoes 1/2 (8-oz.) package cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup cut green beans, cooked 1 carrot, grated 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley Salt and pepper 1 1/2 (14.1-oz.) packages refrigerated pie crusts 1 large egg, beaten Poppy seeds (optional) Turkey gravy, warmed

What You Need: • • • • • •

Wooden Hangers Spray Paint Hot glue gun and glue sticks Cute Fall themed papers Newspaper and Masking tape Clear plastic tacks

Preparation 1.

Stir together first 6 ingredients. Season with desired amount of salt and pepper. 2. Preheat oven to 400°. Unroll each piecrust. Lightly roll each into a 12-inch circle. Cut each piecrust into 6 circles using a 4-inch round cutter. Place about 3 Tbsp. turkey mixture just below center of each dough circle. Fold dough over filling, pressing and folding edges to seal. 3. Arrange pies on a lightly greased baking sheet. Brush with egg, and, if desired, sprinkle with poppy seeds. 4. Bake at 400° for 18 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with warm gravy. Note: Unbaked pies can be frozen up to 1 month. Bake frozen pies 30 to 32 minutes or until golden brown.

Instructions: 1. Lay the newspaper over your work surface and be sure to work somewhere well ventilated.

Southern Living NOVEMBER 2010

6. Hang and enjoy!

2. Carefully wrap the metal hanger hook in masking tape and then spray the wooden hanger with you desired color of paint. Let the paint completely dry 3. Choose your desired piece of paper and trace the outline of the hanger on to it and cut it out. 4. Carefully glue the paper design side down to the back of the hanger. 5. Place the plastic tacks on the wall in your desired pattern. Courtesy of Better Homes and

Timeless Football Wisdom What are the positions in football? There are two types of position, an offensive position and a defensive position. One of the most essential offensive positions is the quarterback. The protectors of the quarterback are the offensive line. As an additional protection there are the running-the-ball positions of running back and fullback. These positions are located in the backfield, behind the quarterback. The last offensive position is the wide receiver. This position has the main objective of receiving (catching) the ball when the quarterback throws (passes) it. The defensive positions are: defensive end, linebacker, cornerback, and safety, who has the last thing to say about defense. Safeties are located at the back, while the defensive ends are out front. What does each position in football do? Offensive positions are: quarterback, offensive line, running back, fullback, and wide receiver. The quarterback is the leader of the team. He gets the ball at the beginning of each play and he makes the decision whether to throw the ball or run it. The offensive line's job is to defend the quarterback or the running back, especially while they have the ball. Another thing the offensive line does is block or catch passes. Running backs and fullbacks are the major hurrying unit. The wide receiver is the one who will usually catch the ball when the quarterback throws it. He must be tall and quick. Defensive positions are: defensive end, linebacker, cornerback, and safety. The defensive ends are the outer part of the defensive team. Linebackers are the most important line-up of the defense. They are the quick, hard

hitters. Cornerbacks are in charge of defending the wide receiver so he can catch the ball and run with it, while the safeties guard and defend the cornerbacks. Where did the name football originate? A form of football called harpaston was first played by the ancient Greeks. In the United States it was played as early as 1609 in Virginia, though in a simpler form. For the ball, they used the inflated bladder of a slaughtered pig. Most "football" today is played in Europe and South America, and is the sport that North Americans call soccer. Football got its name because in soccer the hands cannot be used to move the ball. Later, rugby came into popularity, wherein the hands are allowed to be used. American football has been widely influenced by rugby, and is known throughout the world today as (guess what) "American football." Where did they get the shape of the football? The shape of the football comes from the shape of the ball in the game of rugby. Football has an elongated ball with pointed ends. The ball is perfectly designed for the player to hold it easily and have a nice aerodynamic motion when it is perfectly thrown. It also has an unpredictable bounce when it hits the ground. The ball is eleven inches long and about nine inches wide. All of the manufacturers put some laces on one side so the players can grip and hold it easily. This is the reason why rugby and football have almost the same shape of ball, in contrast to soccer, which has a round ball that is manipulated mainly by the feet.

Written by sschelum44. Courtesy of

How To Deal With Frost Frost season along the Central Coast has officially arrived. According to officials with the USDA, the "date of concern" comes on or around October 15th. It will last until on or around March 15th. The worst nights to worry about are going to be still, clear and cold. As frost can be deadly to citrus, avocado and subtropicals, I wanted to introduce you to an awesome solution I came across called Bonide "Wilt Stop."

Wilt Stop is sold in pints, quarts, and gallons. It also comes in an easy to apply Qt. "ready to use" hose-end sprayer too. There is a similar product called "Cloud Cover." While it can also be of help, it is a chemical compound and needs to be re-applied every four weeks or so. Although both products are labeled as non-toxic, Cloud Cover can't make the "natural and organic" claim that Wilt Stop can.

While fans, heaters and frost fabric protect against frost, there is a new product that can help. Its called Wilt Stop. In my opinion it is the absolute best frost and wind protection on the market!. It's made of pine resin, a natural and organic substance. Best of all, Wilt Stop needs to only be applied once a season. It need only be re-applied whenever there is new growth.

If you have any citrus, avocado or sub-tropical plants in your garden, now is the time to apply. Wilt Stop works best when applied during bright sunny days and slightly warmer weather. It's always best to apply it well in advance of any anticipated frost. Given where we live, the danger of frost will exist forever. It should not

prevent you from planting frost tender plants. They are just too beautiful to pass up. Even more important, solutions to prevent the effects of frost exist. Your local nursery stands ready to advise. FROST PROTECTION Here are some tips on how to protect your plants in case of a freeze, even a light one, and preserve your beautiful and valuable landscape. WATER Well watered plants fare better than dry ones during a frost. Water plumps up the plant's cells protecting them, plus moist soil retains more heat than dry soil. FERTILIZER Use Master Bloom monthly beginning in September to 'harden

off' Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, and other tender plants. COVER PLANT Fast Start is a "thermal blanket" for your plants. Simply cut the material to a size large enough to cover the plant, allowing a few inches of slack for plant growth and for anchoring the edges. Then just drape it over the plant for as long as night temps are under 30 degrees F, up to 4-6 weeks. No need to remove it during the day. Fast Start's unique construction breathes, preventing it from 'welding' to plant leaves and transferring the cold to the plant the way plastic sheeting does. Fast Start will modify the plant temperature around a plant by 2-6 degrees, enough to significantly reduce frost and cold damage. Other covers like plastic sheeting or blankets must be

draped over stakes or a frame (to keep them from touching a plant directly) and should be removed during the day.

can be used with Fast Start for even greater protection.

LIGHTS-Placing a lit 50-100 watt light bulb underneath the Fast Start (or plastic sheeting tent) will raise the temperature around the plant. Make sure the light bulbs don't touch the leaves or Fast Start. One attractive solution is stringing miniature Christmas tree lights through your plants then leaving them on overnight . This keeps plants warmer and looks festive too. SPRAYS Anti-transparent like Cloud Cover offer 2-3 degree F protection from frost. They also help protect plats from drying out in storm winds and

MOVING PLANTS Container plants should be moved, if possible, to under an eave or overhang . South facing walls absorb the most heat during the day and radiate it at night, offering protection to nearby plants. Other good spots for protection are under and evergreen tree, under a lath structure or in the garage or carport. EARLY WARNINGS Besides staying up to listen to the 11:00 news to find out how cold it is going to get at night, (then being too sleepy to go outside to protect the plants), here are a few early warning signs of an especially cold night.

Written by Steve McShane. Courtesy of

In The Kitchen

Apple Cider Ingredients: •

• • • • • • •

12 or so small-to-medium-sized apples, assorted types (I used mostly Gala, Granny Smith & Red Delicious) 1 orange 1/2-1 cup brown sugar 4 cinnamon sticks 1 whole nutmeg 1 Tbsp. whole cloves 1 tsp. whole allspice (optional) water to cover

Directions: Wash apples and the orange, and then roughly cut into quarters. (Don’t worry about removing peels, seeds, or stems.) Place in a large stock pot. Add sugar (I start with 1/2 cup, you can always add more later), cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves and allspice. Then cover with water, filling the pot until it is nearly full. (I

left about 2 inches of space at the top of my pot.) Bring to a boil and boil uncovered for at least an hour, stirring occasionally. Then cover and reduce to a simmer, and allow juice to simmer for at least another two hours. Periodically during the three hours, use a potato masher (or I used tongs, or you could just use the side of a spoon) to begin mash the apple and orange slices once they are soft. Feel free to also add more sugar or spices to taste. When cider is ready allow to cool then strain apple pieces and whole spices into a clean pitcher or pot. If you feel like it you can strain everything through a cheesecloth and twist and squeeze to get every last drop. Serve hot, and garnish with a cinnamon stick, fresh orange slice, or dried apples if you’d like. Store in the fridge and reheat as desired. Ali’s Tip: I have yet to try this in a slow cooker, but imagine it would make a fabulous batch of cider as well! Courtesy of

Health & Wellness

R o ckC lim bin g

Ready to take on Rock Climbing? It is one of the fastest growing sports around, indoor as well as outdoors a lot of people are now joining what seems to be the new way to work out, and to strengthen yourself both physically and mentally. Rock climbing is no longer reserved to the professionals, even thought they are very much respected and looked up because of their amazing achievements and skills the art of climbing now belongs to the masses and it seems they love it. You will need to work hard and practice, keep a routine and workout plan, focus on the rock climbing skills but not neglect many other forms of workout to increase your muscle mass and you cardio power if you think of going out thee and climbing mountains, the climbing walls are only the beginning, but, as everything else in life, you will need to go through every step to reach your goal. There are many things to learn about rock climbing, first you will need to become familiar with the rock climbing equipment, you will surely need someone to walk you around the things the professionals use, the survival gear and all the right clothes that will make your life just a little easier when climbing to the top. There are some people that love rock climbing because of everything but the physical side of it, it is a huge challenge and something that is looked upon as a task that belongs to each individual, a test of character and something that will challenge you in the most extreme way, you should think carefully before diving into the rock climbing world, it is highly addictive and you risk that chance that some people will regard your actions as of a madmen. If you will choose to go with the rock climbing, you will probably discover a world of thrills and adventure, of passion and dedication, but also a world of hard work and training, planning and thinking about every step, rock climbing is not only climbing but it involves a lot of planning and thinking and working out many difficulties and obstacles. You can start off by getting a book, a rock climbing book may give you all the basic things you want to know so you can start thinking about getting serious about climbing, it is the closest thing you can have to a manual, if you want to get a book, take a good look at the selection because there are quite a lot of rock climbing guides around, find the one you will be most comfortable for you, and remember you may want to take it with you when you go out so make sure it fits in your backpack. If you are dedicated and a hard worker there is no reason that pretty soon you will outgrow your book and will need some professional hand to guide you around to jump a level, and this you can very easily find in the specialist gyms that have a climbing walls, you do not have to get a lesson every day, but a few tips and tricks from a person with real experience will do you a world of good, and increase your safety. Have fun, and stay safe. Written by John Furnem. Courtesy of

Fall Bass Fishing: Enjoying The Fall Outdoors The great outdoors, its natural splendor beckons mans natural instincts. As men have grown accustomed to living in high rises and suburban haven, they could not still shrug off the call of the wilds. Man has started off as natural hunters even with the convenience of department stores and groceries, there is still nothing quite like the natural high of catching your own food. From necessity, fishing has

evolved into a sport, now hordes of fishermen are now sportsmen because of these and bass fishing is one of the greatest challenges this sport offers.

Bass fishes are mostly fresh water fishes and this doesn’t require expensive boat rentals as well horrendously pocket burning fees and gears.

Just try to look at its development and you will really see the diversity. Before, fish is only considered as part of our everyday needs, but as time goes by it was later transformed into this kind of sports which the people particularly the anglers are getting fond of.

And since it is fresh water, you can do bass fishing even in fall!

The satisfaction that they find in bass fishing cannot be compared to any other hobby. Be it young or old, many are becoming quite fond of it. Although there are a lot of things to be considered once you get yourself into Bass Fishing but still they disregard all of these. The allure of bass fishing is never seasonal and the call of the waters never ceases. Be it not for the coldness of winter, bass fishermen would not be held back from getting into their boats lugging their gears. It is too much of a passion for those who truly understands the essence of having to catch the bass. Moreover, the game of bass fishing does not choose any age. Once you are hooked to it, you will certainly find the pleasure of bringing home the trophy fish. Sometimes, anglers even tend to disregard the weather condition because of their urge to catch bass fish. Bass Fishing has become a competition to other anglers because at times they are fond of recording the biggest fish that have been caught and it precisely gives not only fulfillment but as well as honor on the part of the individual that was able to catch it. The bass fish is a trophy fish because of its ability to give a good fight when it is caught. Its capability to grow into big sizes makes it a good wall mount without the need to wander off to the deep blue sea.

Trying to look at the tips on how to succeed in the game of bass fishing, there is a very important thing that must be consider there. That deals on the weather condition. It is a must to consider that aspect in bass fishing. But of course, you should leave the water when a storm came or when there is lightning that comes into the area. It is good advice for you to start to fish early in the morning or in the evening because bass is active on cooler temperature. You are surely to catch bigger trophy fish if you will have the bass fishing on the right time. Fall bass fishing is particularly good because during this season, there is a lower temperature and the colder the time is the higher the chance for you to grab on the bass fish. Northern California for instance, has always been known for its abundance of the bass fish. This usually happened during the Fall Salmon Run in the Sacramento River, but oftentimes, this Season looks absolutely phenomenal, and may not be seen again for many years to come. That is why people who are involved in fall bass fishing always grab the chance whenever this season comes because this only comes once a year. Fall Bass Fishing is like a delicacy, it is VERY special for those who have a taste for it. Like age, it does not need to consider the best seasons for going into bass fishing. This is important nonetheless if you want to drive your goal of winning the game and catching the biggest bass fish for you to track the record of the biggest bass fish caught. Written by Jack Mitchell. Courtesy of

How To Deep Fry A Turkey

Equipment Needed: *15-20lb. turkey *28-Qt. or larger turkey fryer pot *Propane burner stove *Oil thermometer made to withstand over 550 Fahrenheit 300 Celsius *LP propane tank *Thick work gloves(flame retardant cooking mitts works best), long and heavy sleeves(such as flannel) *BC or ABC fire extinguisher, never use water to contain oil or grease fires

Preparations: Completely thaw the turkey. This is extremely important for even cooking, measurable cooking time, and safety. Allow 1 day thawing time per 5 lbs. of turkey in the refrigerator. Thawing at room temperature can breed and spread bacteria and also spoil the turkey. Once thawed, remove giblets and neck. Trim excess fat and skin. Make sure the opening at the neck cavity is wide and clear. Trim the opening larger if needed.

Make a 1-inch cut at the leg joints to allow oil to drain after it's finished cooking. Next, measure the oil level needed for this bird. Mount the turkey on the poultry rack and insert into the fryer pot. Fill the pot with water until the turkey is fully submerged. Make a mark about a 3/4 inch below the waterline because oil will expand when heated. Pots made for turkey frying will usually have a maximum waterline, do not fill past this line. If there is not a maximum line, always leave at least 3 inches from the top of the pot. If the turkey is too large for the pot, the turkey will need to be trimmed down. It is very important to keep in mind that the water used to measure with will be contaminated. Thoroughly clean after draining the water. Completely dry the pot before adding oil. Peanut oil is the most commonly used to deep fry turkey. It has a high flash point and is cholesterol free. Any good host should be mindful of peanut allergies of their guests. Any vegetable oil can be used for a lighter taste due to allergies. Once the waterline is measured, you may season the turkey. Dry seasoning works best on the turkey's surfaces. Liquid marinade and or herbs may be injected into the the meaty parts. Mixing orange juice, beer, or wine with dry seasonings works wonders when injected. Placing the Fryer: One of the most important safety measure is properly placing the burner. The fryer needs at least 10 feet clearance on all sides from any buildings or flammable structures and should never be under any type of overhang or ceiling. Common dangerous mistakes include placing it on wooden decks, under the garage door, or loose uneven grass and dirt. Concrete or brick are the best surfaces to place the fryer. If using on the lawn, clear the area of grass and make sure the dirt is packed, firm, and even. Wind and weather can be dangerous factors.

Never use if there's a chance for rain. Never use in medium or stronger winds. Always position the propane tank upwind and at least 2 feet from the burner. There needs to be extra clearance downwind than 10feet depending on how strong the breeze is. If winds are too strong, do not attempt to make a wind breaker or blocker. It's too dangerous to use a gas burner in strong winds. Time to Cook: NEVER leave the cooker unattended! Light the burner before placing the pot on it for better sight and chance of knocking over the pot. Once lit, never leave the cooker unattended. The most important thing for a great fried turkey and to prevent any accidents is to always have at least one adult watching the cooker at all times. Add the oil to the measured waterline before placing the pot on the lit burner. Placing an empty pot on the burner will damage the pot. Monitoring the oil temperature is important for deep frying anything. If the temperature reaches too high, there's risk of fire. If the temperature drops too low, the food will stop "steaming" and oil will soak in causing it to become greasy a soggy. 350 Fahrenheit is the target cooking temperature for a turkey with peanut oil. Slight less, around 335 Fahrenheit is target for lighter oils such as canola. 400 Fahrenheit is a good critical limit. This means once 400 Fahrenheit is reached, shut off the gas. It will take more heat to flash the oil on fire than 400 Fahrenheit, but there's no need to go this high and it will hurt the estimated cooking time. Temperatures under 400 Fahrenheit that are higher than target, should be controlled by lowering the heat on the burner. Turn off the gas if at any point the oil starts to smoke. Keep in mind that reusing oil will lower it's flash point temperature.

Once the target temperature is reached, about 350 Fahrenheit, it's time to drop the bird. Reduce the heat of the burner. Wearing thick gloves, long sleeves and thick shoes or boots, very slowly lower the turkey rack into the pot using a long grab hook. Lower the turkey so slow that it'll take over a minute to completely do. Without gloves or long sleeves, oil splatter could cause "flinching" and might result in knocking over the pot filled with boiling oil. After the turkey is completely inserted, increase the heat to raise the oil temperature back to target, this could take several minutes. Once the target temperature is reached, adjust the heat to maintain it. Be mindful of the critical limit, once 400 Fahrenheit is reached, don't attempt anymore adjustments and turn off the gas. A turkey takes about 3 to 3 and a half minutes per pound to deep fry, about one hour for an 18 lb turkey. When the turkey is golden brown and done cooking, turn off the gas. Place newspapers or paper towels close by on a flat surface. Slowly remove the turkey rack from the pot using the same safety clothing as when it was lowered. Make sure the rack is high and clear of the pot before attempting to move to reduce chance of knocking over the pot still filled with boiling oil. Place the rack on the newspapers or paper towels to cool and drain for several minutes. Do not leave the fryer pot and burner unattended until it has cooled down which will take quite some time. Do not attempt to move the pot and burner until the oil has dropped down past 110 Fahrenheit. It's very important to keep in mind that the oil is still boiling after the cooking is done and to keep children away from it. Congratulations on your beautiful bird. Only problem is that you won't ever be able to go back to dried oven cooked turkeys again. Written by Stephen French. Courtesy of

WhyIsIt CustomaryToEat TurkeyOnThanksgiving?

So this year, like every year, my family and I'm sure yours as well will be cooking the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. The holiday of course celebrates the first thanksgiving, when the Pilgrims decided to have a feast and celebrate the fact that they had come to this bountiful new land where they could prosper and practice their beliefs free of anyone's influence. Inevitably, someone at your thanksgiving feast is going to ask, why is it customary to eat a turkey at Thanksgiving? And now, you'll have the answer and something else to talk about at the feast besides Aunt Sophie's hemorrhoids. It turns out that the very first thanksgiving did not actually have the turkey that we usually eat. Traditionally, we eat a domesticated turkey for the holiday and in fact, we slaughter more birds for this one day than we usually do for the entire year. However, at least one bird will get a reprieve. President Obama will be granting the traditional presidential pardon to one lucky bird. That said, the whole thing is based on a different type of bird, known as a wild turkey. The wild turkey differs from the domestic turkey in several important ways. The wild turkey is, as the name implies, wild. It is not very common and the meat is supposed to be much tougher than a standard domesticated turkey.

According to tradition, the reason why it is customary to eat a turkey at Thanksgiving is in memory of the 4 wild turkeys that were eaten by the Pilgrims. Actually, there is a legend that Queen Elizabeth had something to do with the turkey's prominence at Thanksgiving. It seems she was eating a goose and heard the news that the Spanish Armada, which was on its' way to attack the British fleet had sunk. She was so excited that she ordered a second goose be slaughtered in thanksgiving. When the Pilgrims came to America, they wanted to do something similar, but goose was a rare bird on this continent. So, instead, they decided to use a bird which was common, namely the turkey. In fact, the turkey was so common and so popular that it was nearly named the national bird of the new United States. Ben Franklin is said to have supported the bird's bid for the job but it was of course ultimately defeated and we now have the American Bald Eagle instead. So, when you're asked, why is it customary to eat a turkey on Thanksgiving, now you'll have more to say than “uh, well cuz it tastes good?�

Written by Chuck White Courtesy of,

The History and Origin of Black Friday

Shopping is a popular American pastime and millions of people all over the United States routinely engage in this hobby whenever they have extra money to spend. Consumers constantly shop and buy goods all throughout the year but they really go all out during the Christmas season. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday and it has become America's premier shopping holiday.Â

Anybody that takes shopping seriously knows about the fun, joy and excitement that is associated with Black Friday. This particular holiday has a long standing history that dates back to the 1930s when it was first established to kick off the Christmas season. The holiday season officially begins one day after Thanksgiving and it lasts well into the New Year. Retailers started the Christmas season off dedicating the day Friday after Thanksgiving as the holiday official start. Even though Black Friday began during the 1930s many people didn't use the phrase Black Friday until the 1960s. Retailers began to count on shopping sales from the Christmas season as a time to increase their profits and to keep them in the black. This is an accounting term that means that a business has made a profit instead of losing money. When Black Friday was first mentioned to the public many businesses and consumers were not aware of its existence and it took over 70 years before people began to use Black Friday as a house hold word during the holiday season. Now that Black Friday has become an established unofficial American holiday, many retailers and consumers prepare for this day many months in advance.  Retailers start ordering extra merchandise and products as early as July to prepare for their holiday season. There are some retailers who place their holiday items on store shelves as early as September in order to get a big head start on the Christmas shopping season. Retailers also determine how much money consumers will spend for a particular holiday season by the profits that they

make during Black Friday and the weekend that follows. Consumers are thrilled about Black Friday deals. Since it occurs one day after Thanksgiving many people schedule to take that day off to make sure that they can get out to the stores and buy the gifts that they desire. The typical Black Friday shopping celebrations actually begin on Thanksgiving Day. Once people have watched the Macy's Day Parade, visited with family, consumed a large turkey meal, watch a football game and gather together for holiday movies; they quickly fall fast asleep in order to get up at a very early time on Friday morning.  Most stores open around 5 a.m. on Black Friday but some retailers will open early as 3 a.m. Consumers realize that they must be the first people to arrive at the stores. This way they can get the most popular holiday items during a particular season. So they get up in the early hours of Friday morning, wash-up, grab some coffee and rush out to the stores; in order to stand in a long line with other consumers. Some shoppers have figured out that if they want a particular product bad enough they'll get in line as early as 9 p.m. and spend their last remaining hours of Thanksgiving sitting in front of a store.   Once the doors of a particular store are opened, people will rush to get inside and buy up the items that they desire before they're all gone. Ultimately, Black Friday is about getting the most popular item of the Christmas season, finding deals on gifts, buying up merchandise before it disappears off of the shelves and leaving a satisfied smile on the faces of retail outlet owners all across the nation.  Written by Louis. Courtesy of,

Products To Love In November This goes down as one of my favorite purchases of all time. A slim frame design with an ultra thin profile makes this a stunning entertainment centerpiece in any living space. VIZIO Internet Apps with built-in Wi-Fi gives you instant access to a world of streaming movies, TV shows, music, and more – all at the push of a button on the smart remote with keyboard. This 60" Class LED Smart TV gives you more of what you love about TV with all the brilliant picture quality and world-class support you’d expect from America’s LCD HDTV Company. Please click here for more information.






Reviewed by Rural Jungle Testing

Char-Broil's patented infrared cooking technology prevents flare-ups, eliminates hot and cold spots, and delivers juicy, crisp, and flavorful results every time. Prepare perfect turkeys (up to 16 lbs.), chickens, and large cuts of meat with injectable marinades - or use seasoned rubs on the outside. No hot oil to burn, splatter, or spill! Save money and stress without having to purchase or dispose of any oil - and, of course, the food is healthier, too! Includes cooker, cooking basket, lifter, meat thermometer, and quick start cooking guide Measures 24.5"H with a 21.1" diameter and weighs 30 lbs. Please click here for more information.

“"Looky!" says a silly turkey swinging from a vine. Gobble gobble wibble wobble. Whoops! Now there are nine.” Girls and boys will gobble up this hilarious story about ten goofy turkeys and their silly antics: swinging from a vine, strutting on a boar, doing a noodle dance, and more. Veteran author Tony Johnston has written a joyful text, which first-time illustrator Richard Deas brings to life as wild and wacky fun! Please click here for more information.

Products To Love In November National Football League Deluxe Youth Team Uniform Set from Franklin Sports includes a team logo helmet with chin strap, team logo jersey with shoulder pads, team pants and a iron-on number kit (#'s 0-9). Fits most kid's ages 4-6 years old. Perfect as a costume or to show your team support on game day! Helmet must not be used as protective equipment in football or any other sport. Please click here for more information.

No national holiday preserves traditions as rigorously observed as the foods of America’s Thanksgiving Day. In fact, it’s impossible to imagine the fourth Thursday of November without turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. Sifton, former food critic for the New York Times, sets out to find the best rendition of the time-honored Thanksgiving dinner. He’s not interested in introducing some trendy new food into the feast, just in steering readers to carefully crafted versions of customary holiday favorites. He even details how to set a table, recognizing it as a nearly lost art in today’s world. This is a good resource for any cook not already bound to fixed and inflexible Thanksgiving menus Please click here for more information.

From always family friendly Melissa and Doug comes The Thanksgiving Box of Questions. You'll be extra thankful and Thanksgiving will be extra-special when you open this box of holiday questions. Keep everyone engaged, and around the table, while sharing this family experience and making happy holiday memories. Eightytwo more things to be thankful for on this special day.The Box Girls Thanksgiving questions in this set are appropriate for both old and young, so it's easy to keep everyone engaged as you talk about tradition, family, and, of course, pie Please click here for more information.

City Spotlight

Asheville, NC

If you are longing to leave the confines of the city for a relaxing mountain getaway, there is no better destination than Asheville, NC. Thanksgiving in the mountains of Western North Carolina offers unparalleled fall beauty with the autumn colors just peaking, warm days and cool nights. Asheville is the perfect city for a North Carolina holiday vacation. Whether coming from the city of Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte or Durham, Asheville is less than a four-hour drive away, but still provides visitors with the feeling of being in a different world. Asheville offers many different styles of lodging - from boutique hotels and luxury resort condominiums to luxurious hotel suites with concierge services that will make your visit worry free. A Magical Holiday Mountain Getaway A mountain holiday visit to Asheville would not be complete without a stop at the Biltmore Estate. Starting on November 3, the Candlelight Christmas Evenings at the Estate are one of the areas largest attractions. This is truly a magical experience. As day turns to night, the Biltmore becomes illuminated by candlelight, Christmas trees and the Estates’ grand fireplace. Holiday sounds fill the halls of the nation’s largest, privately-owned home; the festival runs through Dec 31. Enjoying a rustic, yet elegant Thanksgiving dinner has also come to be a southern tradition. Many of the area’s restaurants are open for Thanksgiving and choices include: The Ambassador Grill at the Richmond Hill Inn; the Boat House at Lake Julian; the Grovewood Café; and Horizons and Sunset Terrace at The Grove Park Inn. Dining at the Biltmore Estate is also a special treat, but reservations are highly recommended. While space is limited there are plenty of options. Concierge Services Can Enhance a Holiday Vacation

If you don’t want to leave your cozy hotel or condominium accommodations behind, several locales have concierge services. For example, ask them to call Laurey’s Catering located on Biltmore Avenue; it’s a great alternative to dining out. A traditional Southern Thanksgiving feast can be ordered the Friday before Thanksgiving and picked up on the Wednesday before the holiday. What better way to have a truly romantic mountain getaway? Asheville, NC: Cold Weather Activities With a full belly and a desire to work off some calories, post-Thanksgiving activities in and around Asheville are as diverse as the area’s accommodations. Grab a favorite sweater and stroll down one of Asheville’s many side streets; the crisp mountain air will undo the stress of city living in an instant. Downtown is unique because of its entrepreneurial spirit and Asheville stores and restaurants are individually owned. Antique shops, coffeehouses, eclectic boutiques and book stores abound in this romantic getaway Blue Ridge mountain city. For those who wish to explore the mountains just outside of Asheville, the area’s ski resorts open in the month of November. Winter activities include: cross country and downhill skiing, snowboarding and a family vacation favorite - tubing. Western North Carolina also boasts the earliest opening of any eastern ski resorts. Within 30 miles of Asheville are two poplar ski resorts: Cataloochee Ski Area in Maggie Valley; and the Wolf Laurel Ski Resort north of the city. If willing to travel a little further, within a 90-mile radius of Asheville, you can be to one of several ski resorts that include: Appalachian, Beech Mountain, Hawksnest, Ober-Gatlinburg, Sapphire Valley and Sugar Mountain. So if you are seeking a quiet, smoky mountain getaway or an adventurous holiday ski weekend, the city of Asheville has something for everyone. Written by James Gibson, courtesy of

DIY Project - November DIY Sharpie Dinnerware

You’ll need: • • • •

White dinnerware (I chose a dessert plate, two mugs and a bowl) Sharpie marker(s) Glass cleaner + a lint-free cloth Oven

1. First up, remove any stickers or labels that might be on your dishes. I picked mine up at Christmas Tree Shop for $1 each. Then I washed and dried each piece and finally gave them a good scrubbing with glass cleaner and a soft, lint-free cloth just to make sure they were all clean and shiny. The first piece I tackled was a little dessert plate. I found a pretty adhesive stencil with a botanical design at Michaels, positioned it where I wanted it on the plate and filled in the stencil with a fine tip black Sharpie marker. You can use any color you like, although I really loved the black on white and used it for all of my pieces.

2. Then I tackled my favorite – super sweet and sentimental personalized mugs! As soon as I saw that now infamous pin, I knew I needed to make a pair of adorable mugs. This one was a little trickier as I just freehanded with marker onto each mug. I had to try each one a few times to get them just right, but luckily you can just wipe off the marker with some glass cleaner and a bit of elbow grease and start over if you mess up. That said, remember that the hand drawn quality is what makes these pieces so darling so don’t obsess over perfection! 3. I completed all of the pieces one after the other and then baked them at the same time, using the 30 minutes at 350 degrees specified by the inspiration pin. To bake them, I simply placed them directly on the rack in the cool oven, then turned on the heat. After 30 minutes I turned off the oven and let it cool completely before removing my fancy new dinnerware. Once everything was completely cool, I tried scrubbing the designs and the marker didn’t budge a bit. Voila! It actually works! Courtesy of

Businesses That Make A Difference

Hand in Hand Soap was conceived in 2011 by two social entrepreneurs who believe that business can do so much

purchased, Hand in Hand will donate a and harvested ethically" Bill said. As bar to save a life.

"The goal was to come up with a household product people use every day, that had the power to save lives. After 3 years of brainstorming, we came across an article reporting that each year over 5 million people die of diseases caused by poor water quality and lack of proper hygiene.  After further research, we discovered that half of those deaths could be prevented with just a single bar of soap.  It was at that moment that Hand in Hand was conceived" explained Courtney.   more than just make money. Understanding the difficulty that most non-profits face trying to obtain funding, married couple Courtney and Bill set out to start a business based on sustainable giving.  By directly tying charitable donations to the sale of an everyday product, Hand in Hand is able to give soap to those in need and save lives without depending on a single donation.  For every bar

While the primary mission of Hand in Hand is saving lives, they immediately realized the environmental responsibility that goes along with creating and selling soap. "Understanding our environmental impact, we set out from day one to create a soap that was as eco-friendly as possible.  We wanted to be proud of our soap and develop a product that was made with sustainable resources,

such, Hand in Hand Soap is certified by both the Natural Products Association and Fair Trade USA. All Hand in Hand soap is shipped using eco-friendly packaging, comes with a free carbon offset, and a portion of all proceeds is used to save 50 square feet of rainforest for every bar sold. - See more at: http:// story#sthash.cb5RTNNe.dpuf

This month’s random fact subject has a lucky snap to it: The Wishbone!

The furcula ("little fork" in Latin) or wishbone is a forked bone found in birds and some other animals, and is formed by the fusion of the two clavicles. In birds, its primary function is in the strengthening of the thoracic skeleton to withstand the rigors of flight.

In 15th Century Europe it was thought that the wishbone could be used to predict the weather. Nowadays, once removed from the turkey or chicken, the wishbone is dried and then held between the little fingers of two opposing "wishers". Once the wish has been made the bone is pulled by each person. The wisher who breaks off a larger section of bone is assumed to have their wish granted. Alternatively, the winner of this contest may choose to transfer the fragment of the wishbone, along with the wish, to a person of his or her choosing.

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