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Watch out world! Cupid is taking aim and love's arrow is soon to be speeding some lucky people on their way to new found love. Never to left out of the limelight, the world of fashion is a fire with the hottest styles hitting the runways, and those uber fabulous models with the mile long legs show us what sizzle is all about. This month in Welcome Home magazine perfect the art of amore with the how to on pleasing the palate of that very special someone in your life. Love the trends on the runway, but feel leery about translating them to your wardrobe, let alone your home? Frustrated that your manly other half never seems to say the words you long to hear? Tired of roses and chocolate but out of ideas? Well suffer no more! Let us guide you in the fashion world, explain all those weird little ways the masculine population employs to express affection and show a whole new way look at Valentine's Day. Please enjoy this issue of the magazine! Have an utterly romantic February, and as always, Welcome Home! If you have comments or suggestions please email us at, we love to hear from you! Also if there is a subject that you would like to see covered, let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Welcome Home! Table of Contents 4

Recipe And Design A tasty recipe and a stylish home design how to.

5 Fashion Weeks What they are, when they are and above all why they came to be

Using A Retro Style For Your Home


8- 9

It’s not just the 70’s in decorating anymore.

How Duct Tape Says “I Love You” The oddball way that men sometimes show affection.

10 - 11

How To Say I Love You Learn to express your love in more than 100 languages!.

12 - 13

Choosing Gifts For Women What to get them for Valentine’s Day.

14 - 15 Products To Love! Hot trends, technological wonders of tomorrow and so much more!

16 City Spotlight New York City, totally fabulous and fierce in February.

17 Businesses That Make A Difference Newman’s Own, making a difference with every product sold.

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Recipe and Design Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

A classic little treat perfect for a date or as a gift, chocolate covered strawberries are a defined part of romance in America. Dressed up to the nines in white and dark chocolate tuxedos, they have some cuteness added to them here. It's a treat that's perfect for that special someone.

Ingredients • • •

24-30 strawberries, fresh 6 ounces of white chocolate 8 ounces of dark chocolate

Flutter Heart Wreath

Dozens of colorful hearts flutter on card stock cut into the shape of a wreath.

What You Need: • • • • • • •



1 Wash and dry the strawberries, making sure the berries are fully dry as water will cause chocolate to seize up.

1. Cut the wreath shape from the card stock.

2 Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler or microwave. Follow the melting directions on the package. 3 Dip the strawberry in the white chocolate, holding onto the stem or the "shoulders" of the strawberry. Give it a quick little twist and shake with your fingers to shake off the excess and then point it at the ceiling for a second or two to ensure that the chocolate adheres. Place on a piece of wax paper to let dry. 4 Melt the dark chocolate according to the instructions on the package. Dip the strawberry in at a 45 degree angle from both sides to make the "jacket". Let the excess drip off. Place on wax paper to dry. 5 Place some melted dark chocolate into a piping bag with a very small tip, or in a ziplock bag with the little corner snipped off and pipe on buttons and bow tie. 6 Allow to dry and cool. (If drying seems to go too slowly, place them in the freezer for about 3-5 minutes.) Best eaten the day they are made. Courtesy of Garett McCord.

Card Stock Scissors Paper Punches Vellum or Lightweight Decorative Papers Butter Knife Clear Drying Glue Ribbon

2. Use paper punches (about $5-$20 at scrapbook supply and crafts stores) or scissors to cut hearts from colored vellum and lightweight decorative papers. 3. Curl the cut-out hearts by scraping them between your thumb and a butter knife just as you would curling ribbon. Then layer them on the round card stock base and attach each with a dab of cleardrying glue, either in the center or near one edge. 4. Hang it with ribbon. Courtesy of Better Homes and

Fashion Weeks Fashion Weeks are events held by designers or fashion houses to display their latest designs and creations to the world’s media and fashion buyers. Catwalk shows are the mainstays of these weeks which are held around the world and which attract mass attention globally. The primary fashion weeks are held in the style capitals, London, Milan, Paris and New York, but there are many others that take place in lesser known areas of the fashion world, and are designed to draw people’s attention to less prominent designers. These include Australian Fashion Week, Japan Fashion Week, South Africa Fashion Week, and Los Angeles Fashion week. In the main fashion cities, fashion weeks are held twice a year, displaying ‘autumn’ trends and their ‘spring’ collections. These are held a long time in advance of the actual season to allow adequate coverage and previews of the designs before the actual season. This is also done to give buyers a chance to purchase the designers’ creations, and so retail stores can use elements of the designers’ styles in their mass produced clothes for the High Street market. Fashion Weeks are attended by buyers for major stores, the media, celebrities, and members of the entertainment industry. In years gone by, fashion weeks were predominantly used as commercial events, and only people in the industry attended them. Today, however they are lavish, exclusive events, attended by many celebrities and cause a media frenzy. The week is a 7-day extravaganza which often includes live music, lavish galas and charity events. Some shows are also open to selected members of the public, as well as some of the events

that display the designer’s latest handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats and cosmetics. Many important fashion design schools now feature in contemporary Fashion Weeks as well. Fashion Weeks have been around since 1943, when the first one was held in New York to divert attention away from French fashions during the Second World War, when fashion industry insiders were unable to travel to Paris to see French fashion shows. Fashion publicist Eleanor Lamber staged a "Press Week" for fashion journalists to present the creations of American designers, who were not usually paid any attention by the fashion media. The buyers were not invited to these shows but instead had to visit the designers' showrooms. Press Week was an unprecedented success, and fashion magazines like Vogue, which were normally filled with French designs, began increasingly to focus on American fashion. Some beauty products sponsor fashion weeks, such as the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and the L’Oreal Fashion Week held in Toronto, due to the inherent relationship between fashion and beauty. Other fashion weeks are held for one precise type of fashion, such as swimwear, lingerie, or bridal couture. Fashion weeks are viewed as the designer’s way of making their collections visible and broadcast throughout the world in a very short space of time. This shortens the time in which it will take for people to start recognizing, buying and following the designer’s trends, which in the end is the designer’s ultimate aim. Written by Tania Machowska. Photograph courtesy of NY Times.

Using a

Retro Style for Your Home Everyone is well aware of the retro style that is currently making a comeback. It is seen in fashion in almost every aspect of the industry. There are casual hip huggers in some of the colors that are straight out of the seventies. When you take a look at these styles it is hard to imagine that these were the same styles that you once wore so many years ago. Fashion is not the only place where retro is making a statement. The home décor and in particular the lighting styles that are making a comeback are truly a retro look. The retro look that is currently sweeping through the home design industry is taking some of the styles that we remember from years gone by and giving them a new modern twist. Some of the elements of the original designs are still there but they are changed with a new and modern color. So you could have a lamp that is in the shape of the fun pop art lamps of the seventies designed with some of the colors of today. It is a wonderful way to blend the past with the styles and tastes of today. It was common at one point recently to see furnishings that were oversized and plumped up. Everything from oversized chairs to rooms with sky high ceilings. The décor of these days was made for filling giant size rooms and homes that were built during this time period. Today we are finding décor that is embracing small and cozy in the designs of the rooms today. Many people are discovering how much they appreciate the small intimate spaces in their home and are looking for a way to increase the sense of warmth in their homes. There is more to the retro style than just bringing back the wild designs of the seventies. The retro style also includes the classic looks that were also

popular during that time as well. The classic Tiffany style lamp is a good example of this classic design. The furnishings from a pre war era are full of clean lines and sparse modernist styles are mixed together with the styles that are on the market today. There are always times when décor styles make a comeback. When they do, they almost never come back in the same way. The materials and colors are different and the processes used to manufacture the furnishings are different. This is how the modern is blended with the past in the furnishings that we use in our homes. Many people wonder why retro is making such a successful comeback when the designs of the past were not necessarily the most comfortable furniture that has ever been designed. Some of the pieces were actually very difficult to live with when they were new. So why do so many people want to bring these furnishings back? It may be a reaction to the era that we are currently living in. Many people find modern times a bit overwhelming and the furniture of days gone by makes us feel secure and comforted. The styles can remind us of how it felt to spend time in our parents or grandparents house. The lamps that were a part of our homes when we were young will always have the ability to make us feel good. No matter what the reason is to include this unique style in your home, there are a great many things that you can choose for your home that will bring the retro style to your décor in a fabulous way. When you take the styles of the past and combine them with the simple lines of today, you will have a wonderful look in your home that brings the past to life. Written by Mike Michaelson. Article courtesy of

How Duct Tape Says

I Love You


en are both amazing and confusing creatures. They

They dazzle us with their sweet sensitivity one moment and shock with their complete lack of common sense the next. Come have a peek at the inner thoughts of the male member of the species, I promise it will be worth the time! One of the most vocal complaints from women in this day and age, besides men leaving the toilet seat up in the middle of the night, is their husbands and boyfriends reluctance to say three little words, I love you. You see this complaint posted everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, message boards, chat rooms, on every Instant messenger service out there, in texts and through emails, I mean MSN has even showcased an article on it several times! It seems to be a huge issue between the sexes that no one has found a solution for, or have they? The key to solving this problem is this, listening to not only what the man is saying but incorporating his actions as well. I know that at the moment your thoughts just jumped back to the toilet seat left up two nights ago, that is not the type of actions I was meaning! I think an example is in oder to demonstrate. About two years ago it became necessary for my family, me, my hubby and my little daughter, to move back to the state in

which we had previously resided. Moving is a pain in the neck at the best of times, but when you have to get it done fast it makes it even worse. I am one of what my husband likes to call “Champion Packers”. Everything goes in a carefully labeled box, and by labeled I mean “The top of the master bedroom closet on the left side above the church clothes” kind of labeling. I also pack very, very quickly albeit with great care, items are folded, bubble wrapped, nestled together in their proper order. . . well you get the picture. Unfortunately, about two thirds of the way through packing up everything I had to leave. My wonderful husband assured me that it was not a problem and that he would be able to pack the remainder of our stuff, so I did not need to worry about that and I could focus on what I need to be doing once I got to our new home. Since I had to be literally across the country two weeks ahead of my husband I really did not have a choice. And I thought that since he is a very capable man who knows my habits well after almost 4 years of marriage he should be able to finish packing the little bit left with out any problems, right? Ya . . . how about no. A little over two weeks and many thousands of miles later the moving truck arrived carrying the love of my life and all of our things. I was just about bursting with pride that he, a man, had managed to get everything packed and moved all by himself without needing any help at all. Then I saw it. Duck tape, everywhere! And to my shock and horror I realized that I

was also seeing huge Tupperware containers. My first thought was some thing like this, “ No, oh no! No! No! NO! Seriously? Oh boy, this is going to be bad.....very, very bad.” In my defense, I always do the packing when we move because through a childhood of moving many, many times I have learned to pack efficiently and exceptionally quickly. I can clear a 2500 sqft house crammed with everything imaginable in about three days, and you will be able to easily find everything when I am done. It’s a gift, but getting back to the duct tape. I very nearly cried when I saw it and there are things that I still can’t find two years later! I complained and whined telling my husband that he knew better and asking him what in the world he was thinking throwing everything in tubs like that and using duct tape on everything? In short, I totally missed it. I was so busy throwing a fit about things not being done the way I wanted them to be that I missed the sweet and thoughtful “I Love You” that was hidden in with the insane huge tubs and boxes covered in duct tape. My poor husband looked at me like I had dropped off another planet and said “ What’s the big deal? Everything is here.” I managed to hold it together until I found the glass fish bowl that I bought him for our first Valentine’s Day together shattered into a million tiny pieces, then I just let him have it. I began by practically shrieking “In what alternate reality would I EVER use tupperware and duct tape to pack something?” and ended by sniffling “Do you even care at all about me? How could you do this?” Not exactly my finest moment. It was some months later when we were out on our date night that I realized how badly I had misread what he had done concerning our move. We were discussing moving, back to the other side of the country no less and yes we do seem to get around, that he revealed that he REALLY hates moving. I knew that he did not like it, but I actually had no idea that he totally loathed it, the entire process from talking about it to unpacking the last box is literally at the top that his “Things I utterly hate doing or dealing with” list. I just stared at him of a few seconds, then blurted, “Then how come you packed all that stuff on our last move? You said it was no big deal!” He laughed, and casually said “You were stressed and needed the help, besides I love you so why wouldn't I?” I gapped at him in shock and felt like someone had slapped my face so hard my head spun around. I had been totally wrong! He did not use the duct tape and the tupperware tubs because he did not care, he used them because he DID care, enough that he was willing to do something he completely hated to make me happy and reduce some stress from my life. And I had yelled at him for it, not only that, I had accused him of not caring when he obviously tried his hardest to do something nice for me and make me feel loved. I felt about an inch high and like the worst wife in the world. When I tried to apologize he just said “It’s ok sweetheart, don’t worry about it.” Did I mention that I love this man more than anything?

For example, I asked for perfume for Christmas and got a beta fish, complete with aquarium and everything to fulfill his little fishy needs. I was totally flabbergasted, how do you get perfume and a fish mixed up? So I asked. My husband, wonderful man that he is, explained that he knew that I was missing our puppy who had been killed and getting another one was not an option, then he remembered that when we first got married I had a beta fish named Gizmo that I completely adored. He thought that since I had been a little sad lately that maybe a new beta fish would cheer me up because I had loved the last one so much and had been so sad when he died. Phish St1x, as the beta is now known, is a daily reminder of how much my husband loves me and that he actually spends a LOT of time thinking about how to make me happy and show me he cares. So the next time you feel like strangling the man in your life because they have done something that you can’t even begin to wrap your head around, take a second and consider this: Maybe he is trying the very best he knows how to make you happy, and you are the one that is just not getting it. As strange as it may seem to the female population, in the minds of men things like duct tape and beta fish are the ultimate in showing your love. So this Valentine’s Day, and throughout the rest of the year, when the one that you love does or gives you something that just does not make any sense, remember this: We confuse them way more than they will ever confuse us, but rather than cry or yell about it they just take pleasure from the fact that we love them enough to drive them crazy. Just keep this simple equation in mind and life will become a happier place : Duct Tape = I Love You.

Now when he does something that drives me insane or that I don’t understand at first, I say thank you anyway. Then I ask him why he did it that way or why he chose that particular gift. Written by Phly Jambor

How To Say

In More Than 100 Different Languages

Afrikaans : Ek is lief vir jou Ek het jou lief Albanian : Te dua Amharic : Afekrishalehou Arabic : Ana Behibak (to a male) Ana Behibek (to a female) Basc : Nere Maitea

French : Je t'aime Friesian : Ik bin fereale op dy Ik ha^ld fan dy (Most commonly used phrase) (the ^ is above the a)

Kazakh : Men seny jaksy kuremyn

Russian : Ya lyublyu tebya

Kiswahili : Nakupenda

Ya vas lyublyu

Korean : Tangsinul sarang ha yo

Scot Gaelic : Tha gradh agam ort

Kurdish : Ez te hezdikhem

Serbian : Volim te (most common), or

Latin : Te amo Vos amo Gaelic : Ta gra agam ort Lao : Khoi huk chau German : Ich liebe Dich

Bavarian : I mog di narrisch gern Bengali : Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi

Shona : Ndinokuda Latvian : Es Tev milu

I mog Di ganz arg! (Suebian: South German dialekt.)

Sioux : Techihhila Lingala : Nalingi yo

Greek : S' ayapo Luo : Aheri Gujarati : (a dialect of India) "Tane Prem Karoo Choo"

Madrid lingo : Me molas, tronca

Bulgarian : Obicham te

Cantonese : Ngo oi ney Catalan : T'estim (mallorcan)

Slovene : ljubim te (??????) Spanish : Te amo Swahili : Nakupenda

Hausa : Ina sonki Cambodian : kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah Bon sro lanh on

Slovak : lubim ta Lithuanian: Ash miliu tave

Berber : Lakh tirikh Bicol : Namumutan ta ka

Ja te volim" (less common)

Hebrew : aNEE oHEIVET oTKHA (female to male) aNEE oHEIV otAKH (male to female) Ani ohev at (man to woman)

Malay/Indonesian : Saya cintakan awak(awak=kamu=you) Aku sayang engkau (engkau=kamu=you) Malay : Saya cintamu

Swedish : Jag a"lskar dig Swiss-German : Ch'ha di ga"rn Tagalog : Mahal kita Taiwanese : Gwa ai lee

Saya sayangmu

T'estime (valencian) Maltese: Inhobbok!

Tamil Naan Unnai Kadhalikiren

T'estimo (catalonian)

Ani ohevet atah (woman to man)

Mandarin : Wo ai ni

Thai : Phom Rak Khun

T'estim molt (I love you a lot)

Hindi: Mein Tumse Pyar Karta Hoon

Mohawk : Konoronhkwa

Ch'an Rak Khun

Chinese : Wo ie ni (Manderin, Cantonese)

Hokkien : Wa ai lu

Navajo : Ayor anosh'ni

Tunisian : Ha eh bak

Hopi : Nu' umi unangwa'ta

Ndebele : Niyakutanda

Turkish : Seni seviyorum!

Hungarian : Szeretlek te'ged

Norwegian : Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal)

Urdu : Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai

Icelandic : ?g elska Ă&#x;ig

Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)

Danish : Jeg elsker dig

Indonesian : Saya cinta padamu

Pakistani : Muje se mu habbat hai

Vietnamese : Anh ye^u em (man to woman)

Dutch : Ik hou van jou

Saya Cinta Kamu

Persian : Tora dost daram

Estonian : Mina armastan sind

Aku tjinta padamu

Pilipino : Mahal Kita

Saja kasih saudari

Iniibig Kita

Italian : Ti amo

Polish : Ja Cie Kocham or Kocham Cie (Pronounced Yacha kocham)

Croatian : Volim te (most common), or Ja te volim (less common) Czech : miluji te

Flemish : Ik zie oe geerne Finnish : Mina" rakastan sinua

Toi yeu em Vlaams : Ik hou van jou

Esperanto : Mi amas vin Persian (Farsi) : Tora dust midaram

Em ye^u anh (woman to man)

Welsh : 'Rwy'n dy garu di. Irish : taim i' ngra leat Japanese : Kimi o ai shiteru

Yr wyf i yn dy garu di (chwi) Yiddish : Ikh hob dikh lib

Portuguese : Eu te amo

Zazi : Ezhele hezdege (sp?)

Romanian : Te iu besc

Zuni : Tom ho' ichema Written by Bob Jacobsen.

Choosing Gifts for Women: What to Get Them For Valentine’s Day

Valentineʼs Day shopping for your lady-friend can seem to be a difficult task, and many men put it off until the day of because of this. Knowing a few basics about the art of buying gifts for women can help make your shopping trip more pleasurable, more successful, and more timely. Following are some clues about how to find the perfect Valentineʼs Day gifts for women.

Choose Something Just For Her The first clue is this: never buy her a gift that you would like to receive. You probably would not make the mistake of thinking she wants a new John Deere item. But you may think that home electronics items like TVs and stereos are fabulous gifts. If the woman in your life is involved doing something else whenever the big game is on, a new plasma TV is probably not on her gift list. But if a TV or stereo or even a tractor happens to be on her list, be sure to buy the one she craves, not the one you want.

Stay Away From Housekeeping Aids Another pearl of wisdom: never buy your sweetheart a household appliance, or something that will make laundry easier. She almost certainly will not be pleased, and she may even move your laundry out to the dog house. This prohibition includes cleaning products, like that extra large container of laundry soap that finally went on sale, or the big bottle of window cleaner you got a great deal on. A new, high-tech vacuum cleaner might be something she wants, but not as a Valentineʼs Day gift from her dearest.

Keep Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women Personal Another hint to remember when searching for the fantastic Valentineʼs Day gift for your special someone -- a Chia Pet, or a house plant, is not a romantic gift. Your sister might like to receive a house plant from you, and maybe your mother, but it is probably risk-less to say that your sweetheart will be expecting something a little more personal. Lingerie and nightwear can be a fabulous Valentineʼs Day gift idea for that someone special. But shun the flannels and the granny panties. That type of gift sends the message that you do not find her attractive. Buy her the sexy stuff if you're leaning towards a gift of lingerie.

No Shortcuts Jewelry can be the best gift for the woman you love for Valentineʼs Day, but there are a couple of pitfalls to avoid. Always remember that an imitation diamond does not cut it, either figuratively or literally. Imagine the embarrassment your sweetheart will feel when she tests her new ring in front of her friends by trying to cut glass with it. Women have been known to do that, and she will realize it is a fabrication in front of an audience. Such a scene could have dire repercussions for your relationship. Buy the diamonds.

Don't Trust Your Fashion Sense For many men, clothing often seems the ideal gift, especially when the women in their lives relish clothes. If you are thinking about purchasing clothing for your special someone, please reconsider. While many men imagine they have a good sense of women's fashions, in reality only a few do. Most likely, the clothing you buy will look wonderful on the rack, but end up to be the wrong size, the wrong look, the wrong color, etc. for her. If you give her clothes, she may act excited, but don't ever expect to see her wear them.

Read Between The Lines Although it may seem apparent, one of the most overlooked gift-giving guides is: listen to your partner. Many women drop detailed clues about what they want for Valentineʼs Day. If you pay attention, the woman in your life will probably tell you exactly what to buy for her. You can never disappoint her by giving her something she enjoys.

Presentation: A Very Important Part Of Valentine’s Gifts For Women Never underestimate the power of presentation. Decorative paper, nice boxes, and bows that sparkle can set the stage, and increase your sweetheart's hopefulness of your gift. Duct tape is never acceptable, and plastic grocery bags do not make appropriate gift bags. If you hire someone skilled to wrap that fabulous gift, you give your sweetheart the gift of allurement in presentation, in addition to the gift within.

Your Love Shows Through "Perfect" Valentineʼs Day gifts for women may be something undefinable, and always just out of reach. The gift you give her, whether perfect or not, if chosen thoughtfully will convey the message that you cared enough to make the effort. Figuring out the best Valentineʼs Day gift for your special someone can be difficult. But following the above instructions will help you put a smile on her face this February.

Written by Ron King.

Products To Love In February Field Tested! We realize that this might seem like a silly gift for Valentineʼs Day, or even a bad one, but trust us on this one! Duct Tape Is the wonder tool that has so very many uses! From patching that annoying rip on your honeyʼs office chair to making one of a kind awesome wallets this sticky tape can handle most things. We repaired an office chair, a pair of shoes, sealed a box, got lint off a party dress and bandaged some broken toes, but we really donʼt recommend the last one unless you are utterly desperate! Put with a spiffy new tool set to really show the man in your life that you love not only him, but everything he does to show he loves you back. Please click here for more information.






Need the perfect thing to finish off that awesome movie night you have planned for Valentines Day? Well, pass the popcorn, Newman's Own Buttered Microwave Popcorn is the perfect mix of indulgence and philanthropy. All the profits after taxes are donated to charity, which means you can indulge your love for popcorn while lending a helping hand to someone in need. And that makes for an all around wonderful Valentineʼs day for everyone. Please click here for more information.

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for the one you love, but on a budget? This gorgeous Sterling Silver Marcasite & Garnet Glass Heart Pendant on an 18 inch chain is a completely lovely and utterly romantic way to say “I Love You” that she will be sure to remember forever. Is the one you adore not a fan of red? This sweet little heart is also available with pink, amethyst, orange, green, yellow and clear stones. This is one Valentineʼs Day surprise that will definitely turn out right! Please click here for more information.

Products To Love In February Give the gourmet in your life something that will truly delight their culinarily inclined heart this Valentineʼs Day! All those who say never give your loved one an appliance as a gift obviously never had the chance to sneak a peek at the KitchenAid KSM158GBCA 90th Anniversary Limited-Edition 5-Quart Stand Mixer. Available in totally adorable Candy Apple Red this sweet mixer has our vote for best, not to mention cutest, kitchen appliance of all time. Please click here for more information.

Make this Valentineʼs Day an sweet trip down memory lane for someone you love. the Retro Candy Gift Box from Candy Crate is sure to please anyone from the age of 1 to 100! These super cute boxes are packed with retro candy favorites to tantalize you honeyʼs taste buds. Looking for a certain era in candy history? No problem! From the 40ʼs all the way to the 90ʼs, these guys have it all! We know its hard, but just try not to eat before you actually gift it, ok?Please click here for more information.

What is Valentineʼs Day without red roses? Show your love with this breathtaking bouquet of One Dozen Red Roses. Handpicked, delicately tied and shipped direct from the fields, then carefully arranged with babyʼs breath in a lovely glass vase these timeless classics are sure to win favor with your sweetheart. These beautiful flowers come with a 7 day freshness guarantee, or your money back, just donʼt forget to order them soon! Please click here for more information.

City Spotlight

New York City Bundle up for a buggy ride through Central Park. Or book a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at a Manhattan bistro. From ice skating at Wollman Rink to the buzz of Fashion Week, despite the chilly temperatures there are many reasons to take a winter break in the Big Apple. Celebrate Valentine’s Day Chocolates and flowers are nice, but if you really want to wow the special someone in your life, what could be better than a romantic trip to New York City for Valentine’s Day? There are dozens of romantic destinations for couples to make the most of the cold. As countless Hollywood movies and TV shows depict, just walking around the city itself is enchanting, with Central Park providing some of the best romantic backdrops. Recreate a Sex in the City moment and take a carriage ride through Central Park just like Carrie and Mr. Big did on his last night in New York. Or for a truly classic winter activity, bundle up against the wind and twirl around the Wollman Rink with your better half. Located in the southern portion of Central Park between 62nd and 63rd Streets, this picturesque rink

is featured in the classic movie Love Story as well as the John Cusack and Kate Beckinsdale flick Serendipity. After you’ve unlaced your skates, consider strolling hand in hand to the diner Serendipity 3, another setting from this romantic comedy. The New York City landmark’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is a wildly popular treat. Get Caught Up in Fashion Week The fashion industry in New York City is huge, providing jobs to over 175,000 people. So it’s no surprise that New York’s Fashion Week is a massive event, turning all eyes on the city as it kicks off a series of international Fashion Weeks including London, Milan and Paris. New York City Fashion Week, which takes place twice a year in February and September, floods the city with over a quarter of a million attendees. It’s all about fall fashion at the February Fashion Week events, where American designers and some international names send their fall and winter collections down the runways. From Ralph Lauren to Donna Karan, some of the biggest names will showcase the up and coming trends to thousands of fashion editors, buyers and journalists as well as

celebrities and socialites- and of course the paparazzi that follow them! Tourists visiting the city while Fashion Week is taking place can’t help but get caught up in the exciting buzz; with over 250 fashion events taking place throughout Manhattan everyone including the cab drivers will likely be talking about Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs. Inspired to shop by all the fashion buzz? February in New York City is a great time of year to pick up fantastic deals on winter clothing, as many retailers start to discount warmer styles to make way for the spring and summer fashions soon to flood their shelves. Department stores like Macy’s at 34th Street and Broadway and Bloomingdale’s at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue are classic New York City shopping destinations and a perfect place to start the hunt for great sale items. Visitors traveling to New York City in February should also remember to take advantage of NYC Restaurant Week, where they can enjoy discount prix-fixe menus at dozens of top Manhattan restaurants. Visit their website for the latest information on this twice-yearly event. Written by Rosalie Scott. Photo by Suzana Nishiyama

Businesses That Make A Difference

You have seen it on you grocery store shelves and might have eaten it countless times, but did you know that when you bought it you were changing the life of

some one else for the better? Newman’s Own came about when Paul Newman and A.E. Hotchner made salad dressing for some friends for

good for others and the Hole in the Wall Gang Camps for critically ill children were born.

Christmas, who loved it so much they came begging for more! Newman and Hotchner decided to go into production and were totally flabbergasted when the company turned a healthy profit it’s first year. Newman decided that he would use all the profits after taxes to do something

Today Newman’s Own carries on the tradition of selfless giving, and has donated in excess of 280 million dollars to charities all over the world. So next time you are in a hurry to grab something for dinner, reach for one of the many Newman’s Own products and indulge in a tasty way to help someone in need.

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Beds: 0 Baths: 0 Acres: 5 Square Feet: Description:

Half Baths: 0

Beautiful 5+/- acre waterfront lot in Covenant Cove with a view of the Tennessee River. Great building site, beautiful trees. Electricity is available. Close to two marinas, Historic Clifton & Ross Creek Golf Course.

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Beds: 3 Baths: 1 Acres: 62 Square Feet: 1999 Description:

Half Baths: 1

This is the perfect setting for horses. Very nice 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath brick home, nice 4 stall barn and workshop, fenced pasture, pond, wooded acreage with marketable timber, move-in ready! All on 62 acres close to town.

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