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6 Methods To Bring Down Moving Costs

bathroom towels and even bed sheets. After you have moved to the new location, you can put them into the washing machine to wash. 4) Go shopping for a moving company. Log on to the web and check for moving company that are in your area. Compare rates between them and be sure when you call them to ask for any hidden charges that might not be shown on their web page. 5) Check for insurance coverage. Check with your insurance agent if your homeowner's insurance will cover any damage to your belongings while moving. If it is covered, you do not need to purchase additional insurance from the moving company. 6) Check gas rates in truck rental. If you are renting a truck to move your things, be sure to ask the rental company for the average miles-per-gallon of the truck. With the current exorbitant rate of gas prices, estimating the cost will help you to ensure that you won't go out of budget since you are responsible for paying for the gas in the truck. Written by Justin Koh. Courtesy of


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