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Ferreting Out The Be$t Deal$

In A Tight Market With summer fast approaching and the deals fading like a paycheck in a 22-year-olds wallet, itʼs time to get moving to find your right apartment home. Make it your duty, nay, your right, to find the right apartment at the right price. It isnʼt as impossible as it sometimes feels. Look reality in the face, then laugh Accept that you may not find an apartment for $1,000s cheaper than you are paying currently in the same location. But do expect that you can most likely, with some research, pay $50 to $100 less per month for a similar apartment in a similar location. How is this possible, with specials so few and far between? Do the math, based on your floor space I mean literally. Want to find out if the price you are paying is the exact same for one apartment as for the next? Take the total price of the apartment per month, and divide it by the total square feet in the apartment. Itʼs the same way people buy houses…by the square foot price. Theirs is usually in the $100 per square foot range, yours will be in $1 per square foot range, but itʼs the same concept. So, if apartment #1ʼs rent is $1,000 a month and the square footage is 886…then youʼre paying $1.13 per square foot. If apartment #2ʼs rent is $972 and the square feet is 823…then youʼre paying $1.18 per square foot. Apartment #2 may actually appear to cost less per month, but per square feet of living space, it actually costs more. Cool, huh? Buy a calculator.


Jennifer Adam Office: 480-767-6900 Please enjoy this issue of the magazine! Have an exceptionally mobile May, and as always,...

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