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The Disadvantages of Renting a House: 1. Landlords. As mentioned earlier, houses tend to be rented by individual owners and while you may know your rights as a tenant, they may not. 2. Maintenance. Along with the space and size of a house comes additional maintenance. There are more windows to clean, more floors to vacuum, more lawns to mow and more gardens to tend. The Disadvantages of Renting an Apartment: 1. Neighbors. If you're a loud person or someone who needs a quiet environment, apartment living may not be for you. Remember, in many apartments, there are people and families living on all sides of you. 2. Space. From available closets to cramped storage units, apartments don't usually offer a lot of storage space. 3. Infestation. Though you may be a clean individual and maintain your home similarly, that is not necessarily the case with neighbors in an apartment complex. If, for example, others in the complex have roaches or ants invading their abode, those same pests are likely to eventually find their way into your home as well. Additional Considerations for Either Before you sign a lease for a house or an apartment, make sure you understand what is and isn't included in the space. Some include heat and power in the rental agreement, while others don't. Others include cable television and grounds maintenance, while others don't. It's important to know exactly what you can expect from your landlord and what they expect of you before you sign. You should also ask about pets, children and roommates before committing to a space. Make sure you understand whether animals, kids, or even extended house guests are permitted on the property before you sign the lease. Written by Jo Alelsto. Courtesy Written of, by Bruce Roberts. Photograph Courtesy by ofDani Simmonds


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