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Three Secrets To

Perfect Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs are a classic barbecue favorite. While it may seem intimidating at first to make them on your own on a charcoal grill, it is actually not that difficult if you're willing to practice and be patient in allowing them to cook the right way. There are many different ways to prepare this pork BBQ dish, and some of them can be done in less than 30 minutes from start to finish. They can be made by cooking them in the oven or a slow cooker, and some have even claimed success with a microwave. For the best and most authentic flavor however, slow cooking them on a grill is the preferred way to do it for many. Here are the top three secrets for making perfect ribs:

2. Set Up the Grill Properly: This is the most critical component in whether your ribs will be fall off the bone tender or dry and rubbery and tough to eat. Grilling the meat requires that they be cooked over indirect heat, which means they should never come into contact with the flame. One popular way to do this is to arrange the charcoal on one side and with an aluminum pan of water on the other side of the bottom of the grill. Instead of placing the food over the coals as you would for other grilling favorites, you would cook it instead over the pan of water. 3. Cook Slow and Low: Slow and low refers to the temperature of the grill and the amount of cooking time. You will want your grill to be around 200-225 degrees. This can be difficult with charcoal for beginners to regulate temperature, but with practice can become much easier. It takes about 2 and a half hours for ribs to be cooked this way, so you'll want to be sure that you check the heat and temperature often.

1. Allow Ample Time to Marinate: The more time you give your ribs to marinate, the better the flavor and the more tender the meat will be. There are many different types of marinades available. Some may use a simple dry rub of seasonings such as salt, pepper, and brown sugar If you do these three things, you'll be surprised to find how others may prefer to let them soak in their favorite sauce. easy it is to make baby back ribs and how well they turn It's all a matter of your own personal preference on what out. Before long you may even find yourself enjoying ingredients you choose. The most important thing is that making them so much you may decide to start joining they are given enough time to absorb the flavor. The bare barbecue competitions to start showing off your grilling minimum should be two hours if you are in a hurry, with skills! overnight being preferred by most competition barbecue Written by Chelle Stein courtesy of, Photo courtesy of chefs.

12 5 2018  
12 5 2018