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Saving In More Ways Than One

This great big planet seems to be getting smaller and smaller. As more people call it home, the need to conserve, preserve and recycle is becoming more and more evident. While it's not possible for one person to solve all the world's problems when it comes to preservation and conservation, a single human can make a huge difference in a single community or an area. Recycling is one of the best ways a person can make a difference in their community. The effort is relatively simple, generally supported by curbside pick up and can even be financially beneficial. Plus, it benefits the planet. If you doubt the necessity to recycle, take a look at your weekly trash. Now consider what items could be pulled out and saved from a trip to a landfill. Cuts the number of bags down by a lot, doesn't it?

If you'd like to get started recycling, but don't know how, here are some ideas: * Check with your local government authority to see if there are curbside recycling programs in place. If your government doesn't have them, perhaps your trash handlers do. In many communities there are special, designated days for recycling of certain items. There's not even a need to take the recyclables to a special collection site it comes to you instead. * If there is a recycling program in place, find out its rules and regulations. Depending on location, some items may be accepted and others may not. There may even be special bags or bins necessary to make sure the pick up program can easily identify what's meant to be recycled and what's meant for the landfill.

12 4 2018  
12 4 2018