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Sleds For Winter Fun!

Purists may demand old-fashioned winter sleds for picture-perfect sledding, but kids demand speed, speed and more speed from their sleds, and winter foam sleds, plastic sleds and snow discs give that and more. Manufacturers have put to good use advances in plastic and foam molding and aerodynamic technology to create a wide range of winter sled options for young and old alike.

Plastic Sleds and Winter Foam Sleds Winter sleds have come a long way from the heavy wooden sleds your great grandparents loved. The newer sleds are manufactured in molded plastic or foam. They're lightweight, easy to carry back uphill or drag behind you on the snow, and they're relatively inexpensive. Today's winter sleds let you purchase an affordable lightweight sled that's sure to give you a run for your money!

Toboggans Toboggans come in many shapes and sizes, but the latest invention is actually an inflatable toboggan that's sort of a cross between the traditional toboggan shape and an inflatable snow tube. The Chaos Inflatable Snow Toboggan inflates easily and can accommodate two riders.  Plastic runners on the bottom make it especially fun and durable and the inflatable toboggan is one of the most comfortable on the market.  Special crack-resistant material is used on the Chaos Inflatable Snow Toboggan to protect it from cracking in extremely cold weather.

Snow Discs and Saucers Snow discs and saucers are round plastic sleds that kids love for their fast ride. The greater surface area of the disc enables the sled to slide faster, which is the whole name of the game for the kids! But adults can also enjoy a snow disc

12 1 2018  
12 1 2018