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but, to dust shelves and some ledges, use a little bit of furniture polish. So in addition to rags in your cleaning kit, make sure to tow along furniture polish. Another essential cleaning supply to add to your cleaning kit would be window washing liquid. Most brand name products advertise a streak free shine with their product but, there is a trick to get streak free windows without coughing up the extra dough on products that work just as well as the bargain brands; use newspaper to wipe down the window glass instead of paper towels. Include a brown paper bag in your cleaning kit to toss used newspapers in. When you’re done with your cleaning, the whole bag can be thrown into the recycling bin.  Other essential cleaning supplies include anti-bacterial spray. There are a lot of products out there that work well and are specifically made for cleaning different parts of the house. Most are okay to use on an array of surfaces. So, include in your cleaning kit, a spray that is specifically designed hard to clean soap scum and mildew for the bathroom and then a spray that can be used on their kitchen or bathroom surfaces.  The last thing to clean in a room is the floor. Besides the vacuuming and the mopping, what are some other essential supplies that you will need to include in your kit to tackle the floor? Mop, bucket, and floor cleaner are essential for cleaning a non-carpeted area but it is hardly practical to carry these things from room to room as you accomplish your cleaning. Keep these things together and pull them out when you are ready to use them. Instead, keep a rug freshener like a powder or spray in your cleaning kit. When your cleaning supplies are organized and easily accessible, the job of household cleaning can be fast, easy and efficient on a regular basis. Written by Borge Nielsen. Courtesy of