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Essential Cleaning Supplies Using the correct cleaning supplies is important when the task of household cleaning rears its ugly head. This is vitally important so the surfaces you are cleaning do not get damaged. It also will elevate the overall time it takes to clean and the cleaning is usually finished with less effort on the part of the cleaner. Before you even buy the product from the store, it is important to read the label on the bottle. The labels will list its common uses, any precautions, and solutions. Even though a product might be labeled as an “all-purpose” cleaner, it may not be good for every surface. Products that contain strong chemical like ammonia may permanently damage laminates or other plastic surfaces. Sometimes strong cleaners are not necessary to get the job done. The only thing you might need is mild soap and warm water. When trying to clean the house for a large annual cleaning or a light everyday cleaning, it is a good idea to get your essential cleaning supplies together before you start your cleaning. But, what are the essential supplies that will be needed most often? Think about the things that you will need to clean. Start from the ceiling and work your way down to the floor. An essential cleaning supply would be rags to dust cobwebs in the corners, ceiling fan blades, and the tops of shelves and ledges. There are a lot of products out recently that advertise “a better way to dust”. The truth is that an old rag will work just as well as these new products. Plus, they are more cost effective because the rag is probably an old shirt or sock that has lost it’s mate and can therefore be washed and used again rather then thrown out adding to the planet’s waste. Rags work well with cobwebs on their own