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City Spotlight

Phoenix, AZ Spending vacation time in Phoenix will give you access to a range of activities and interests you never knew existed; the area is full of great shops, restaurants, hotels and all the traditional things you'd expect to see in a tourist destination. You will also find a great deal more and to give you some ideas we've compiled the top five tourist day trip ideas for you and your family to enjoy. The Desert Botanical Garden will introduce you to the desert flora and fauna in ways you have never imagined. How many cacti are there do you think? A lot more than you know that's for sure and they grow into the most other worldly shapes and sizes too. The garden is located in the Papago Park and is open all year round and is itself a sought after venue for exhibitions and events of all shapes and sizes with music evenings, glass art, and dancing, drinking and dining forming just a small part of the annual event calendar. Deer Valley Rock Art Center. Long before white settlers and Mexicans occupied the Valley of the Sun, ancient Native Americans farmed and worked the land and lived in the area going back thousands of years. The Deer Valley Rock Art Center provides access to the petroglyphs at Hedpeth Hills and will provide you with an insight into the lives of the original settlers through more than 1,500 works of rock art. The venue also hosts a variety of exhibitions and events so check the schedule for when you are planning to visit.

The Heard Museum is renowned as the home of the art and culture of the Indians of the Southwest with a huge collection of Kachina dolls, pottery, basketwork, textiles and jewelry exhibits. The museum is home to ten permanent exhibitions and includes outdoor displays to delight visitors of all ages with guided tours included in the admission prices and children under 12 are free. Heritage Square Foundation. Take a trip back to the start of Phoenix's modern origins with eight lovingly restored houses centered on the showpiece of Rosson House. All of the restored buildings date back from the late 1800's when Phoenix was growing fast from a frontier town frequented by cowboys and mountain men. There are also a large number of museums, shops and restaurants to visit and enjoy a great day out living the life of one of the original settlers who founded this great city. The Medical Museum. Dr Robert Kravetz put together the initial Medical Museum together and today it has grown to house hundreds of exhibits of medical mystery which is now housed in the lobby of the Phoenix Baptist Hospital. Medical instruments from the very early days of medicine are on show so visitors can see how a tooth was pulled over a hundred years ago or what the treatment for shingles was in the days when there were no drugs or modern day conveniences. The exhibition is open seven days a week and there is no charge for trying to convince your kids that medicine is the career option they should be choosing. Written by Lawrence Reaves, courtesy of