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The secret is trying foods if you really want them, not necessarily finishing them, but really getting a taste so that you don’t feel deprived. I will often take a lot of different foods just because they LOOK so good. But I only eat the ones that really TASTE good and that I WANT at the time. I try not to eat foods that I don’t really enjoy - just because it is there. If you eat mindfully and stay conscious, then eating MORE of the same thing doesn’t add any more to the experience – it only adds bulk. The problem with most holiday foods is that they are laden with carbohydrates, which sets you up for continuing the cycle. So make sure you get adequate protein to help control your appetite and get back to eating normally the next day. If you overeat, relax and learn.

Use this information to make your choices the next time you are in that situation. Don’t yell at yourself or use it as an excuse to binge. A few holiday parties can be handled quite nicely if you stay calm. Remember that there will always be more chances to eat successfully and feel good about it. So don’t get too down on yourself if you happen to overeat at 1 event. Oh, I almost forgot – my third strategy? Skip the party! Some holiday parties have simply outlived their usefulness. You go every year and dread it. You have my permission (not that you need it) to do something kind for yourself and skip it this year. Use the time to do something that is more relaxing or enjoyable to you. Here’s to happier holiday parties, Carol Written By Carol Solomon. Courtesy of