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Products To Love In December As a child the Christmas season didn’t really begin for me until my dad brought out The Norman Rockwell Christmas Book. Brim full of gorgeous illustrations and stuffed to the gills with delightful stories of Christmas’ past, I treasured (and still do as a matter of fact) the time spent letting my imagination blossom with the christmas spirit and abiding hope in goodness this truly beautiful book brings. So if you are still looking for that special something to get your Christmas spirit started, look no further! Please click here for more information.






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Tired of being the loser of your office or friends annual Ugliest Christmas Sweater contest? This year it’s in the bag! Check out the Alex Stevens Polar Bear Hula Hooping Ugly Christmas Sweater. If that’s not enough “ugly” for you be sure the check out their rather extensive collection of eyeball searing, blindness inducing, Christmas themed ,truly hideous sweaters! ;) Please click here for more information.

Place one of these Robin Reed Handmade Crackers at each place setting for decoration, then pull it open with a friend and share the fun. Each Concerto cracker contains a party hat, snap and a numbered whistle. Each whistle plays a different musical note. The set includes a numbered badge for each person, a music sheet with corresponding numbers and a baton for the chosen conductor. Put it all together to create your own fun-filled, melodic (or chaotic!) orchestra. Please click here for more information.