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July 2012

Volume 67 Number 6

Established 1945


Former Curling News publisher passes away at 87

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BreakinG Ground

Three brand-new state-of-the-art curling facilities will be completed by this fall in the Midwest. The Wausau Curling Center (above) in Wausau, Wis., will feature eight olympic-size sheets of ice. The Milwaukee Curling Club will complete its long-anticipated new five-sheet club in Cedarburg, Wis., in october. not to be outdone, there is a six-sheet club being built in Blaine, Minn., with construction beginning earlier this summer. all three facilities are on target to be completed in time for the traditional curling season to begin this fall. The evergreen Curling Club in oregon is finalizing its plans to move to a permanent home and several other clubs are taking steps toward becoming dedicated curling homes. This is all great news for those of us passionate about curling and growing the sport! Connect with USA Curling on

(Artist renditions of the Blaine facility (below, left) and Milwaukee club.)

by David Garber, Emeritus Editor


uSa Curling names top athletes, team for 2012 by Terry Kolesar, Editor uSa Curling’s most decorated athlete – allison Pottinger (eden Prairie, Minn.) – has added another item to her long résumé after being selected as the association’s 2012 Female athlete of the Year. The male recipient is 17-yearold korey dropkin (Southborough, Mass.), who won two national titles this season and made u.S. history at the Youth olympic Games. For the first time in the award’s history, a mixed doubles team is being honored as Team of the Year. Seattle’s duo of Brady Clark and Cristin Clark defended their mixed dou-





bles national title and went on to place fourth at the 2012 World Mixed doubles Championship in Turkey this spring – the best finish ever for the u.S. “We are very honored to be recognized as the first mixed



doubles team to earn the Team of the Year award,” Brady Clark said. “i think with the sport’s evolution and the possibility of having it added to the 2018

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rank rhyme died June 3 at age 87 in his life-long hometown of Portage, Wisconsin. Well-liked and well-respected by the many hundreds of curlers he met around the world, Frank’s local curling roots expanded during his lifetime to include national and world curling events. He was a dedicated teacher and astute observer of curling, a positive force in the curling community. in 1979, the North American Curling News (now the United States Curling News), then owned by L.T. “Tink” kruetzig, was sold to Frank and Mary “China” rhyme (initially partnering with the local paper, The Portage Daily Register). as long-time readers will recall, this resulted in the title of the editorial in each issue being changed from “Tinkerings” to “rhymestones.” The u.S. Men’s Curling association (now uSCa) was happy to see continuation of the venerable magazine (founded in 1944 by Glenn Harris). The rhymes were enthusiastic and able publishers, editors and photographers (Frank’s specialty) for the next 12 years,

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VOlUmE 67, No. 6

Summer 2012

official publication of the united States Curling association editor — Terry kolesar, associate editor—rick Patzke emeritus editor—david Garber design: Terry kolesar Next editorial deadline: Sept. 28 The United States Curling News (iSSn 1064-3001; uSPS 392-020) is published six times per year in october, november, February, March, May and July by the united States Curling association. The uSCa and Curling News office is located at 5525 Clem’s Way, Stevens Point, Wi 54482; telephone 715-344-1199. Subscription price for non-uSCa members: $16 per year (north america), $26 per year (overseas), payable in uS currency. Single copy price: $2.50. advertising rates on request. established 1945. Periodicals postage paid at Waupaca, Wisconsin, and additional offices as requested. Postmaster sends address changes to U.S. Curling News, 5525 Clem’s Way, Stevens Point, Wi 54482. United States Curling Association Officers President James Pleasants Vice Presidents kent Beadle dave Carlson Gwen krailo Sam Williams Treasurer Sean Silver Secretary Jonathan Havercroft Directors Gordon Maclean [2013] Paul Badgero [2015] richard Maskel (aaC) [2012] kent Beadle [2015] James Pleasants [2013] Craig Brown (aaC) [2012] allison Pottinger (aaC) [2012] dave Carlson [2013] Leland rich [2014] Maureen Clark (aaC) [2012] Sean Silver [2015] Gabrielle Coleman [2014] Chris Sjue [2013] dean Gemmell (aaC) [2012] Jennifer Stannard (uSWCa) [2015] nancy Haggenmiller [2013] Mark Swandby [2014] Peggy Hatch** [2014] ann Swisshelm (aaC) [2012] Jonathan Havercroft [2013] Beau Welling* [2013] Cyndee Johnson [2014] Sam Williams [2014] Gwen krailo [2013] * Board-elected Jan Legacie [2014] ** Voice, no vote rich Lepping [2015] USA Curling National Office 5525 Clem’s Way Stevens Point, Wi 54482 office: 715-344-1199 • Fax: 715-344-2279 e-mail: • Website: CHIEF OPERATINg OFFICER: rick Patzke, DIRECTOR OF COmmUNICATIONS: Terry kolesar, CONTROllER: Sandy robinson, EVENT SERVICES mANAgER: dawn Leurquin, ADmINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: Christy Hering, gROWTH & DEVElOPmENT mANAgER: kim nawyn, Off-site staff: Director of Sport Education Scott Higgins 913-553-7992 • Director of High Performance derek Brown uS: +1 715-254-5024 • uk: +44 7793 099668 National Coach – men Scott Baird, Project 2018 National Coaches John Benton, Phill drobnick, National Wheelchair Coach Steve Brown, National Wheelchair Assistant Coach rusty Schieber, National Wheelchair Curling Outreach Development Director Marc dePerno, Head Ice Technician dave Staveteig 701-772-0705 • AmERICAN CURlINg FOUNDATION & mUSEUm The Museum is located at the Chicago Curling Club, 555 dundee road, northbrook, iL 60062 CuraTor: James M. Miller Jr. 2011 Glendale ave. northbrook, iL 60062 847-272-7224 UNITED STATES WOmEN’S CURlINg ASSOCIATION OFFICERS PreSidenT Bridget Matzke FirST ViCe PreSidenT Shelley dropkin SeCond ViCe PreSidenT Jeannie Borland SeCreTarY dae Jean Jahnke TreaSurer Mary Glowacki uSCa LiaiSon Jennifer Stannard PuBLiC reLaTionS nancy Wilhelm ProMoTionS nancy Seitz

SUmmER 2012

USA Curling ... Dare to curl 

new comic strip debuts; big changes for the Curling News on the horizon aw, summer. The time when we are supposed to take vacations and put our feet up or leisurely indulge in our summerly activities such as pretending we are stellar golfers and prolific runners (oh wait, maybe those are my daydreams). Summer at the national office has now become one of the busiest time periods of the year for us. in addition to debuting this summer online-only edition of the Curling News, i’m happy to introduce a new contributor to the Curling News family. on Page 10 in the Comics section, you’ll notice a new strip called Rock Hedz by John Brzys of Westland, Mich., who took up curling at the detroit Curling Club in 2005. Brzys, who works as a software developer in the auto industry, says Rock Hedz is his first attempt at comic strip creation, though he has been an artist all his life. i hope you’ll enjoy our

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covering events and affairs of local, regional, national and world curling. Frank stated in an article in the June 1979 issue, which announced the new ownership, “The Curling News is a national publication designed to serve curlers everywhere.” Frank and China proceeded to serve with great distinction. This writer recalls, early in his career with the uSCa, driving to Summit Street in Portage several times to work with the rhymes on stories (and later, to work on the transition to uSCa ownership in 1991), and being grateful for their support. When i mentioned this to son Bill rhyme, he chuckled and recalled, “Mom and dad converted my former bedroom to the Curling News office!” Past uSCa president david russell was raised in nearby Pardeeville, Columbia County, Wis., which has long been unique as a curling cultural center, boasting five curling-only facilities since at least the first half of the 20th century: Portage, Pardeeville, Poynette, arlington and Lodi, within about a halfhour drive of one another. russell recalls: “Many may

latest edition to the Curling News family! Format talk, anyone? When i started working for uSa Curling in 2002, the word format was almost a dirty word as the big change in the national

championship format (and citizenship requirement) was being undertaken. i would like permission to use the word format with excitement as i spill the beans about the impending format changes for the Curling News. Beginning this fall, the Curling News is taking on a new format with several other exciting additions being planned to fully modernize the best curling-dedicated publication in the u.S. We hope the format change will add value to your membership with uSa Curling. (i just tricked anyone who was genuinely interested in talking championship formats into reading these last few paragraphs. Ha, fooled you!) Stay tuned to the uSa Curling website and social media outlets for more updates. i think you’re really going to like what we have planned. until then, good curling, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

have forgotten that Frank was a uSCa board-elected director in the early 1990’s – accepting that role as a favor to me (when i was president-elect). i valued his advice. He understood quite well the concerns of the varied constituencies of curling. He epitomized the best traditions of the sport—working so hard in his beloved Portage Curling Club to ‘pass it on’ to new and younger curlers. over the years, i greatly respected his thoughts and opinions as the game changed, both on and off the ice.” Bill rhyme reflected on his parents’ role in curling: “For my dad and mom both—curling was part of what they were and part of what i am, since the days at age 10 or 11 at the curling rink being taught to curl by dad. He always helped other people learn about curling – they both loved the sport. all my siblings curled at one time. My dad was taught by my grandfather at about age 12, on natural ice down by the Portage canal (now unused, formerly connecting the Fox and Wisconsin rivers).” in addition to his extensive activities in curling, Frank was a radioman and B24 gunner in the South Pacific in World War ii, flying 24 successful missions.

in 1950, he graduated from the university of Wisconsin’s Pharmacy School in Madison and then become a third-generation pharmacist at rhyme drugs in Portage, started by his grandfather in the 1880s. after 30 years, he sold the business and joined northwestern Mutual Life as its local Portage representative, ultimately retiring in 2004. Frank was active in many Portage business and civic groups. also a lifelong golfer, Frank served as president, several times, of both the Portage Country and Curling Clubs. He helped organize many national events hosted by the curling club and coached the high school girls’ curling team. He curled at the club level and in state bonspiels well into his 80s. The club recognized Frank with a Lifetime achievement award in april 1998. Frank rhyme is survived by his wife, Mary “China;” five children – William (Janice), richard (anne), Margaret (ron), robert (Sissel) and nancy (Jim); and 12 grandchildren. Curlers may wish to contribute to support junior curling at the Portage Curling Club (Frank rhyme Memorial), c/o Portage Curling Club, P.o. Box 55, Portage, Wi 53901.

From the Editor’s Desk

Ideas? Complaints? Send your thoughts to Curling News Editor Terry Kolesar 715-344-1199, Ext. 202

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USA Curling ... Dare to curl

SUmmER 2012



Your contact: kim nawyn,

Taking a break from the summer heat


fter most dedicated ice curlers have packed their shoes away for the season and turned their thoughts to summer pursuits, many arena curlers begin gearing up for league competition. Since hockey and figure skating typically have scheduling priority at ice skating rinks, arena curlers often compete in leagues during the traditional off-season. i was able to spend time with members of two clubs that curl in the spring and summer months, dakota Curling Club and Long island Curling Club, during the past several weeks. Both clubs are examples of how dedication and commitment to making an arena club successful can pay off. Less than a 20-mile drive from the St. Paul Curling Club, the dakota Curling Club curls out of the beautiful Burnsville ice Center in Burnsville, Minn. (in case you’re curious, the club’s name is based on the county in which it is located.) in its seventh season, the dakota Curling Club is a vibrant organization dedicated to long-term success. With five sheets of stones, the dakota Curling Club supports three draws a week, with one draw focused primarily on training newer curlers. Since dakota also recognizes that it can be intimidating for new curlers to transition into the club’s experienced leagues, veteran curlers actively mentor novices. The club makes concerted efforts to include newer curlers in all off-ice activities as well. ryan Claussen, president of dakota Curling Club said, “[it’s important to] engage your members in all aspects of your club: from website design to donation gathering to bonspiel committees to club

Reports from the Warm Room

By Kim Nawyn, Growth & Development Manager setup/teardown. involved members tend to give back to the club, improving it for others while drawing new curlers to the sport.” Members of dakota are encouraged to participate in bonspiels throughout the year. along with regular participation in bonspiels in the Midwest, at least one team heads across the pond to curl in Scotland each season. To return the hospitality they experience at other clubs, dakota runs the Pirate ’Spiel each September. Scheduled to take place Sept. 21-23 this year, the same week as international Talk Like a Pirate day (yes, it’s a real day!), participants are encouraged to come in costume. To create good curling ice for both their annual bonspiel and weekly league play, the club has worked to build a solid relationship with the ice maker at the arena. “if you develop a good relationship [with the arena ice technicians], you can work together to create the best arena ice your location can handle,” Claussen said. While many new Yorkers head to the beaches on the south shore of Long island to beat the heat in the summer, the Long

Members of the Dakota Curling Club take in some curling action over five sheets at the Burnsville Ice Center in Minnesota. Photo by Ryan Claussen, Dakota Curling Club

island Curling Club heads to the newbridge arena in Bellmore, n.Y., to cool down on Friday evenings between May and august. after years of enduring a lengthy and expensive commute to the ardsley Curling Club (ardsley is located in a suburb north of new York City; round trip bridge toll currently $13), a few dedicated curlers living in Long island and Queens decided to introduce the sport to the area in 2008. after struggling to find a new host arena and to keep members focused on summer curling in a vacation destination during the past several years, the club decided to experiment with changing their league from Saturday to Friday. With the added benefit of exposure in the new York Times, the club expanded to five sheets this season. Similar to the dakota Curling Club, the Long island Curling Club works hard to integrate new curlers into the league. each week, two experienced curlers conduct short instructional sessions while

the ice is being prepared. during these sessions, various aspects of the game, including curling etiquette, are addressed. To keep both new and experienced club members up-to-date on the curling schedule, sheet assignments, and stats, the club incorporated MyCurlingLeague into its website. (Check out for more information and how to incorporate it into your club’s website.) Since they are unable to broomstack at the host arena, club members head over to a local bar following league each Friday night. new curlers are always encouraged to join in this traditional aspect of curling culture. “it is important to instill a sense of community in our new members,” said Matt Scheiner, vice president of the Long island Curling Club. “Without a dedicated facility, we have to make a conscious effort to share the curling culture with our newer members. We feel like it does, in fact, help to keep them coming back.”

While arena curling has its own unique set of challenges, the joy of curling was evident on the faces of both new and experienced members of these two clubs. after competition was cut short by the hum of the zamboni engine signaling it was time to get off of the ice, their camaraderie continued.

America’s #1 Curling Supplier for 36 years!

Largest Selection in Country BalancePlus, Performance, ASHAM, 8-ender, Tournament, Ultima and more. All your curling needs! Same Day Shipping Phone: 608-222-1691 Orders: 1-800-227-CURL E-mail: Web site:

Seasonal memberhip package being planned for uSCa clubs

Long Island Curling Club members call the Newbridge Arena in Bellmore, N.Y., home for Friday evening curling from May through August. Photo by Kim Nawyn, USA Curling

at the start of the traditional curling season, uSa Curling typically mails each member club a package of information geared toward membership development. The mailing includes brochures, club posters, and various flyers. due to the popularity of the in-ice logos offered last season, the logos will continue to be available in 2012-13. in order to gain a more complete understanding of club usage and better meet club needs in

the long-term, these membership materials will be offered as part of an ondemand service this season. Club presidents will be able to request relevant quantities of items the club typically uses and forego others. all presidents will be emailed instructions about how to request these materials later this summer. in the meantime, please feel free to contact kim nawyn at with questions.

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SUmmER 2012

USA Curling ... Dare to curl

St. Paul set to mark100th year by Mike O’Neil, St. Paul Curling Club


he 2012-13 curling season is a big one for the St. Paul Curling Club. it marks the 100-year anniversary of the club in its present location on Selby avenue in St. Paul, Minn. The festivities begin with a Centennial kickoff Celebration on Saturday, oct. 6 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown St. Paul. This will be a great night of fun

and socializing with curling friends. Live music by the rockin’ Hollywoods, dancing, appetizers and chances to win some great raffle prizes are all included with the purchase of a ticket for this night to remember. Tickets are $25 and available online. Click here for more information. a cash bar will be available and hotel rooms at the Crowne Plaza can be reserved at all present/past SPCC members and guests are welcome. on Jan. 7-13, the club will host

the St. Paul open Centennial Bonspiel. We’re looking for 32 outof-town teams, combined with 64 St. Paul teams for a total of 96. Play will begin on Thursday or Friday for out-of-town teams. Cost for the bonspiel is only $160 per team and includes rollback (cheap!) prices on food and beverages throughout the week – plus prizes for event winners/runners-up. registration is open online by clicking here. Check the club website at for more details as the event get

closer. as part of the Centennial celebration, the History Committee has written a book about the history of the club titled “100 roaring Years on Selby avenue: The History of the St. Paul Curling Club.” it is a hard cover, coffee-table style book that will make its debut at the Centennial kick-off Celebration oct. 6. You will be able to preorder your copy online soon for a special price of $35 each. after oct. 6, the price will be $40 per copy. Stay tuned for more details!

Seattle’s Clarks named top team for 2012 Continued from Page 1 olympics, it’s good timing and i’m happy that the committee and the uSCa has recognized us.” “it feels incredible, and it is really an honor to be the first-ever mixed doubles Team of the Year,” Cristin Clark said. “We really enjoy mixed doubles as we can curl together and to win this award as a team is very cool.” The husband-wife team also combined with mixed teammates Sean Beighton and Bev Walter to win their fourth straight – and ninth overall since 2002 – mixed national title in March in Portage, Wis. The Clarks were previously honored as Team of the Year in 2009 with their traditional mixed teammates. The mixed doubles national and world championships both debuted in 2008. “it was a really great season. We won our mixed doubles national title in december. We then won our mixed title in March. Worlds were a really good experience – we were second in our pool and advanced to the playoff round. We won against China in the quarterfinals and advanced to the semis, where we lost a really close game to Switzerland,” Cristin Clark said. “We ended up coming in fourth out of 27 teams at Worlds. Yes, we think it was a big success; however, we would like to return to the Worlds next year and win two more games in the playoffs. We are planning to curl in mixed and mixed doubles playdowns again next year, and would like to win a medal at Worlds.” “To have the opportunity to be able to compete with Cristin is really great. We really work well together. We understand each other and know what to expect and can really motivate one another to reach our goals,” Brady Clark said. This is the second time that Pottinger, 38, has been named Female athlete of

the Year but her first time as skip. She was previously honored as vice skip in 2008. Pottinger has won 10 national titles, including this season, and was a member of the 2010 u.S. olympic team. in her second year in the skipping role, Pottinger led her team of nicole Joraanstad (Verona, Wis.), natalie nicholson (Bemidji, Minn.) and Tabitha Peterson (eagan, Minn.) to the 2012 national championship title. at the 2012 Women’s World Championship in Lethbridge, alberta, Team uSa got off to a rocky 0-4 start but the team battled back to win seven straight games to clinch a spot in a tiebreaker game with Canada, which they lost 9-8 to finish fifth overall. The fifth-place showing captured significant points for the u.S. in qualifying for the 2014 olympic Winter Games in Sochi, russia. “i was really surprised about the award. We had a really good run as a team and all four of us individually had really strong seasons. i feel like everyone played really well and this award could have went to any of them so when i heard that it was me, i was really surprised,” Pottinger said. “We’ve been meeting as a team and planning out next year so i had already kind of put last season to rest … so it was a nice surprise.” Pottinger was statistically the top ranked athlete at the skip position both at the 2012 national Championships and the 2012 World Women’s Championship. “Curling is a team game, and i feel like this award is more of a team award, especially when your teammates are setting you up so well and you’re not having to make triples every time. My teammates helped me curl the percentages that i did,” said Pottinger, who works as a marketing analyst with General Mills. dropkin, a member of

Seattle’s mixed doubles team of Brady and Cristin Clark (above) were named 2012 USA Curling Team of the Year. The Clarks successfully defended their mixed doubles national title as well as the traditional mixed championship title and finished fourth at the 2012 World Mixed Doubles in Turkey. Korey Dropkin (below), displaying his Youth Olympic Games bronze medal and Team USA broom, was named Male Athlete of the Year.

the Broomstones Curling Club, won the first Youth olympic Games playdown last fall along with teammates Sarah anderson (Broomall, Pa.), Thomas Howell iii (Brick, n.J.) and Taylor anderson (Broomall, Pa.). The team represented the u.S. at the inaugural Winter Youth olympic Games in innsbruck, austria, in January. in the mixed team portion, the americans finished the round robin with a perfect 7-0 record but lost its quarterfinal match to finish fifth overall. next up for the four americans was the mixed doubles component of the event where the athletes were teamed with curlers from different countries. dropkin, along with russian teammate Marina Verenich, defeated their opponents from Japan and korea, 6-5, in an extra end to win the bronze medal – the first curling medal for

the u.S. at this event. a week later, dropkin captured his first junior national title playing vice skip for the Stephen dropkin rink. The team went on to finish fifth at the 2012 World Junior Championships in Sweden. at age 17, dropkin is the youngest male curler to earn the athlete of the Year honor. “i had no idea this award even existed, so when i

heard i was being awarded it, i was quite shocked, but thrilled as well,” said dropkin, who is going into his senior year at algonquin regional High School in northborough, Mass. “This whole year has been beyond surreal with so many amazing trips and experiences between the Winter Youth olympics, and Junior Worlds. Wearing the uSa on my back has always been my dream. Being able to achieve that, and winning the bronze medal for the country at the Youth olympics, meant a great deal to me, and is an experience of a lifetime i will never forget.” award recipients are determined by uSa Curling’s athlete/Curler recognition Committee. The above recipients will be further nominated to the united States olympic Committee for the uSoC Team and athlete of the Year awards. “i am very honored to be selected as the recipient of this award, and i’d like to thank my brother, Stephen, as he’s been the person i’ve looked up to all these years, trying to follow in his footsteps. Playing vice for Stephen these past three years has been an amazing experience. Surprisingly enough, we got along well in the house! i learned so much from him, and will miss playing with him,” dropkin said about his older brother, who has now aged out of junior competition.

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USA Curling ... Dare to curl

SUmmER 2012


Finding teammates – don’t leave any stone unturned


y the time this issue of the Curling News hits the streets, most elite level competitive junior teams will have their line-ups set for the 2012-13 season. of necessity, i guess, there seems to be a mad scramble shortly after Junior nationals to replace that teammate who is aging out or heading off to a college where curling may not be an option. it’s always interesting to follow the changes and consider what strengths the newly-formed team will have for the upcoming season. Most of the teams at this level have goals that are somewhat short-term in nature. They are all approaching the junior age limit and may only have one or two years left

to grab the brass ring. But what is left when the dust settles? From my experience, this “team hopping” sometimes has negative impact on team formation and, in turn, our future athlete pipeline. Please don’t get me wrong, i’m not opposed to assembling teams that have the best chance to win at the world championship level. But i am concerned that the remaining members of a team from which a teammate has been drafted remain viable as a competitive team. all too often i have seen the team fold. and all too often i have seen the next generation, the 14-16-year-olds who have been waiting for their chance to be picked up, lose interest and turn to

Youth Corner

By Dave Jensen, Chairman, USCA Youth Committee other sports. it doesn’t have to play out that way. For the team who loses the player(s), consider next year’s goals for the team and, based on those goals, determine what type of player you need. next, look inside your own

register today for Bucks County Junior Camp Space is still available for campers at the Bucks County Junior Curling Camp aug. 2-5 in Warminster, Pa. registration will be accepted through July 21. Campers must be 10-18 years of age as of aug. 2, 2012. Campers can anticipate learning about delivery (video analysis, helpful hints); sweeping techniques; strategy (basic to advanced); and information on how to practice and communicate with teammates. Campers will be placed into groups based on age and experience. The cost for the camp is $195 and does not include lodging. There is a limit of 64 curlers for this camp. Complete camp information is available on the uSa Curling website. if you have questions, please contact Mark Mooney, camp coordinator, at 585-7975344 or via e-mail at

with the Potter team, curled in the World Junior Championships in 2005 as a second-year curler. as a multi-sport high school athlete, she knew that hard work would bring her up to speed quickly. Look for teammates inside your club or close geographical area, and consider bringing new curlers to the sport. Make sure your team is comprised of people you like to be with. don’t underestimate the role team chemistry plays in wins and losses. Find teammates who share the same level of commitment. Seek out a qualified coach who has the ability to help you reach your goals. Most important of all, don’t leave any stone unturned. Have a great season!

Make your Plans to head to

Green Bay,

WisConsin for the

2013 usa CurlinG national ChaMPionshiPs feB. 9-16, 2013 Cornerstone CoMMunity iCe Center WWW.CurlGB.CoM

18th annual Top 10 Shakespearian Quotations on the roarin’ Game

Media Guide & directory in production uSa Curling is still collecting regional and club officer information for inclusion in the 2012-13 uSa Curling Media Guide & directory. if your club has held elections, we encourage you to send in officer info and bonspiel schedules, which will be updated online in the bonspiel calendar and on the interactive uSa Curling club finder map. Forms have been sent to club presidents. You can also download it from the uSa Curling website.

club. There is always that player who is a couple years younger and has potential. Maybe the right person doesn’t even curl yet. Maybe it’s a friend who you have a good time hanging out with. For a developmental team, there is no greater luxury than being able to curl with good friends. now here is the surprise to most people – it doesn’t take long for a new curler of junior age to become proficient in curling. if fact, i have always maintained that if a team would spend as much time training for curling as any other high school sport, they would be a favorite at Junior nationals every year. in fact, Steph Sambor, who has already qualified for next year’s olympic Trials

10] We were encounterd by a mighty rock. [The Comedy of Errors, act i, sc. 1, l. 101] 9] o, you shall be exposed, my lord. [Troilus and Cressida, act iv, sc. 4, l. 68] 8] Liest thou there in thy bloody sheet? [Romeo and Juliet, act v, sc. 3, l. 106] 7] and unregarded age in corners thrown. [As You Like It, act ii, sc. 3, l. 42] 6] So covetous, to lock such rascal counters. [Julius Caesar, act iv, sc. 3, l. 79] 5] Then why should we be tender. [Cymbeline, act iv, sc. 2, l. 127] 4] Where none will sweat but for promotion. [As You Like It, act ii, sc. 3, l. 59] 3] i have yet room. [antony and Cleopatra, act iv, sc. 7, l. 9]


2] Spare your arithmetic: never count the turns. [Cymbeline, act ii, sc. 4, l. 142] 1] Pray, sir, be patient: ‘tis as much impossible— unless we sweep ‘em. [Henry VIII, act v, sc. 4, l. 11] – Richard Maskel

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SUmmER 2012

USA Curling ... Dare to curl

new executives elected to uSCa Board


t the recent united States Curling association Board of directors spring meeting in the Twin Cities, new officers were elected. Jim Pleasants (Seattle), who previously served as vice president of Championships and serves as the Washington region’s board representative, began his tenure as president on May 1 as Chris Sjue (Fargo, n.d.) completed a two-year term at the helm. The four vice president positions are held by dave

Richard Ramirez Jan 17, 1965-June 22, 2012 it is with great sadness we mourn the passing of the founder of the orange County Curling Club, and our good friend, richard ramirez. Without richard, there would be no oC Curling Club. We owe our entire existence to him. it’s not certain exactly when or how he decided there would be curling in orange County, California, but in retrospect, only richard could have done it. in January 2010, richard made arrangements with the rinks Westminster ice to host a few Learn-toCurls. He called all the curlers he knew and asked them to help. Before and after each event, richard drove back and forth to the Hollywood Curling Club, a 100-mile round trip, packing rocks to the rinks for each Learn-to-Curl. He arranged to advertise the Learn-to-Curls at the anaheim ducks hockey games, an incredibly smart marketing strategy. over 80 people came to one of the oC events! With the help of several members of the Hollywood Curling Club and a great crew of local curlers, richard and his team taught several LTCs, building interest. in late January 2010, he announced the formation of a league. There were 10 teams, where none had existed before, and a new club was born! each team was made up of beginners combined with a few experienced curlers from Canada and the u.S. northeast. richard agonized over the make-up of each team, hand selecting the teammates who had never met each other before. How would they do? How can we include everybody? Most importantly, how can we make sure the beginners stay with

Carlson (Portage, Wis.), kent Beadle (Hudson, Wis.), and newly voted in VPs – Gwen krailo (nashua, n.H.) and Sam Williams (acton, Mass.), who replaced Pleasants and Jerome Larson (rio Vista, Calif.), who opted not to run for re-election. in addition, Sean Silver (Chicago) was re-elected as treasurer and Jonathan Havercroft (norman, okla.) takes over as secretary for Bob Pelletier (Columbia, Md.), who retired from the Board.


us? For each league following the first, richard worked the phones, keeping the skips engaged, arranging new curlers for us old hacks, and working daily to grow and build the sport he loved so much. We have all been inspired by his passion for the game, combined with his heartfelt and headstrong vigor, and his own unique Spirit of Curling that he brought to every game. richard was brusque, gruff, and loud, as a good skip should be. He was passionate about winning every shot while wearing his emotion on his face and expressing it with his booming voice. Pity the poor lead who drew too deep, the second who clipped a guard or the vice who didn’t call a sweep when needed! a loss on the ice would hang from his shoulders like the stones that had failed him but a win would raise his spirits through to the next game. richard was also irascible and contrary and human like all of us. Playing on rented arena ice, it was important for us to start and end on time and many of us experienced his wrath for failing to do so! richard organized and operated the oC Curling Club the way he ran everything in life – head-on and full-throttle. He was handson, making decisions based on experience and his gut




feeling of what was right. richard believed it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Sometimes consensus was sacrificed if something needed to be done. Without his commitment and dedication, the club likely would not have survived. in the beginning, he was president, treasurer, secretary, drawmaster, icemaker, peacemaker, matchmaker, coach, and referee of our club. He put the stones on ice four hours before each game and was there to put the hacks away at the end. every piece of the equipment in our club has richard’s fingerprints on it and demonstrates his care and devotion to the game. When it became time to formalize this league of 10 teams into an organized club, richard was the driver behind the development of our bylaws, and he dug his teeth into every detail, making sure we had a solid foundation. Together we incorporated the club and became a 501c3. under his leadership we grew the club to where we could buy our own stones. With more than 60 members, the orange County Curling Club is now firmly established, poised for growth, having touched the hearts and inspired several hundreds of future curlers in Southern California. richard didn’t just start a curling club – he founded a curling family. Shortly after our club adopted its bylaws and elected its first Board (where richard was elected president), he was part of the oC men’s team that captured the MoPac Championship, and later represented the club well at the Men’s Club nationals in Mankato, Minn. richard enjoyed the sense of fun that ensued when people got together. Whether it was hockey,

curling, refereeing, dog- or pony-racing, going to the oC Fair, or karaoke, richard knew how to bring people together, and make it fun, in his own unique way. no microphone other than the one in richard’s hand has endured such bad singing, yet somehow he managed to get the whole bar on its feet joining in. Whatever the endeavor, richard knew how to work the crowd and make it fun. richard was not a reli-

gious or spiritual person but we know that somewhere he’s throwing stones on dedicated ice, every takeout is true and rolls behind cover, every draw shot comes around the center guard to the button. Good curling, richard. We’ll miss you. – Submitted by Ryan Harty and Ken Millar on behalf of the membership of the Orange County Curling Club.

The u.S. Curling association is proud to recognize the following sponsors who support our sport and organization:

USA Curling partners: Hilton • united airlines • rJM Licensing Media Sauce • BalancePlus

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USA Curling ... Dare to curl

SUmmER 2012


To the mailbag: Training tips by request or this summer edition, let’s go to the mailbag and respond to reader input and inquiries on previous columns. First, we’ll talk a little more about sweeping and then about eye dominance and how it affects your setup in the hack. Copies of earlier articles are available online at the address presented at the end of this article. Sweeping Technique Feedback on my recent column on sweeping focused on the position of the broom handle and hands when sweeping. regarding the handle, remember that we encourage people to work at being able to sweep on both sides of the stone, which allows both sweepers to get closer to the stone and thereby warm the ice more effectively. regardless of which side of the stone you sweep on, the handle of the broom should ideally be on the side of your body nearest the far end, toward the skip. This position allows several things to happen. First of all, the recommended position allows the entire side-to-side sweeping motion to be closer to the stone. Creating heat closer to the stone is vital. The farther a sweeper is away from the stone, the more the ice will cool off before the stone reaches the swept area. Conversely, when the handle is positioned on the side of the body nearest the shooter, the broom head moves more parallel vs. perpendicular to the path of the stone. This forces the front sweeper further away from the stone and diminishes the impact of any heat that has been created. also, when the handle is incorrectly positioned on the side of the body nearest the shooter, the resulting sweeping motion pulls the broom head back toward the stone, thereby increasing the risk of a burnt stone. remember, for optimal results, always keep the broom head moving perpendicular or angled slightly forward relative to the path of the stone. Concerning hand position, regardless of whether you sweep in an upright position or with your back more parallel to the ice, the hand closest to the target end should be the upper hand on the handle. That hand location will put your shoulders and hands in a position that allows the broom head to move in the previously discussed perpendicular or slightly forward direction. it will also put your body in a position


that allows you to look down the ice so you can judge the distance to the desired location, receive visual cues from the skip, and avoid tripping over stones that are already in play. none of the prescribed changes in hand and handle positions will feel comfortable at first, but give them a try and stick with it. They will make you a better sweeper, and good sweepers really do make a difference. in all fairness, it should be noted that some very effective sweepers and accomplished curlers (my son included) sweep contrary to what has been described in the preceding paragraphs. it can be done, and done so quite effectively. But remember, regardless of what hand and handle positions you use, producing heat is of utmost importance, and you cannot do that without producing pressure. Pressure is not going to come from just arm strength or broom head velocity. We have all seen club curlers frantically flail away with their arms moving like hummingbird wings, while accomplishing almost nothing. You need to get your entire upper body into the act and really bear down on the head of the broom. That is where heat comes from and that is what will really contribute to you becoming an effective sweeper. Eye Dominance according to Wikipedia, eye dominance is the brain’s preference to receive visual input from one eye versus the other. Most often, right-handed people are right eye dominant, and vice versa, but not always. are you right-eye or left-eye dominant? do you know? does it matter?

Training Tips From Jon

Jon Mielke,

Yes, it does matter! Let’s start by determining if you are right-eye or left-eye dominant. extend your arms in front of your face and create a circle by overlapping your index fingers with each other and your thumbs with each other. next, look at a distant object through the circle and draw your arms back toward your face, keeping the distant object in sight. You should end up with your hands directly in front of either your right or your left eye. That eye is your dominant eye, the eye that you use to focus on distant objects, like the skip’s broom. Why does it matter? remember that the most important line on a curling sheet is the invisible line from your hack foot to the skip’s broom. in the hack position, the rock should be on top of that line, the hack foot should be centered in the hack and pointed down that line, and your dominant eye should be directly behind and looking down that line. everything lines up per-




WWW.THERAM.COM ‡),1'86,125(*21,'$+2      :$6+,1*721,//,12,6 ,1',$1$‡   

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fectly if you are right-handed and right-eye dominant and vice versa. But if you are not, your dominant eye is not lined up with the line of delivery and you will have to move the rock or your body sideways during the delivery to get everything on the same line. Moving things sideways during a delivery increases the likelihood that you will miss both the skip’s broom and the shot. So, what can you do to get everything lined up? First, rather than positioning your foot in the center of the hack, move it and your entire body sideways toward the centerline. For a right-handed curler, this adjustment will move your dominant left eye closer toward a position directly in line with both the center of the hack and the invisible line that runs from the hack to the skip’s broom. another adjustment that will bring things more in line is for the shooter to cock his or her head slightly to the right (for righthanded curlers). This adjustment will move the left eye even closer to a position directly behind the hack and in line with the invisible line from the hack to the skip’s broom. Having made these two adjustments, remember to keep the stone on the invisi-

ble line running from the center of the hack toward the skip’s broom, and during the drawback position of your delivery, bring the stone back to the middle of the hack rather than to the center of your hack foot (which has been repositioned toward the centerline). That way, you will get your dominant left eye more in line with the intended line of delivery. now, as you slide down the ice, your dominant eye should be directly behind the stone and looking straight down the invisible line toward the skip’s broom. Taken together, these adjustments will help compensate for oppositeeye dominance and help inflicted people (like me) hit the broom with increased regularity. until next time, keep those cards and letters and e-mails coming. and, as always, good curling! (Jon Mielke is a Level III instructor and a Level III coach. He is the past chairman of the USCA’s Training & Instruction Committee and a member of Bismarck’s Capital Curling Club. All his previous training articles are available online at: USA Curling – Inside the USCA – CNews Columnists – Columns by Jon Mielke).

THANK YOU! The USWCA would like to thank all of the participants who took part in USWCA events during the 2011-12 season as well as our Circuit sponsors

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SUmmER 2012

USA Curling ... Dare to curl

Chinese research indicates sport is taken seriously


hen you prepare to conduct research (as i am this fall) you have to read and learn what other researchers and practitioners have done in your field. You do this to learn what was done and what questions were asked and what answers were found to those questions. it turns out China has a rich research base investigating what Chinese elite curling teams do to win and why they lose. This article gives

key: o–open; X–Mixed; Xd–Mixed doubles; M–Men’s; W–Women’s; S–Senior; Wc–Wheelchair C–Cashspiel; J–Junior; St–Stick events are listed Friday through Sunday but some may begin earlier. Check the club’s website for more information. JUlY 12–15 Cape Cod, Ma X JUlY 15–18 Cape Cod, Ma W JUlY 19–22 Cape Cod, Ma M Capital, nd o Green Bay, Wi o JUlY 23–26 Cape Cod, Ma Wc JUlY 27–29 anthracite, Pa–diamond City o AUg. 3–5 Green Bay, Wi SM kansas City, Mo–BBQ o Triangle, nC–Carolina Classic o AUg. 10–12 Charlotte, nC–Grits ‘n Granite o AUg. 17–19 Fort Wayne, in–Summerspiel o AUg. 24–26 rice Lake, Wi–Summerspiel o AUg. 31–SEPT. 2 Vacaville, Ca–The Crush o SEPT. 7–9 Bowling Green, oH o Wenatchee, Wa–desert rocks o SEPT. 21–23 dakota, Mn–Pirate o Mount Washington Valley, nH o SEPT. 28–30 rice Lake, Wi–Tune up o OCT. 5–7 kettle Moraine, Wi–The Stan M McCall, id–rocktoberspiel o nutmeg, CT–Blazing Leaves o OCT. 12–14 anchorage, ak–rookie o aspen, Co–Silver Sweep o Potomac, Md–inaugural o St. Paul, Mn–Cashspiel MC OCT. 18–21 Chicago, iL–Windy City o OCT. 25–28 anchorage, ak–Cashspiel o Cook County, Mn o Granite, Wa–Man ’Spiel M kettle Moraine, Wi–Fall Fling W Las Vegas, nV–Sin City o Madison, Wi–Halloween o Midland, Mi o rochester, nY–Big Pumpkin o Vikingland, Mn–2+2 o NOV. 2–4 anchorage, ak–Fun ’Spiel o Blackhawk, Wi–First Chance W Schenectady, nY–Carosella W NOV. 9–11 exmoor, iL–invitational X Grafton, nd–Concurrent X Granite, Wa–autumn o Mayfield, oH–invitational M rice Lake, Wi–Jugspiel W rochester, nY–College o utica, nY–ross Tarlton M St. Paul, Mn Md St. Paul, Mn St Superior, Wi–Cystic Fibrosis o Wauwatosa, Wi St NOV. 16–18 itasca, Mn–Hunters’ Widows W Mankato, Mn–Harvest o Philadelphia, Pa–Harvest X Schenectady, nY–achilles M Wauwatosa, Wi o NOV. 23–25 duluth, Mn–Cashspiel MWC Granite, Wa–Cashspiel MC St. Paul, Mn–FireBall o

you a flavor for the way Chinese researchers and sport psychology consultants learn how Chinese teams perform well. Chinese researchers have conducted research into shot decision-making and execution; team development; umpiring effectiveness; junior and senior teams’ causes for success and failure; competitive contrast between China and their opposition; performance metrics and the differences between genders and

NOV. 30–DEC. 2 Brainerd Lakes, Mn o Columbus, oH o Fargo, nd o Madison, Wi–Cashspiel oC Mankato, Mn J Milwaukee, Wi–kiltie W Las Vegas, nV–new Year’s o rochester, nY–Highland o DEC. 6–8 anchorage, ak–Christmas o Barrow, ak–Top of the Planet o detroit, Mi–Senior one day SM exmoor, iL–Continental M Granite, Wa–Holiday o itasca, Mn–rapids Cash oC Madison, Wi J Philadelphia, Pa J Schenectady, nY–10 & under M St. Paul, Mn–Jack McCann M utica, nY–u.S. open Wc DEC. 13–15 Chesapeake, Md–Mid atlantic W Waltham, iL–PiC o DEC. 26–28 Heather, Mn–Family ’Spiel o DEC. 31 Charlotte, nC–Pajama Curl o 2013 JAN. 4–6 detroit, Mi–international M duluth, Mn–Bruce Bennett M eau Claire, Wi–Leinenkugel o Granite, Wa–25 & under o Lodi, Wi M Philadelphia, Pa–Cracked Bell o St. Paul, Mn–Cold Cash WC JAN. 11–13 Heather, Mn X Hibbing, Mn–Sunny Hill M Marshfield, Wi W rice Lake, Wi–Stein X St. Paul, Mn–Centennial o utica, nY–Mitchell M Wausau, Wi–Tietge H.S. J JAN. 18–20 anchorage, ak–Town Square o Blackhawk, Wi X Chesapeake, Md–Funspiel o duluth, Mn–Bert Payne J itasca, Mn J Marshfield, Wi M Mayfield, oH–one day (19th) W Plainfield, nJ–Thrifty o Portage, Wi J rochester, nY–empire W Superior, Wi–Mixed Mulligan X Wauwatosa, Wi SM Wausau, Wi–Highlanders W JAN. 22–23 exmoor, iL–Highlanders W JAN. 25–27 arlington, Wi M Boise, id–Sawtooth outdoor o Cleveland, oH X Fargo, nd–Triathlon o Granite, Wa W Hibbing, Mn X St. Paul, Mn–Winter Carnival X JAN. 29–30 itasca, Mn S FEB. 1–3 Crosby, nd M detroit, Mi–international W Fargo, nd–Bantam Jo kettle Moraine, Wi–Classic X Mankato, Mn M rice Lake, Wi M Schenectady, nY o St. Paul, Mn–ranger o Wausau, Wi–Badger State MWJX FEB. 8–10 itasca, Mn–Sweethearts X Lakes, Mn–Vern Turner o St. Paul, Mn–kyle Satrom J Wausau, Wi M FEB. 15–17

ages in competition; competitive confidence and anxiety and competitive preparation. one must persevere to locate the primary research article in english but it is well worth it. What we learn from the volume and type of research dating from 2006 onward is that national team performance matters to China. Curling is important to showing the positive aspects of Chinese identity, and performing well and honorably is very important

detroit, Mi–international duluth, Mn–international Fargo, nd–Greenspiel Heather, Mn Plainfield, nJ Potomac, Md–Francis dykes utica, nY–raymond kayser Waltham, iL Wausau, Wi–High School Wauwatosa, Wi FEB. 22–24 anchorage, ak–Fur rondy Cook County, Mn Heather, Mn–uSWCa Pin kettle Moraine, Wi Lewiston, Mi Madison, Wi–Curl v. Cancer Mayfield, oH–evergreen nutmeg, CT–neon Juniors St. Paul, Mn–international utica, nY–Cobb mARCH 1–3 detroit, Mi–5 & under Grafton, nd Granite, Wa–5 & under itasca, Mn–High School kettle Moraine, Wi La Crosse, Wi Marshfield, Wi–Lobstein Schenectady, nY–Green Jr. Superior, Wi–northwest Tri-City, Wi–invitational Vikingland, Mn–runestone Vikingland, Mn–2+2 Waltham, iL mARCH 8–10 Cook County, Mn Granite, Wa–uSWCa Hibbing, Mn (3/9 only) Plainfield, nJ–PCC Stone Stevens Point, Wi St. Paul, Mn–Gopher State Wauwatosa, Wi mARCH 15–17 Crosby, nd duluth, Mn–dunlop Memorial Granite, Wa kettle Moraine, Wi Lodi, Wi nutmeg, CT–Golden Handle Superior, Wi–Lee Bergquist mARCH 22–24 arlington, Wi–Pride of Prairie Blackhawk, Wi–Last Chance Columbus, oH–SliderSpiel Grafton, nd itasca, Mn–Second to Last Lewiston, Mi Potomac, Md–Cherry Blossom Stevens Point, Wi APRIl 1–2 Hibbing, Mn APRIl 5–7 Hibbing, Mn–Last Chance Mankato, Mn–Bunny rochester, nY–international APRIl 12–14 anchorage, ak–Spring ’Spiel Granite, Wa Plainfield, nJ–Bonsqueal APRIl 19-21 Coyotes, aZ (Scottsdale) mAY 24–26 San Francisco, Ca JUNE 7–9 Granite, Wa JUlY 5–7 Hollywood, Ca–Blockbuster JUlY 26–28 anthracite, Pa–diamond City AUg. 2–4 Triangle, nC–Carolina Classic

X MW o M J M X M J o o X W X o o X J M X

to the Chinese. research efforts show us that universities are focused on understanding why and how curling performance can improve, and conversations about growing curling’s positive impact on Chinese society are ongoing. From a sport psychology perspective, we see that the fields of kinesiology and physical education are well represented areas with expertise, motor control and sport psychology predominate. What we learn from these findings is that curling is valuable to the Chinese and is helping them understand shot-calling, team chemistry, team selection and sport behaviors that work. research happens when the thing being investigated is seen to have value. Clearly, curling is of interest to researchers; and reading the comments of China’s coach at the last olympics, one learns the seriousness with which the Chinese approached international competition. Since 2006, Chinese women have won silver in 2008, gold in 2009 and bronze in 2011; junior men

By John Coumbe-Lilley, USA Curling sports psychology consultant

have made the playoffs twice and a bronze was won in the mixed doubles in 2011 at the world championship level not to mention a women’s bronze at the Vancouver olympics. as a relative newcomer to international curling, China is making progress and the energy in the research being done to learn how to perform better suggests that Chinese curling will be a competitive force at the world and olympic level in the foreseeable future. Check out John’s blog at

o W o J J o X J oC M o o X o W W M M W M o X J M X o J SM M M M o o o X SM M X o o o o o o o

did you lose your Curling News?

o o o

Don’t see your event listed or it’s listed incorrectly? Send bonspiel dates and corrections to Terry Kolesar,

is your copy of the Curling News going to the wrong address or missing altogether? Send address updates and inquiries to Christy Hering at the uSa Curling office at if you didn’t get the electronic copy, send a note to the editor at to sign up.

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SUmmER 2012


Potomac hosts rotary World Championship The Potomac Curling Club in Laurel, Md., successfully hosted a world championship this year. The event was the international Curling Fellowship of rotarians (iCFr) World Championship. a total of seven sheets of curling ice (four in the Potomac Curling Club and three in the adjacent Gardens ice House arena) were prepared for the weeklong event during the first week of april to handle the competition. This made Potomac Curling Club temporarily the largest curling club in the eastern united States. additionally, all of the curling stones available for use in the state of Maryland were used thanks to the Chesapeake Curling Club providing the necessary three extra sheets of rocks. The international Curling

Fellowship of occurs every two years since gaining rotary international status in 1972 with participating countries from Canada, england, Scotland, Sweden, and the united States. The united States won the coveted rotary Silver Bell Trophy as world champions in 2002 (elkridge, Md.) and 2008 (Madison, Wis.). The iCFr was formed by rotarians, who had a love for the sport of curling. a total of 90 curlers and 52 guests attended this year’s competition. For this year’s event we had 10 competitive teams and 10 friendship teams representing four countries. The champions in the competitive side were: gold medal and Silver Bell Trophy: Canada, Spruce Grove, alberta Silver medal: Canada, kingston, ontario

The Gardens Ice House Arena (above) was utilized to help stage the event. Photo by Michael Dobbs

Competitors and Potomac junior curlers, who acted as sign bearers for the teams, gather at the start of the International Curling Fellowship of Rotarians (ICFR) World Championship held this spring at the Potomac Curling Club. Photo by Michael Stewart

Bronze medal: united States, rice Lake, Wis. The champions in the Friendship Side were: gold medal and Friendship Trophy: Canada, Peterborough, ontario Silver medal: Canada, Grande Prairie, alberta Bronze medal: Canada, Stratford, ontario The Competitive event has team participation by qualified teams who have won their country’s annual playdown to represent their flag. The Friendship event has teams who have participated in past world championships but didn’t win their country’s title this year. during the week of round-

robin play the event posted the teams to play against each other to wrap-up with the final four on Friday. These final teams were then seeded to play for the gold, silver, and bronze medals in their respective final events. Socially, the week included opening Ceremonies, a dignitary welcome, dinners, spouse’s tours, Fun night at Blob’s Park, Home Hosting events, Laurel rotary Club meeting and an Honor’s awards dinner. in the spirit of friendships across international borders, the event’s mix of curlers and rotarians proves to be a wonderful opportunity to share fun

and competition. Congratulations to the Potomac Curling Club for being such gracious and friendly hosts to such a great championship. also, special thanks to the organizing Committee: Jay davies, Bob Pelletier, Susan davies, Sandra McMakin, Howard Griffin, ken Wray, Charlie Jennings, Bill Macdonald, and Jeff Blitz; Clai Carr and The Gardens ice House Staff; and all of the Potomac Curling Club, local rotarian, and other volunteers who made the week so successful! – Submitted by the Potomac Curling Club

annual appeal reaches 43 percent; help grow the sport you love uSa Curling’s annual appeal began accepting donations this winter and has now reached 43 percent of the anticipated goal thanks to generous donations from throughout the curling community. uSa Curling, the sport’s national governing body, has many goals – to grow the sport, help u.S. curlers maximize their enjoyment of the sport, produce numerous national championships that lead to world events, and be the official avenue to participate in the Paralympic Winter Games and the olympic Winter Games. The many programs, publications and competitions that utilize these donations are made possible through the generosity of individual curlers like yourself worldwide. Your contribution is fully tax-

deductible. You can even double your donation. For every dollar you donate now, uSa Curling will receive an additional dollar from the u.S. olympic Committee. For a donation of $25 or more you may elect to receive the official 2012 Team uSa pin as a thank-you gift. To make a donation or view the full list of our awesome donors, please visit

aCF&M donations accepted Looking for a special place to make a donation in someone’s name? donations to the american Curling Foundation and Museum, located in the Chicago Curling Club, can be sent to 555 dundee road, northbrook, iL 60062. The curator is James Miller Jr., 847-2727224.

Upcoming camps and meetings:

Click on this ad to visit the united site. use both codes below Z code: ZMGP and agreement Code: 716372

Green Bay Junior Camp, July 22-24, Green Bay, Wis. Bucks County Junior Camp, aug. 2-5, Warminster, Pa. High Performance Camp, Sept. 7-9, rice Lake, Wis. High Performance Camp, Sept. 14-16, rice Lake, Wis. uSCa Board of directors, Sept. 14-16, St. Paul, Minn. uSWCa Board Meeting, Sept. 21-23, Madison, Wis. no Boundaries Junior Camp, oct. 19-21, Bismarck, n.d.

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SUmmER 2012

USA Curling ... Dare to curl

exciting season ahead by Nancy Wilhelm, USWCA Public Relations Chairwoman


Winners of the Granite Spring Bonspiel were (l-r) Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Mac Guy and Em Good.

he united States Women’s Curling association (uSWCa) has planned competitive and fun-filled events for the upcoming season. Members and member clubs are hosting and participating in events across the united States. Here are the 2012-13 highlights: • Sept. 21-23: uSWCa fall meeting, Madison, Wis. • oct. 31-nov. 12, 2012 uSWCa Canadian Friendship Tour • nov. 28-dec. 2:

uSWCa Senior Women’s Bonspiel, Mayfield CC • Feb. 11-14, uSWCa annual meeting, Portage, Wis. • Feb. 13-17, uSWCa national Bonspiel, Portage, Wis. • Three junior bonspiel events to be held in three uSWCa regions, dates and locations TBd • The Circuit event: Check the uSWCa website for participating bonspiels nation-wide for opportunities to earn points and cash. additional information can be found at for all of these events and to follow the Friendship Tour of

Canada and The Circuit event standings. not a member of the uSWCa? Check the website to learn how your club can become a member to take advantage of all the uSWCa has to offer.

american umpires selected to work at 2014 olympic Games uSa’s donna Statzell (eden Prairie, Minn.) and Herb kupchik (natick, Mass.) have been selected to be part of the officiating team at the 2014 olympic Winter Games in Sochi, russia. Congratulations to them both! Winners of the Lighthouse Beach ’Spiel were (l-r) Sean Crawford, Chris Juan, Chris Allen and Andrew Foulger

Coastal Carolina Open The Lighthouse Beach ’Spiel took place June 16 in Wilmington, n.C. Here are the results: Champion–Triangle: Chris Juan, Chris

allen, andrew Foulger, Sean Crawford runner-up–Triangle: Murray Jackson, kathy Jackson, Mario riveron, Steve Janosko Third place–Charlotte Centre: Jeremy Hozjan, Jim kotwicki, david Barley, dawn Hozjan

Host sites needed for Club nationals, Mixed Championship uSa Curling is still seeking host sites for two major championship events for the 2012-13 season – the Club nationals and the Mixed national Championship. The Club nationals, which features 20 teams, will be contested March 2-9, and

the Mixed Championship, with 10 teams, is slated March 16-23 on the current calendar. if your club is interested in hosting either event or an event in the 2013-14 season, please click here to fill out and return your club’s bid.

The Funny Side

Winners of the 34th annual Wisconsin State Elks Curling Championship were (l-r) Stevens Point Curling Club members Karen Konopacky, Jack Edgerton, John Frederickson and Jack Konopacky.

Stevens Point Open The 34th annual Wisconsin State elks Curling Championship took place this spring at the Stevens Point Curling Club in Stevens Point, Wis. Here are the results: 1eW–Stevens Point: Jack konopacky, Jack edgerton, John Frederickson, karen konopacky 1eru–Marshfield: dean Markwardt, darrell Passo, George Spindler, Bob rennells 2eW–Wausau: Steve Siriani, Mike

Hadley, Shane Ley, kelly Fraser 2eru–Marshfield: Jack Lukasil, rich kenyon, diane Schuenemann, Larry Sholes 3eW–rice Lake: Steve anderson, Larry anderson, Tony Wampfler, Brian Johnson 3eru–Sault St. Marie, ontario: Jim Slack, don Mick, Chip Gagnon, randy Macdonald 4eW–rice Lake: Larry Sharp, Greg dahl, Gary Schieffer, donn Wedin 4eru–Stevens Point: Tom okray, nathan Hordyk, John koehl, dennis Girard

Advertising disclaimer “none of the advertisers in this publication are agents of the u.S. Curling association, which hereby disclaims any liability for acts of any of the advertisers.”

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USA Curling ... Dare to curl

SUmmER 2012


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Winners of the Utah Rocky Mountain Bonspiel in Park City, Utah, were members of the 2002 U.S. Women’s Olympic Team (lr) Stacey Liapis, Kari Erickson, Ann Swisshelm and Debbie McCormick.

Park City Open The utah rocky Mountain Bonspiel took place at the Park City Curling Club in Park City, utah. Here are the results: 1eW—2002 olympic Team: debbie McCormick, kari erickson, Stacey Liapis, ann Swisshelm 1eru—denver: dave Peck, Mike Mizano, Joe knapp, evan Jaffe 2eW—Boise: rob Hanson, Jared

Belsher, russ Benson, Chris doyle 2eru—Boise: Tom Tomlinson, Travis Cooper, Scott Fuhrman, Mike Beer 3eW—ogden: Charles Taggart, Mark rubey, Tim irish, Ben Womack 3eru—Park City: andrew Collins, rodger Sawyer, Phil Collins, kent Harding 4eW—Boise: Brian dolan, Craig dolan, James Paprocki, andrew dolan 4eru—Coyotes: russ Brown, Paul Stevens, Jeff Baird, Hal McGrady

Lansing Curling Club members (l-r) Stephen Parker, Dan Harris, Andy Mayville, Kyle Dymond and Mark McElwee eagerly cart in the club’s new curling stones in July. The club was established in 2010 and members curl at The Summit Sports & Ice Complex. Photo submitted by Dawn Parker, Lansing Curling Club

Winners of Broadmoor’s Seventh Annual Altitude Bonspiel were (l-r) Benj Guzman, Paul Lyttle and Richard Maskel (not pictured, Jeff Ritchie).

Broadmoor Open The Seventh annual High altitude Bonspiel took place april 27-30 at the Broadmoor Curling Club in Colorado Springs, Colo. Here are the results: 1eW–Seattle: Jeff ritchie, Benj Guzman, Paul Lyttle, richard Maskel 1eru–Pardeeville: debbie McCormick, Pete McCormick, dena rosenberry, darrick kizlyk 2eW–Broadmoor: Jerry VanBrunt, Jim Hideman, Brett Gleeson, Lauren

VanBrunt 2eru–Park City: Greg Basrak, Barb Caine, debbie Basrak, Steve dwyer 3eW–Casper: dean Boril, Jens Boril, John Quinn, Steve Wilson 3eru–Laramie: david Henry, Jacque Stonum, Gus Stonum Jeanne Hahn 4eW–denver: Pam agar, eric nelson, Ben nissen, Jill Wright 4eru–Broadmoor: J. d. Wise, Megan Petrie, Justin Gibson, alex kosel, Michael Sartori, Chance Geurin, Jeanine Geurin

Seattle, Hibbing to host 2013 nationals Challenge rounds The Granite Curling Club in Seattle has been selected to host the Women’s Challenge round Jan. 16-20 to determine berths for the 2013 nationals. The Hibbing Curling Club in Minnesota will host the Men’s Challenge round Jan. 2-6. Changes to the men’s qualification process include the following: a) This season, no regional qualifiers will be played. b) The 2012 national Championship team (Heath McCormick) and runner-up (Pete Fenson) advance direct to the 2013 national Champion-ships. The top two order of Merit teams also earn direct berths to nationals. c) The remaining six teams for the 2013 national Championships will be determined at a single event - the Challenge round. d) The Challenge round will be a triple knockout event.

Changes to the women’s qualification process include the following: a) no regional qualifiers will be played b) The 2012 national Championship team (allison Pottinger) and runner-up (Cassie Potter) advance direct to the 2013 national Championships. The top two order of Merit teams also earn direct berths to nationals. c) The remaining six teams for the 2013 national Championships will be determined at a single event - the Challenge round. d) The Challenge round will be a peerseeded triple knockout event. e) Six teams will qualify from the Challenge round into the 2013 national Championships based on order of finish. f) if there are ten or less teams signed up for qualifiers, then all teams advance to the national Championship and the Challenge round will be cancelled.

alaska to host Senior nationals Winners of Plainfield’s Stone Bonspiel were (l-r) Peter Austin (holding Ronan Austin), George Austin, Dan Tufaro and Bill Malgieri.

Plainfield men’s The 33rd annual PCC Stone Men’s bonspiel took place March 1-4 at the Plainfield Curling Club in South Plainfield, n.J. Here are the results: 1eW–new York Caledonian: Peter austin, George austin, dan Tufaro, Bill Malgieri, ronan austin 1eru–kalamazoo: dean Gemmell, Garnet eckstrand, Charlie Brown, kent elliot 2eW—Potomac: Sean Murray, Michael

Fry, Melvin Shaw, Bill H Macdonald 2eru–Plainfield: andrew kraft, dan Festerling, Bruce Belschner, Bob Benson 3eW–Potomac: Scott edie, dannie Steski, Bill Peskoff, roger Bajorek 3eru–Philadelphia: Michael dunnam, eric knight, Mark Wheeler, ian alexander 4eW–Plainfield: John Wilman, Ted kreutz, Vincent Serritella, dean roth 4eru–ardsley: Walter Baggett, Matt Sheiner, Mike Spensieri, Peter decker

The Fairbanks Curling Club in Fairbanks, alaska, will host the 2013 uSa Curling Senior national Championships Jan. 23-27. The six-sheet club will host the senior men’s and women’s events, putting the

event back in one site for the 2012-13 season. The winning teams will earn the privilege to represent the u.S. at the 2013 World Senior Championships, which will take place april 13-20 in Fredericton, new Brunswick, Canada.

Volunteer at the national office are you looking for ways to bide your time in between curling seasons or need some volunteer work on your resume? The uSa Curling office in Stevens Point, Wis., would love to have your assistance with a

variety of projects from organizing the warehouse to inputting data and more. if you want to give back to the sport you love, send us an e-mail at

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What the heck is an ‘online edition’ anyway?


nline edition? What the heck??? What does a beatup old farmer write for an online edition? if you are reading this, i gotta assume that you be a nerd. That’s poor grammar, but i’m trying to sound younger than my 51 years and hip enough to fool you into thinking that farmers can also be nerds. (Truthfully, farming has become extremely dependent on technology and i’m nerdier than i care to admit) Well ... heck ... if we’re sitting down together and sharing some coffee or a Mountain dew or a more adult beverage, we’d most likely be chatting about curling. i love to chat about curling. if the term “online” arose during our chat, i’d probably talk about sites online that i like to visit ... so i’m gonna write about that: i regularly check the uSCa website. i have it bookmarked. i also bookmarked the Competitions tab because the homepage, while extremely nice, can take a while to load. if my day allows, i’ll click through all the tabs and checkout the homepage. if i am desperate for scores, i can get my fix quicker by going straight to the competitions page. Yep, i’m

Tucked in the Back Page

By Ben Tucker that much of a curling junkie. When derek Surka is playing Brady Clark (who is not really from Seattle ... he was born and raised in north dakota) at Mixed nationals, i need to pop in and get the scores up right away. Then i pound the refresh button until i am satisfied that i am totally up-to-date. other good sites for curling scores and curling news would include the World Curling Tour site and (the Canadian version of i also keep a close eye on The Great Lakes Curling Tour ... an important new venture worthy of an entire column. The Great Lakes Tour is

one of the “sub-tours” that i follow. i keep an eye on most of the Canadian Provincial Tours as well. The Great Lakes Tour has its website hosted by CurlingZone is, by far, my favorite curling website. it is dang good for scores and news. it also has a “forum” section that allows its users to discuss curling. one of these forums is the uSa Curling section. now be warned: Many people take advantage of the anonymity afforded to them by the internet to be pretty harsh. it is not for the weak of heart. Competitive players, in particular, should surf there with the knowledge that these anonymous writers (who may not even be able to win their local leagues) can be positively impolite. Still, lots of ideas and news get explored here. i love it. CurlingZone is owned by Gerry Guerts, who is the guy that is setting up a statistical base for the uSCa competitive programs. He’s a nice guy. another of my favorite websites is The Curling Show. That is a podcast where dean “duck” Gemmell interviews the top players and the main decision-makers in our game. Mr. Gemmell, currently a reigning national champion

from the Heath McCormick rink and a member of the Plainfield Curling Club, has a laidback interviewing style that keeps his guests at ease…yet he is not afraid to ask the tough questions as well. duck keeps an archive of past interviews and they are a treasure chest of curling information. if you take the time to listen, you can hear the thoughts of our best players on how to practice, how to form a team, how to function within a team, how to set a schedule and so much more. duck prefers hard rock, so you need to suffer through some harsh music at the beginning and the end ... but it is mercifully short. His favorite band appears to be Black Pudding ... or maybe that is the only band that would give him free music. either way, duck is also a nice guy ... just not as nice as Gerry Guerts. all in all, the internet has been a wonderful thing for curling in america. We are no longer prisoners to the editors of the newspapers’ sports section who don’t think we warrant ink. We are also freed from television networks that only love us in an olympic year. 12th end Sports network is beginning to collect some great games on their web-

Upcoming championship dates, sites and entry deadlines 2012-13 season Event Event Dates Site Sign-up Entry Fee** 2013 u.S. Wheelchair national Team Selection oct. 18-21 Madison, Wis. Sept. 19 $50 per person uSWCa Senior Bonspiel nov. 21-24 Grand rapids, Minn. 2013 Mixed doubles Championship dec. 6-9 Bismarck, n.d. oct. 31 $320 per team 2013 nationals Men’s Challenge round Jan. 2-6 Hibbing, Minn. nov. 14 $540 per team 2013 Continental Cup Jan. 10-13 Penticton, British Columbia 2013 nationals Women’s Challenge round Jan. 16-20 Seattle, Wash. nov. 14 $540 per team 2013 Senior national Championships Jan. 23-27 Fairbanks, alaska nov. 28 $320 per team 2013 Junior nationals Jan. 26-Feb. 2 Wayland, Mass. dec. 12 $290 per team alaska Junior Playdowns dec. 14-16 Fairbanks, alaska GnCC Junior Playdowns dec. 27-31 Potomac CC, Laurel, Md. GLCa Junior Playdowns dec. 27-28 Midland, Mich. Minnesota Junior Playdowns dec. 27-30 itasca CC, Grand rapids, Minn. north dakota Junior Playdowns dec. 28-30 Fargo-Moorhead, n.d. 2013 national Championships Feb. 9-16 Green Bay, Wis. 2013 World Wheelchair Championship Feb. 16-23 Sochi, russia 2013 World Junior Championships Feb. 28-March 10 Sochi, russia 2013 Club national Championships March 2-9 Site TBa Jan. 9*** $360 per team alaska Club Playdowns Feb. 1-3 Fairbanks, alaska ! GnCC Women’s Club Playdown date TBa Petersham, Mass. GnCC Men’s Club Playdown dec. 6-9 The Country Club, Mass. north dakota Club Playdowns Jan. 10-13 Capital CC, Bismarck, n.d. 2013 u.S. College national Championship March 8-10 duluth, Minn. 2013 u.S. Mixed Championship March 16-23 Site TBa Jan. 23 $360 per team alaska Mixed Playdown Feb. 9-10 anchorage, alaska GLCa Mixed Playdown Feb. 8-10 Midland, Mich. Minnesota Mixed Playdown Feb. 22-24* Brainerd, Minn.* north dakota Mixed Playdown Feb. 22-24 Minot, n.d. 2013 World Women’s Championship March 16-24 riga, Latvia 2013 World Men’s Championship March 30-april 7 Victoria, British Columbia 2013 World Senior Championships april 13-20 Fredericton, new Brunswick 2013 World Mixed doubles Championship april 13-20 Fredericton, new Brunswick *tentative **an early registration discount will be applied to any entries completed prior to two weeks before the event deadline. This can save a team up to $40 if all team members take advantage of his or her $10 savings, bringing the entry fee back down to the previous season’s cost. ***Club nationals will have alternate deadline dates to accommodate all of the regions playdown dates. The earliest deadline date available is nov. 28, 2012. The Fill Policy deadline is Jan. 9, 2013; if this deadline is after a region’s event is set to take place, a regional chairperson should contact dawn Leurquin ( at the national office for special arrangements.

2014 u.S. olympic Team Trials 2013 World university Games 2014 u.S. Junior nationals 2014 olympic Winter Games 2014 Paralympic Winter Games

site. in the near future, i think they will be covering lots of events with decent quality and some larger events with great quality. all in all, the internet has been a great gift that we are just beginning to use. For the good of the game: When both the heat and the humidity climb to around 100, it might be hard for some to think about curling. not me, nor is that true for most of our top players. now is the time for off-season conditioning that will allow them be their very best when it counts. now is also the time that teams are changing lineups and that is never an easy thing. This is also the season for the uber-fun summerspiels. i always used to catch terrible colds at summerspiels. My nose would be plugged until october, but it was worth it. They are a blast and a great way to escape the heat. i highly recommend that you try one. one of north dakota’s great curlers, anne Cheatley, passed away this summer. She was a very good influence on the game and her legacy will live on, even though the clubs she played in have closed. Her influence and legacy reach beyond those clubs. don’t lose your shoes and remember where you left your broom. This heat will not last forever and we can be on the ice pretty soon. online edition? The best thing about the internet is getting e-mails from curlers. That always makes by day better. – Ben Tucker ... or just plain Tuck if you prefer. Tucker is a member of the Grafton Curling Club and makes his living farming in North Dakota. Send questions or comments to Tuck at Send complaints to his dic!tatorial editor (

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2013-14 season nov. 11-16, 2013 Scheels arena, Fargo, n.d. dec. 11-21, 2013 Trentino, italy TBa Seattle, Wash. Feb. 7-23, 2014 Sochi, russia March 7-16, 2014 Sochi, russia



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