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The “Go to Gals” of USC

The 2018 Medallion Ball “Go to Gals” are a group of energetic young women blessed with talent, imagination, and a confident sense of purpose who willingly perform acts of charity and donate their time. These 16 honorees are exceptional citizens who, this past November, accepted the St. Joan of Arc medallion, presented by Bishop David Zubik, Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. For our Upper St. Clair High School and Oakland Catholic honorees, engaging positivity is the ultimate reward. Not always heroic, purposeful volunteer acts enhance humankind. Whether social or environmental, contemporary outlooks afford growth, helping realize optimism for future generations. In its 55th year, St. Lucy’s Auxiliary to the Blind sustains its founding fundamental Coming together is a principle. Since formation in 1957, its mission is to “encourage and inspire a lifetime beginning, staying together is commitment of volunteer service in young women. The auxiliary honors qualified candidates with the Joan of Arc Medallion while raising funds for the visually progress, and working together impaired.” is success. Medallion Ball chair and Upper St. Clair resident Karen Boston admires teens —Henry Ford. who aspire to excel at education and social responsibility. Learned wisdom develops unique perspectives. She affirms, “I am impressed with the broad spectrum of the volunteers’ choices. Often, college majors and career choices begin when an interest is sparked. Many select endeavors that afford individual growth, as well. Honorees this year coached youth football and hockey, built houses, and reestablished wildlife (i.e., sea turtles) into their natural habitat. They realize they are part of a bigger picture, a Anily Allsopp lsabella Benoit Ava Burlingame Ashleigh Conn larger community.” These young ladies emanate fellowship. To ensure group camaraderie, team building events were guided by some of our honorees who are USCHS “Super Mentors.” Additionally, several Oakland Catholic honorees journeyed to Honduras to assist a medical taskforce at Nuestro Pequenos Hermanos Mission Orphanage. Honorees who were USCHS Mini-THON® participants rallied to raise awareness and Lauren DeShields Anne Ferry Brynn Foster Maryn Foster $41,098 for childhood cancer research. While no two honorees are exactly the same, their similarly accomplished skill set advances an easier transition into adulthood. Thus, these honorees brandish success, compassion, and dignity. From the families and friends, together with the USC community, we thank you for your steadfast benefaction. Congratulations to these dynamic young women. Your enthusiasm is inspiring! Veronica Gibbons Kiera James Leah Mayberry Caroline McDonough Medallion Ball 2018 escorts, listed in alphabetical order, are: Connor Damon, James Deluliis, Holden Ford, Andrew Kalup, Colin McLinden, Nitesh Nagpal, Dan O’Brien, Robert O’Brien, Vincent Persichetti, Ross Petrone, Andrew Schuck, Paarth Shankar, Jason Sweeney, Logan Tobias, Grant Walnoha, and Peter Wolf. n Article written by Mary Lynne Spazok; photos courtesy of Ron Richards Studio 74


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