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World Missions The Salvation Army USA Central Territory World Missions Bureau Who do you partner with? Do you have a business partner, a prayer partner, maybe a marriage partner, or perhaps a good friend that you work closely with in ministry? Partnerships that are purposeful—relationships that bring glory to God and his kingdom—are important to the Lord. Consider Paul’s words in his letter to the church in Philippi, found in Philippians 1:4-6: In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Mission Team (GMT) program. Teams of men and women take personal vacation time and each raise a personal contribution of $750.00 to travel to other countries as part of a team. When they arrive in the selected country, they partner with local Salvationists to accomplish service that might include building, repairIn the World Missions ing, tiling, making curBureau of The Salvation tains, conducting proArmy Central Territory, grams for children’s finding ways to partner homes and adult shelin mission and ministry ters, and the list goes with brothers and sisters on. As the teams work overseas is a primary together, new partnergoal. One way this is ships are formed beaccomplished is through tween the team memthe on-going Global bers and their hosts. At

Volume 2, Issue 3 2nd quarter 2009 World Missions Bureau Staff Chris Shay, Director Kristin Caddy, Asst. Director Sarah Kincaid, Sponsorship & Mission Support Coordinator Contact us! Phone: 847-294-2108 Email: Missions@

the end of the trip, team members and nationals alike find that while they are happy the mission has been accomplished, whatever it may be, the real joy that remains is in the relationships that have been formed. Through these relationships, God’s love for the nations is manifested and His blessings are seen in life-changing ways. With all the difficult news we hear in the world today, Global Mission Team produces a different news story: one of hope and joy found in the mutual relationship Christians enjoy in Jesus Christ.

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Lahore Girls’ Hostel in Pakistan


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Global Mission Team - Page 2

Volume 2, Issue 3

Lessons from Tania by Kristin Caddy Our team was the second of two Central Territory Global Mission Teams who were in Guayaquil, Ecuador for the purpose of building a dining hall at the Flor de Bastion Corps, located in a very impoverished neighborhood. The corps offers a lunch program for the children of the community, which is an important ministry as many of the families in the neighborhood cannot afford to provide sufficient food for their children. With the construction of the dining hall, the lunch program would be able to continue even throughout the very rainy and muddy winter season. We first met Tania on Sunday morning when we arrived at the Flor de Bastion Corps. She came into the chapel quietly, dressed in her Salvation Army uniform, and sat in a row with her husband and daughter. We were introduced to her and learned that she would be providing the lunch meals for our team during the next week. Each day Tania spent long hours in the hot kitchen preparing meals for

us and making sure that we had enough water to drink. She ministered to our team through her hospitality and humble service, and she shared with us that this type of service brought her great joy since she had always hoped to The dining hall site at the beginning of week 1 one day own a restaurant. The On our final day at the job site as love of God showed through Tania as we were looking at the foundation she interacted with the children from and four walls that will eventually the neighborhood who would stop by to see how the construction of the din- be completed into the dining hall, ing hall was progressing. One day she Tania shared, “I have been praying for years for this church to be even invited the team to walk down built. This is a dream come true.� the street with her to see her home. Our team laughed, cried, shared, and prayed with Tania. While the Global Mission Teams Though we were from different backhelped to build the physical foungrounds and our Bibles were in differ- dation of the dining hall, the true ent languages, Tania truly became a firm foundation for the work in Flor friend to us. de Bastion had already been established long before the teams arrived. God was answering the faithful prayers of His people as they built their work on the true cornerstone, Jesus Christ. During the week I spent with Tania I learned much about humble service, perseverance, and faithfulness. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to meet Tania and my life is forever enriched because of the lessons I learned from my new friend.

The dining hall site at the end of week 2

Sponsorship - Page 3

Volume 2, Issue 3

Sponsorship Highlight: Lahore Girls’ Hostel in Pakistan Many are surprised to hear that the Salvation Army exists in the country of Pakistan. The shock continues when they find out the Army has been serving the people of Pakistan for the past 125 years. Learning that there are a combined total of 89,345 senior soldiers, adherents and junior soldiers causes a humbling yet joyful feeling to set in. The Lord and The Salvation Army are clearly at work in Pakistan but continued support of prayer and monetary love is desperately needed in this conflicted region of the world. According to UNICEF, “children in Pakistan face a variety of serious challenges ranging from malnutrition and poor access to education and health facilities to exploitation in the form of child labor. Their low status in society can leave them victim to daily violence at home and in school as well as to organized trafficking and sexual exploitation. Girls are specially affected as conservative attitudes may impede them attending or finishing school. Recent natural disasters have increased the vulnerability of thousands of children. In 2005 a devastating earthquake killed an estimated 73,000 people, leaving 3.3 million people homeless.”

One of the ways the Army is determined to support these vulnerable children is through their work of operating a number of children’s hostels and schools throughout Pakistan. The Lahore Girls’ Hostel is currently past its normal capacity as they work to build better, productive, and hopeful futures for girls of Pakistan. The capacity is normally 50 girls, but this school year they have been boarding 52-53 girls. The girls live at the hostel during the school year and the boarding fee is now 200 Rupees per month [$1 US to 80 Rupees exchange]. Some girls can't even afford that amount. They attend schools not on this compound but at private schools due to the inadequate quality of the public schools. The ages of the girls range from preschool 4 year olds to 18 year old college level girls. The dorm rooms are clean but the beds are pushed close to each other to allow for the extra girls. As a sponsor your support will help pay the school fees for many girls and will provide food and basic necessities for all the children within the home. Your prayers and

financial support will also create more freedom for the hostel administrators and staff to develop spiritual and other developmental activities and programs that will enrich the lives of the girls and build self confidence and self worth. As you commit to prayerfully supporting God’s work in the country of Pakistan please keep Central Territory Auxiliary Captains Al and Darlene Simmert in your prayers as they faithfully serve the Lord and The Salvation Army as Project and Sponsorship Coordinators in Pakistan. For additional information about sponsorship or to become a sponsor, contact Sarah Kincaid at Sarah_Kincaid@usc.salvationarm or (847) 294-2065.

World Services - Page 4

Volume 2, Issue 3

Pocket Change for World Change Submitted by Rachel Aren Is your pocket getting too heavy with all that change? If you happen to find yourself at The Salvation Army Thrift store on Division Avenue in Grand Rapids, Michigan, or any other seven stores run by The Grand Rapids Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), you might hear that

question over the loud speaker a few times. And The Salvation Army ARC in Grand Rapids is ready to help you empty those heavy pockets by putting that change towards a good cause: World Missions! Captain John Aren, who along with his wife Captain Julie Aren has been serving as the Administrator of the ARC in Grand Rapids for three years, has brought out the red kettles during the “off season,” and has re-launched a new campaign in hopes of raising awareness and money for World Missions and the global Salvation Army. The thrift stores have started placing little red kettles at each register in their seven stores, and throughout the day invite customers to partner with them in ‘Doing the Most Good!’ Since October the Grand Rapids ARC has raised $11,071.80 for World

Services, a figure which is growing daily. A little change can go a long way! How is your corps raising money for World Services? Let us know by sending an email to

World Services Rummage Sale

We’re going green!

This Spring why not hold a rummage sale for World Services? Below are two suggestions for holding a World Services Rummage Sale.

A rummage sale could also be organized in which corps members can rent a table at the sale for a fee of $25.00 in order to sell their own items. Whatever profits are made from the sale could be kept by the individual, but the table rental proceeds would go to World Services.

The first method is to request donations of lightly used items— everything from clothing to kitchenware to toys—from the members of the congregation. The items are then priced and sold in a corps rummage sale. Have each group from the corps (Boy Scouts, Home League, Songsters, etc.) sign up for a shift to help run the sale. All proceeds from the sale are given to World Services.

With either method be sure to advertise the event in the community. A rummage sale can also provide a great opportunity for outreach as individuals from the neighborhood come to shop at the sale!

Did you know that World Missions Perspectives is available electronically? By choosing to receive an electronic copy of the newsletter you will help us reduce our paper output and save money on printing and postage costs. If you would rather receive an electronic (pdf) copy of the newsletter emailed to you each quarter, please let us know by sending an email to: Be sure to include your name and regular mailing address so we can remove your name from the regular mailing list. If you would rather continue to receive a paper copy of the newsletter, that’s fine too. No need to do anything—we will happily continue to send you the newsletter via mail.

If you decide to hold a rummage sale at your corps this Spring, we would love to hear from you! Pictures and information can be sent to

Summer Mission Team- Page 5

Volume 2, Issue 3

Summer Mission Team 2009 This summer 44 Salvationist young adults will be serving on eight different Summer Mission Teams. In the expansion of the Summer Mission Team program, a third Central Territory team has been added which will focus on urban ministry. Also, this year we will have four international participants who will join the Central Blue (urban) Team—two team members from Ghana and two team members from Argentina. Please be in prayer for all of these young adults as they prepare for their ministry this summer. To read Summer Mission Team reports throughout the summer, visit the World Missions Bureau blog at or the SA World Missions Facebook. Central Blue (Urban) Team Erica Johnson (Leader), Lindsay Hall, Steve Rivero. Not pictured: Titus Arko, Esteban Barrault, Anane Kwarteng, Jelina Patzi

Central Yellow Team ► David Shay (Leader), Erick Fernandez, Glen Janson, Melissa Pascoe, Jonathan Tamayo, Nancy Valentin

Chile Team Sara Moran (Leader), Gabriel Carrión, Eric Gorton, Justin Johnson, Megan Polsley, Andrés Villatoro, Robyn Winters

Philippines Team ► Meghan Labrecque (Leader), Alexandra Anderson, Julianna Dobney, Melissa Heatwole, Dietrich Hunter, Breann Massey, Jamison Taube

Moldova Team Luis Azuaje (Leader), Alexandra Cox, Beth Dalberg, Jaclyn Davisson, Jean Engle, Brenna Logan, David Moran

Interns ► Peru Interns Rachel Aren, Linda Villatoro Malawi Interns Miguel Garcia, Enrique Villatoro

Central Red Team Jennifer Heaver, Josh Hubbard, Mike Steinsland, Karl Swanson, Rashawn White. Not pictured: Emily Aukes (Leader)

Overseas Personnel - Page 6

Volume 2, Issue 3

Updates from our Missionaries in Australia News from Norwood Submitted by Major Cindy Shellenberger It is hard to believe that I have been able to serve "Down Under" for the last four and a half years. Time does go by! The experience continues to be wonderful with many challenges. South Australia is the driest state on the driest continent in the world and has broken so many records in regards to the weather. We are in a drought and heat waves have been over 105 degrees Fahrenheit for a week at a time throughout the summer. There are many concerns about bush fires and the water in the River Murray. Many communities on are on water usage restrictions. The Salvation Army is well respected and many times when there are public issues you will see The Army being interviewed on the news. In 2008 The Norwood Corps celebrated its 125th anniversary. Of all the statistics that have been recorded over the years what stands out to me is that there have been 40 people in 50 years who have attended The Salvation Army College for Officer Training

directly from this corps. That is heritage at its best! With the challenge of such a heritage it is also very difficult to take the corps and move on to reaching younger people for the Lord. We live in a community where the average age is 38 but the average age of our corps members is in the 70s. The community is comprised of business professionals and single people, but the corps congregation is made up of well-established families who have been in The Salvation Army for three or four generations. There is much work to do to bring the two together. We have set out to start a new ministry to reach out to new people and will be hiring a person to take charge of this. Pray that we will find the right person to come and support during this exciting time. The work is challenging because of the need to explain a very clear message of God's love for people and to help people find that they have a need for God.

Eliana’s desire to continue her education led her to move to the United States where she completed her undergraduate work in psychology in Atlanta, Georgia. She then moved to Chicago where she completed her master’s degree in social service administration and obtained a graduate certificate in health administration and policy from the University of Chicago.

On a personal note I continue to rejoice in God and His provision. Almost two years ago I was not sure that I would be coming back to Australia because while on leave in America I was diagnosed with an AVM in the brain. I am coming up to two years without a headache and my energy level is getting better all the time. I still take it easy when I feel run down. God is so good!

While working as the director of multicultural ministries in the Central Territory’s Northern Division, Eliana developed a burden for Africa and felt God leading her to apply for overseas service. She was asked to serve as the medical social secretary for the Ghana Territory and negotiated funding from UNICEF and other agencies for various Salvation Army clinics, nurseries and childcare centers in Ghana.

As I travel here during my vacation time I am reminded again and again how great God does everything. His beauty is seen through landscapes and animals. He teaches me one great lesson after another.

In 2003 Major Cristi moved to Sydney, Australia to serve as the director of Macquarie Fields Community Center. She is now the Territorial Social Programs Projects Officer in the Australia Eastern Territory.

Following Wherever God Leads The Norwood Corps

life as a young adult and moved to London, England where she attended the William Booth Memorial Training College and was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer. She returned home to the South America West Territory, which includes Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, where she served as a Salvation Army officer for 15 years.

Major Eliana Cristi, who was born in Chile, followed God’s leading in her

Having lived on 5 different continents and being involved in a variety of different ministries, Eliana is still following wherever God leads her.

Overseas Personnel - Page 7

Volume 2, Issue 3

Meet Our New Overseas Personnel Captains Patrick and Karen Holness

Justin Rose Youth Worker in Kenya West

tempt it right away before I allowed life to hold me back.”

Corps Officers in Kingston, Jamaica Captains Patrick and Karen Holness, originally from Jamaica, were commissioned and ordained as Salvation Army officers with the “Heralds of the Good News” session in 2007. After serving as the Corps Officers of the Detroit Temple Corps for nearly two years, Captains Holness, along with daughter Kristen, are taking on an overseas assignment in the Caribbean. Temporarily Captain Patrick is assisting at the Kingston Central Corps while Captain Karen is working on special projects at the College for Officer Training. Effective in July, Captains Holness will assume appointments as corps officers at the Havendale Corps in Kingston, Jamaica. Please keep the Holness family in your prayers during this time of transition for them. The Holness Family has specifically requested prayer regarding Kristen’s schooling situation. Because of the time of year, many of the schools are full. They are praying that Kristen will be enrolled in school by the final term of the year.

Overseas Personnel Changes After serving overseas in Jamaica and Haiti for nearly 10 years, Envoys Steve and Ketsia Diaz along with son Kyle are returning to the U.S. in April. After a time of Homeland Furlough they will assume stateside appointments later this year.

Justin Rose, a soldier from The Salvation Army Mayfair Community Church, has moved to the Kenya West Territory where he will be helping to train youth leaders. Having recently completed his degree in Youth Ministry from North Park University, Justin began praying about the possibility of serving God overseas. As Justin explains, “God has been placing overseas missions on my heart for the last 4 years. I come from a missionminded family, went to a college that focused heavily on missions, Justin in Ecuador and even had a chance to participate in three mission trips myself, to Ecuador, India, and Chicago. Throughout my experiences with missions, I have felt God leading me and saying that this is something that He wants from me. I decided to go overseas right after college because I can often be all talk and little action, so I decided that God wanted me to at-

An opportunity opened up for Justin in Kenya and he decided to pursue that possibility. Over a year later, he has arrived in Kenya West and joined alongside The Salvation Army’s ministry there.

Justin with the Territorial Youth and Candidates Secretaries and corps officers from the Eldoret Division in Kenya West.

Justin has requested prayer for: -Patience in the tasks set before me -Wisdom about what I should invest my time in -Faith that I am where I am supposed to be and that God will use me -That Kiswahili will come easy for me and that I can speak and understand it -Strength to pursue each day fully For the latest news on Justin, visit his blog at

2nd quarter birthdays & anniversaries April 11—Sergey & Tanya Katchanov 16—Jonas Carr (‘07) 20—Violet Ezeh 23—Steve Diaz 26—Nancy Mowers 29—Patrick Holness 30—Matthew Ezeh (‘02)

May 4—Brad Bailey 19—Felix & Violet Ezeh 22—Zachary McPherson(’06)

June 14—Dennis & Sharon Strissel 28—Jim Garrington

Overseas Personnel—Page 8

Volume 2, Issue 3 USA Central Territory Missionaries Lt. Colonels Brad & Heidi Bailey Chief Secretary / Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries Ejército de Salvación Casilla 3225 Santiago CHILE Email Brad_Bailey@ Heidi_Bailey@ Birthdays 5/4 (Brad), 7/17 (Heidi) Anniversary 8/12

Captains Jeff & Valerie Carr (Bramwell & Jonas) Corps Officers c/o San Jose 14B 03700 Denia (Alicante) SPAIN Email, Birthdays 3/20 (Jeff), 4/16/07 (Jonas), 8/21 (Valerie), 11/7/05 (Bram) Anniversary 8/21

Major Eliana Cristi Social Program Projects Officer 4/75 Shaftesbury Road Burwood, NSW 2134 Sydney AUSTRALIA Email Birthday 11/26

Captains William & Cassie DeJesus (Alejandro, Michael) Territorial Youth & Candidates Secretary / Corps Officer Casilla de Correo 2240 (C1000WAW) - Ciudad A. de Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Email Birthdays 2/11/01 (Michael), 9/30 (Cassie), 12/5 (William), 12/18/98 (Alejandro) Anniversary 12/30

Envoys Steve & Ketsia Diaz (Kyle) Children’s Home Directors Temporary Address: 10 W. Algonquin Road Des Plaines, IL 60016 Email Birthdays 1/8 (Ketsia), 4/23 (Steve), Kyle (7/28/2008) Anniversary 3/27

Major Violet (Doliber) & Captain Dr. Felix Ezeh (Matthew) Clinic Administrators Armee du Salut PO Box 301 Port-au-Prince HAITI Email Birthdays 4/20 (Violet), 4/30/02 (Matthew), 11/22 (Felix) Anniversary 5/19

Majors James & Judith Garrington

Majors John & Nancy Mowers

Corps Officers Die Heilsarmee Reicker Strasse 89 01237 Dresden GERMANY Email, Birthdays 1/25 (Judy), 6/28 (Jim) Anniversary 1/13

Training Principal / Asst. Training Principal Ejercito de Salvacion / Escuela de Cadetes Avenida Tte. General Donato Alvarez Nº 467 (C1406BOC) Caballito, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Email, Birthdays 4/26 (Nancy), 9/25 (John) Anniversary 12/17

Majors Richard & Brenda Herivel Territorial Secretary for Mission Resource / Russia Divisional Secretary The Salvation Army 109044, Moscow Krestiansky Tupik 16/1 RUSSIA Email Richard_Herivel@, Birthdays 10/4 (Rich), 12/26 (Brenda) Anniversary 1/3

Captains Patrick & Karen Holness (Kristen) Pro-tem appointments 57 Mannings Hill Road #7 Kingston 8 JAMAICA, W.I. Email Birthdays 1/6 (Kristen), 4/29 (Patrick), 9/12 (Karen) Anniversary 1/28

Captain George Katchanov Corps Officer The Salvation Army 38-2nd Ave NE Dauphin, MB R7N 0Z4 CANADA Email George_Katchanov@ Birthday 8/12

Captains Sergey & Tanya Katchanov Corps Officers Sergey and Tanya Katchanov Сергей и Таня Качановы P.O. Box 1785/ а/я 1785 Dnepropetrovsk 49027 UKRAINE Email Birthdays 1/16 (Sergey), 2/2 (Tanya) Anniversary 4/11

Captains Timothy & Camie McPherson (Zachary & Nathanael) Corps Officers Die Heilsarmee Am Martstall 25 30159 Hannover GERMANY Email Timothy_McPherson@, Birthdays 5/22/06 (Zachary), 8/16/07 (Nathanael), 10/5 (Camie), 11/3 (Timothy), Anniversary 10/12

Commissioners William & Nancy Roberts Territorial Commander/ Territorial Leader of Women’s Ministries The Salvation Army, PO Box 660 Kakamega, KENYA 50100 Email William_Roberts@KYW., Birthdays 2/26 (William), 10/27 (Nancy) Anniversary 11/16

Justin Rose Territorial Youth Worker The Salvation Army, PO Box 660 Kakamega, KENYA 50100 Email Birthday 8/21

Major Cindy Shellenberger Corps Officer The Salvation Army 1 / 76 George St. Norwood, SA 5067 AUSTRALIA Email Birthday 11/23

Aux. Captains Albert & Darlene Simmert Projects Coordinator/Child Sponsorship Coordinator P.O. Box 242 Lahore 54000 PAKISTAN Email Birthdays 2/19 (Al), 10/9 (Darlene) Anniversary 3/5

Colonels Dennis & Sharon Strissel Territorial Commander/ Territorial President of Women’s Ministries The Salvation Army PO Box CT 452 Cantonments Accra, GHANA West Africa Email, Birthdays 3/4 (Dennis), 10/7 (Sharon) Anniversary 6/14

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